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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Girl child abandonment: Mother claims baby swapped, says no to girl in Surat

Mother claims baby swapped, says no to girl
Sep 20, 2010
SURAT: It took a DNA test for a cute little girl born a week ago, to finally get her parents. In a bizarre case, a woman accused the hospital staff of swapping her son after delivery with the daughter of another woman who was born at the same time. It took a DNA test to prove the allegations were false. But for those seven days till the test results were announced, the girl was not even breastfed by either mother. 

On September 12, Premila Sahani alleged that her son was swapped with Saheda Ansari's daughter. Both were admitted to the same room in the hospital and both kids were born within minutes of each other. The Suvidha Hospital staff insisted that Premila first gave birth to a daughter at 3.25 am while Saheda delivered a baby boy at 3.27 am. Sahani was unconscious for a while after delivery. When she woke up, she made the swapping allegation after being told that she had given birth to a daughter. The Sahani family approached the police. Both the newborns were then admitted to New Civil Hospital ( NCH) till the investigations were completed. Initially, blood groups of the children were matched with their parents but the results were inconclusive.

Hence a DNA test was carried out. When the results were announced it proved that Premila had indeed given birth to the girl child, while the boy was born to Saheda. The custody of the children was given to the mothers only on Saturday, almost a week after their birth.

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