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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Beltangady: Judicial Custody for Killer of Paramour’s Husband

Beltangady: Judicial Custody for Killer of Paramour’s Husband

Beltangady, Nov 26: Venkatraman Babu(30), a resident of  Aletty in Sullia taluk, was remanded to 15 days judicial custody by a court in Bangalore on Thursday November 25. He has been accused of murdering his roommate and friend, Umilayi Govind Bhat (33) from Kukkedy village near Venur in the taluk, after developing illicit relationship with Bhat’s wife, Soumya. Soumya, a student of a diploma course in Nitte, who reportedly was a party to the crime, was arrested on Tuesday night by the policemen, and is already in judicial custody.

Babu was produced in the court by the policemen of White Field police station in Bangalore, under whose jurisdiction the murder had taken place. The accused was taken to Parappana Agrahara Jail.

Govind Bhat had lost his life on the night of April 29 this year. Venkatramana Babu and Soumya had told the policemen that Bhat had slipped in the bathroom, and had died of head injuries in this incident. Soumya testified that she too had slipped in the bathroom several times in the past. Growing suspicious over the death of his son, Govind Bhat’s father, Shankaranarayana Bhat, had filed a complaint with the policemen on June 8.

The policemen, who took up the investigation, reportedly found that Govind Bhat had, as per the desire of his wife, who had been educated till SSLC, allowed her to undergo diploma in fashion designing in Nitte. He had taken up a job in Bangalore, and as his wife was away, had admitted a room mate, Venkataramana Babu. Soumya used to visit her husband, and during the time Bhat worked in shifts, Babu came close to Soumya. Both of them hatched a conspiracy to kill Govind Bhat. Venkatramana Babu has been accused of hitting Bhat’s head with sharp weapons and cleaning the blood that had oozed out afterwards. The policemen found a number of wounds in Bhat’s head, which did not match with the story concocted by Babu and Soumya.

Young prisoners used as sex slaves in the central jail in Bangalore

Young prisoners used as sex slaves in the central jail in Bangalore
The harsh reality is that petty thieves in the 18-21 age group are sodomised by hardened criminals allegedly in connivance with some jail authorities
November 28, 2010

Prison ought to be a correctional facility or a place to reform law-breakers. However, to the contrary, prisons in the city are certain to make hardened criminals and serial offenders out of first-time law breakers and those jailed for petty crime.

Startling details emerging from the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, located on the outskirts of the city, confirms this view. More than 25 per cent of inmates in the 18-21 years age group have rectal damage due to sexual abuse. These youngsters are constantly sodomised by hardened criminals, with whom they are forced to share space in the overcrowded prison.

Following reports of large-scale sexual abuse of young inmates from prison doctors, the prison authorities have launched an investigation to find reasons for the problem and to take measures to end it.

M C Vishwanathaiah, the jail’s chief superintendent, admitted the problem exists and said his administration is putting corrective measures in place.

But, preliminary inquiries reveal that these youngsters are victims in a massive racket run by a few influential hardened criminals in connivance with prison staff.

A senior officer said: “Notorious convicts have formed gangs inside the jail. The moment a young offender is brought to prison, these gangs influence corrupt jail staff to assign the youngster to their barracks. That’s when the sexual abuse begins. The youngster is abused by each gang member in turns. It is nothing but gang rape. If the boy is fair-complexioned and good looking, then he becomes the sole property of the gang leader. The boys are also put to work and would have to wash clothes and do menial tasks for gang members. They are rewarded with drugs, cigarettes, money, soap and other consumables inside,” the officer said.

The officer, who had stumbled on the racket, had alerted prison doctors to the problem and had also written a letter to his higher-ups asking for action to be taken. 

“If a rich prisoner, those jailed on dowry harassment cases and economic offences, wants a separate bed, hot water and food, he has to pay Rs 1,500 to 2,000 everyday to a hardened criminal. The criminal, with the assistance of corrupt prison guards, get these boys to provide every available comfort to these rich prisoners. Even Scotch is available for a price.”

