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Monday, 16 August 2010

Priyanka Gupta was a sitting duck for Satish Kumar's psycho games!

Priyanka Gupta was a sitting duck for Satish Kumar's psycho games!
TNN, Aug 16, 2010
BANGALORE: Based on their interrogation of Sathish Gupta, the accused in the Priyanka murder case, investigating officials have reconstructed a scenario.

Here is their version:

When Sathish asked his wife Priyanka to sit in the chair and blindfolded her, she did not resist. Even when he tied her hands, she was not shocked or surprised.

Because all along, he had promised to surprise her with something special. All she thought of was getting a big gift - a diamond necklace around her neck. For over a month, Sathish had prepared her for such surprises by showering gifts on her.

Instead of clasping a diamond necklace around her neck, he blindfolded her and strangled her before slitting her throat.


According to investigating officers, Sathish had planned the murder for over six months. In the past three months, he made many small preparations. He went to the Sunday bazaar and bought a second-hand jacket, rope and kitchen knife.

On August 1, he got a collage done with 50 of her favourite photos. Before showing it to her, Sathish made Priyanka sit on the same chair, blindfolded her and tied her hands. He mounted the collage on the drawing room wall and slowly removed the cloth from around her eyes.

On that day, he promised that she would have a bigger surprise a week later. When she insisted on knowing what it was, all he said was that it had something to do with her neck!

Priyanka had jumped with joy, saying she knew he was buying her a diamond necklace and Sathish had smiled in assent.

On Tuesday morning, he woke Priyanka and made her sit on the same chair. Then, he tied her hands and placed a mirror in front of her and blindfolded her again. Unable to control her curiosity, Priyanka urged him to finish it quickly. Sathish strangled her with the nylon rope, holding the rope tight till the colour of her face changed. When he removed the rope, Priyanka was struggling for breath. He then slit her throat.


Sathish also had his own tale to tell the investigating officers. He had a sister Madhu, alias Shubha, who had accidentally fallen into a sump 10 years ago. She had broken her spinal cord and was bedridden. When Sathish married Priyanka, Madhu was still alive, but died seven months later. Sathish told the police that Priyanka did not look after his sister even for a single day.

Meanwhile, Priyanka wanted to move out of the house and threatened Sathish with a dowry harassment case, as her parents had given them dowry during the wedding. Then, he purchased a site in the same area and wanted to construct a house. Priyanka insisted that only the two of them should live there and his parents were not to move in. If they did, she would divorce him.

This enraged Sathish, who seriously started thinking of eliminating her, police sources added.


Rawat said...

I agree with very much the sitauation is developing in this area for m,any indivivuals
I do not advocate what satish did was right
He is not the only one in this situation today
The new genration housewives are getting this nag a loty and invivting gruesome trouble for everyone

Image jkust if she was reasonable and would have been not to selfish but a bit more accomodating
Satish would have never turned to be criminal

Yes, At times men are pushed back so hard and with all the NHRC/Womens cell/ ant dowry forums and and all they are not doing good enough to save the houses
But they leave the men frustrated and is todays biggest challenge
Some men come out and avenge like satish(which is not right)
But many are pushed to do that
Some contain the furstraion and suffer rest of the life and don get in to such stuff.
But is anyone bothered why this si happening and are there any plans to stop this kind of stuff.

You got to imagine what kind of pressure and frustration did satish go before planning this cold blooded murder
\And the ironical part is Priyanka would have been aware what she was inviting everytime
She was just being selfish and celebrating her vistory on everytime when she pushed the decisions in her favour.

This topuic is very sensitive
I re-iterate that ima not saying statish did the right thing, But this could have been avoided

I am strictly against domestic voilence

But these Newgen House wifes need to learn to be generous , reasonable and accommmodating
else this is not going to stop

Yes Satish needs to be punished, no mercy for him.

And very important the Men also need to learn to handle the pressure in more intense situations then this
This is the story in every house
some give up
some revolt
some cross the human limits

VOW is not the solution at all

but educating the people and making them understand the rigth weay of handling the sitatuon in face avoidance is the term.

How to avoid such conflict of interest.

Roshni Mathan said...

Thanks for the comments, Rawat.

Yes, it's a complicated story.

Priyanka (and family)made a lot of mistakes as well:
She gave a lot of Dowry (Giving Dowry is also a crime)!

What else she did, and what pressure she put her husband to do what he did, we do not know.

Yes, There are lots of pressure points in marriages.

Divorce, not spouse murder is the solution (irrespective of gender)!

Read my other blog stories on 'Black Widows'-females who kill their spouses.