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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Adultery and Murder: Killer ex-lover visited Cheating wife victim with his parents

Killer ex-lover relative visited Cheating wife victim with his parents
Valarmazhi, a former employee with TVS, was allegedly raped and killed by her former lover, who also happened to be a relative, at BTM Layout on Monday

October 13, 2010
First, he visited his former lover, who happened to be a relative, with his parents at noon. Then he came back in the evening, to rape and kill her.

Police say the 24-year-old software engineer Valarmazhi from Tirunelveli, who was allegedly raped and murdered on Monday at BTM Layout II Stage, was related to her killer.

The man, said to be her classmate and lover from her college days in Tamil Nadu, came calling on her with his parents. They were in the city to visit their daughter, who is pregnant.

Before the visit, they called Valarmazhi, who gladly invited them home. They even presented her with a glass sculpture of Lord Ganesha, before they left. And then the killer came back alone in the evening.

From what the police pieced together from the murder site, newly-married and unsuspecting Valarmazhi had welcomed the man when he came back. She even gave him a glass of juice. Doctors also confirmed that there had been sexual intercourse before the murder. Evidence also pointed to her desperate attempts to escape her killer. She had managed to escape to the bedroom but was unable to lock the door as the assailant forced his way and killed her, slitting her throat with a piece of glass, the police said.

“We have many vital clues about the accused. It could have been either rape or consensual sex. With the help of doctors, we are verifying it. The house is secure and has iron grills. No doors have been broken to enter the house. Valarmazhi is said to open the door only to people known to her. We will catch him in a day or two,” DCP South-East BNS Reddy said.
Valarmazhi was alone at home as her husband Balasubramanyam, a software engineer with Capgemini, was away in his office.The couple had recently moved to the city and rented a house in SMS Residency in BTM Layout in September. She was working with the TVS company as a software engineer before the wedding, after which she quit her job.

Based on the mobile call details of Valarmazhi, the police said she was in touch with her so called friend, even after marriage. Over the past few days, he had made many calls to her. The last call was on Monday, apparently to inform her that he would visit her with his parents. Her husband had rung her up at 4.30 pm and she answered the call. Shortly after, her parents found she was not reachable on the mobile and called her husband. He tried calling her cell phone, but could not get through. He left his office and came home and found her body. Valarmazhi died because of heavy blood loss. Surprisingly, none of the neighbours at SMS Residency, which has five floors, heard anything.

The police have reportedly detained the parents of the suspect and could soon arrest the culprit himself. They are investigating all angles, including her husband’s alibi.
>> Cheating wife lied to husband minutes before murder: Police not ruling out the possibility of the involvement of an ex-boyfriend

Fresh investigations in the rape and murder of the newly married housewife in Mico Layout police station limits have revealed that her husband spoke to her few minutes before she was killed and that she had lied to him. 
It may be recalled that Valarmazi (24), wife of Balasubramanyam, a software engineer, was brutally murdered before being raped by the miscreant on Monday afternoon by slitting her throat with a glass shard.
The police said that they have zeroed in on a youth who had contacted her over phone before her murder. The police suspect that he had an affair with the victim before she got married, and he could be the accused in the case.

Meanwhile, an investigating officer said that Balasubramanyam went to his office at 9.30 am on Monday and called Valarmazi at about 12.30 pm. She told him that some relatives had come over and they would be having lunch at their house.

Balasubramanyam called her again at 4.30 pm and she told him that she had a sound sleep after lunch and she would call him again after having a bath. He called her again at 5.30 pm, but her phone was not reachable at that time. He tried to call her again many times, but the calls went unanswered.

Later, he got calls from Valarmazi's father Jayaselvan, and was told that her phone was not reachable. He reached their apartment at about 7.50 pm and found the doors unlocked and his wife lying in a pool of blood.
She was partially naked, and had her throat slit. Balasubramanyam immediately informed the police.

The police are investigating about why she had lied to him when he called her at 4.30 pm. They are also investigating who had come to their apartment for lunch.

DCP (South East) BNS Reddy said, "We are looking into all angles and will arrest the murderer soon."  Mico Layout police are investigating the case.

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