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Monday, 20 September 2010

Did Shashi Kumar get fake caste certificate?

Did Shashi Kumar get fake caste certificate?

Sep 21, 2010
BANGALORE: Former MP and cine star Shashi Kumar is embroiled in a fake caste certificate tangle. Though social welfare minister Govind M Karjol declined to confirm it, department officials said Shashi Kumar got a fake certificate, which states that he belongs to a scheduled tribe. According to the department, Kumar belongs to backward class -- Kshatriya -- and comes under 2A category.

Karjol told reporters on Monday that if this was confirmed, Kumar along with the certificate issuing authority, tahsildar of Bangalore North, will be punished under Section 3 of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The penalty includes imprisonment for not less than 6 months, but could be extended to one year.

Reacting to these allegations, Kumar told media he belongs to the ST Naik community and submitted all relevant documents to the government. "This is nothing but a politically-motivated act by the minister. The civil rights enforcement (CRE) cell gave a B-report on the issue. How can a tahsildar issue a caste certificate without valid documents?'' he asked.

Karjol said charges against H D Kote MLA Chikanna of possessing fake certificate are also being investigated.


Category -- Number

Under investigation -- 157

In the courts -- 169

B-report filed -- 76

Acquittals -- 53

Court stay order -- 76

Convictions -- 5

Total -- 632


Mithun said...

It is shocking how well-placed persons get fake certificates, and then also deceived about higher caste status for the purpose of Marriage, social standing, etc.

Criminal deception of the state machinery!

Anonymous said...

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