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Monday, 16 August 2010

Satish Kumar's Entire Family planned the murder, says Priyanka's mother

Satish Kumar's Entire Family planned the murder, says Priyanka's mother
TNN, Aug 16, 2010
"How could I have suspected my son-in-law Sathish when he and Priyanka seemed happy over the past five months? All the warmth Sathish showed seems to have been a smokescreen for a plot he and his parents hatched over almost three months to murder my daughter," Kanchan Agarwal, mother of DPS teacher Priyanka Gupta, told media on Monday. Kanchan, crying incessantly, spoke about how the tragic incident unfolded.


"Just two months after marriage, Priyanka was being troubled by her in-laws. They would shout at her and scold her for small things. They made her life miserable - if they didn't like the way the rotis were prepared, they would pass comments. Sathish would always support his parents and constantly nag Priyanka to listen to them. He never stood by her. I feared for her safety and even felt they would harm her physically. I asked her to be careful.

The early years of her marriage were not good. She was under a lot of psychological pressure from her in-laws. She would call us often, and as elders, we advised her, saying these things happen in the first few days in a new house, it could be adjustment problems. We comforted her, saying everything would be fine with time. There would be periods of calm when we believed everything was alright, then suddenly there would be periods of tension.

This imbalance went on for months. Sathish would always support his mother. Then I felt we had assessed the situation wrongly. I advised my daughter to move out separately so the everyday conflict with her in-laws and their pressure on her would stop. After some effort, she convinced Sathish and they set up their own house.

For the past six months, they were on their own. Priyanka would tell me what a relief it was, and that she and Sathish were happy. Sathish would call and say how much he loved Priyanka. Sathish's parents would only make some phone calls to them, but the tension had reduced and there was more happiness than at any time during her stay with her in-laws.

I came over to Bangalore in March this year. After a few days, Priyanka and I went to Kerala for treatment of her arthritis. We had a good time there. I stayed on till June 28 and left for Lucknow.

After this, Sathish called me many times to say he loved Priyanka more than anything else. He even complained, saying he had decided to gift her a car and set aside money, but she was not accepting it. He asked me to persuade Priyanka to accept the gift. Then he called again to say he was buying her a gold set.

When Sathish was so demonstrative of his affection for Priyanka, what reason could I have to believe he would plot to kill her? How could I have imagined that my son-in-law would have death in store for my daughter? I did not have even any clue of what was to come.


Just a few days before, Sathish called and said everything was fine. Then suddenly, Priyanka is found strangled and knifed. Was I living in a fool's paradise?

Why did this happen soon after we returned from Kerala? After he promised her a car and gold set? After saying so many times that he loved her more than anything else?

Me and my family thought over the entire episode. We felt the warmth shown by Sathish over the past few months was really a smokescreen for a plot that was hatched when we were in Kerala.

Sathish and his parents seemed to nurse a grouse that Priyanka had separated them. They were bitter that they had set up an independent house and that Priyanka was not giving in to his parents. I believe they decided to do away with her so that he and his parents didn't need to live separately.

The murder happened just 30-odd days after I left. The way Sathish planned the murder, the alibis, the cover-ups, his statements to the media and police, his crying and calling his friend, show clearly it was a plot.

Beneath the warmth and affection, there was animosity and revenge growing in Sathish and his parents. I believe their warmth was meant to mislead so we would not point fingers at them after the murder. We were looking at the surface and did not spot anything amiss. That was a tragic assumption on our part.

(As told to media)

Infosys suspends Sathish 

Infosys Technologies said it had suspended Sathish Gupta, its HR manager who allegedly killed his wife Priyanka Gupta. An official of the company said Infosys had not received any intimation from the Bangalore police regarding the case, and would be able to take further action only on getting the details.

A statement from the company said: "Infosys is shocked and saddened by this gruesome incident. We will extend any cooperation that is required from our end for their investigation. We understand that our employee Mr Gupta has been arrested in connection with this crime. Infosys will examine the facts available from the investigation and take necessary action against our employee as per our code of conduct."


Rakesh said...

Satish Kumar and his family is absolutely shocking people. Preying on his own wife, and being instigated by his parents.

It was absolutely shocking how the information was passed that Satish was in a coma.

Anonymous said...

yes, its really shocking to hear such type of cruelty. Satish did a well planned murder. And there is no doubt that his parents supported him. whole family should be HANGED.

Vinod said...

Spouse murderers are the worst types of murderers.

What about the spouse thieves and accomplices?