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Sunday, 15 August 2010

‘Satish Kumar premeditated murder over Illicit affair’: Hair recovered from Priyanka’s hands likely to give crucial lead

‘Satish Kumar premeditated murder over Illicit affair’: Hair recovered from Priyanka’s hands likely to give crucial lead
Bangalore, August 14:

Did Satish Kumar Gupta, an employee of Human Resources Department of Infosys, have an affair with a woman?

This and other questions are before the South East division of Bangalore City police who are probing the murder of his wife, Priyanka Gupta.

Satish looks dignified and is smooth talking, but the truth is something else. He is a hard nut to crack,” said a senior police officer.

The investigation has revealed Satish frequently made calls to a woman and received calls from her. It’s not known if the woman in question is his friend or he had an affair with her. The police are ascertaining whether Satish’s relationship with the woman led to Priyanka’s murder.

According to Satish, his troubled domestic life led to the murder. But, the police are not ready to believe his version.

The police said Satish prepared for three months before allegedly committing the act. He purchased knife, rope and hand gloves a month ago from Sunday Bazaar, Super Market and at a shop in Yediyur in Jayanagar. He kept these materials at his house without Priyanka’s knowledge.

There was a sudden change in his attitude after the couple moved out to a new house. He acted as if he intensely loved his wife. He kept her telling he would soon present a surprise gift and that would be an expensive necklace, said the police.

Hair recovered

The police have recovered Satish’s  hair from the hands of the deceased Priyanka, who had probably grabbed his hair during the crime.

The hair found in her hand are likely to play a crucial role in deciding nature of punishment to Satish Kumar.

He did not admit his role in the murder even after three days.

He told the police his father had no role in the murder when one of the officers firmly told him his father did have a role in the murder. The police are likely to take Satish’s father into custody for questioning.
At the crime scene, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and other senior officers were engrossed in examining the minute details. They were taken aback when Priyanka’s father-in-law started pestering them to hand him over the gold ornaments which were on the dead body. When he constantly disturbed them, they were forced to explain the series of procedures involved, before sending the body to the mortuary.

Mortuary scene
At the mortuary, Satish, dressed in track pants, leather shoes and a check shirt, refused to talk to the media but looked pained when the cops asked for some details. He managed to recollect his bank account no (14 digits) at one go the ATM counters he withdrew cash from. But he could not recall the name of his father-in-law and his contact number.
Crafty killer 

When Alok Kumar reached Sathish's house on Tuesday morning soon after the incident came to light, the distraught husband pleaded with the officer. "He was weeping and requested us to solve the case at the earliest and set an example to the society by doing so. But he had no answer when I walked up to him soon after he was arrested on Friday and asked whether he was satisfied with the swift investigation,'' Alok Kumar said.

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