The youngsters are abused by each gang member in turns. It is nothing but gang rape

‘They pick good-looking young guys’

Serving a term in this jail can make you either a hardened criminal or a semen-addict!” When Rohit, who is just out of prison, told this to Bangalore Mirror, the curiosity bug was at work. “What do you mean by semen-addict?” we asked him and the reply was shocking. “Sir, I am talking about how handsome teenagers who enter the world of crime are sexually abused at the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison. Trust me sir, crooked convicts and powerful under-trials compete with each other in picking a teenager to do all their dirty jobs.”

The man, who just completed his term in jail for rape, said, “Every evening, the criminals arrested by the police from different parts of the city are brought to the jail. After the official entries are made, everyone is packed off to a hall in the main building.

By then, word would have spread among the inmates through the warders about how many good-looking youngsters have come in. After 8 pm, a few notorious criminals who are in collusion with the jail authorities will come to the hall and look out for teenagers. Mostly, those who are fair in complexion, display feminine characteristics and are not capable of putting up resistance, are selected.

“After the teenager is selected, the same is conveyed to the jail staff and no other criminal will stake claim on him. He is first used as a masseur and gradually turned into a sex slave. In return, the teenager is guaranteed protection and he succeeds in instilling fear among fellow criminals. He also gets easy access to contraband. On the other hand, if he refuses to fall in line, he is severely beaten up,” Rohit said.

He said each notorious criminal has two of three boys to ‘serve’ him. “Some of them are even allowed to stay in the cells allotted to these criminals and become their henchmen. The lure of power is so much that a few teenagers who, even after being released from the prison, commit petty crimes and return to their leaders,” he said.

Youngsters who can’t put up with this torture become so traumatised that they some of them become mentally deranged and even semen addicts, Rohit said, adding that the authorities are aware of what is happening in the dark, but they turn a blind eye towards it.

Overcrowding, staff crunch are the main problems: Vishwanathaiah

M C Vishwanathaiah, chief superintendent at the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, believes the reasons for sodomy of young inmates were overcrowding and a short-staffed administration.

“There are four barracks bustling with the most notorious criminals from the city. It’s a virtual who’s-who of criminals. They are the ones at the heart of the abuse racket. The prison administration is short-staffed and it’s humanly impossible to keep on eye on prisoners 24/7. The easiest solution is to separate young inmates from these hardened criminals.”

But Vishwanthaiah said new barracks would have to be built.

“It is difficult to house young offenders separately because of space constraints. We want the state government to construct a separate high-security prison to house these notorious gangsters and terrorists. Once, that happens, we can have a separate barrack for young offenders. Despite these problems, we have already begun to take steps to keep these young boys away from notorious gangsters,’’ he said.

Vishwanathaiah said his staff had already identified some notorious criminals involved in the racket and is in the process of shifting them to jails in Bellary, Belgaum, Bijapur and Mysore.

Want mum or dad, judge asks 7-yr-old girl in open court: Daughter Chooses Father

Want mum or dad, judge asks 7-yr-old girl in open court: Daughter Chooses Father

The girl sobs uncontrollably at the poser, following which the hearing was held behind closed doors. Finally, with the girl insisting on staying with her father, the judge gives in to the kid’s demand
November 30, 2010

In an unusual end to proceedings in a child custody case in the High Court, Justice B Sreenivase Gowda delivered an order awarding custodial care of a seven-year-old girl to her father. In itself, a verdict in favour of the father is rare, but Gowda’s process of arriving at his decision was certainly novel.

Sanjay Shetty, a hotelier, and his wife Asha, a government officer, were fighting for custody of their daughter, Shruti. While Sanjay and Asha, who hail from Mangalore and were married in 1998, were both in attendance, the presence of Shruti too seemed to have compounded matters. The arguments in court barely lasted 15 minutes before judge Gowda decided to elicit the views of the child. He asked the child in open court whom she would like to stay with. Shruti broke down and said that she wanted to remain with her father.

In the first session on Monday, Gowda had asked Asha to look after the child till noon. He also asked her to take the child out to lunch. Shruti, however, refused to budge from her father’s side and burst into tears. The judge kept prodding her to be wit  her mother, but a wailing Shruti insisted  that she did not want to go with Asha. Gowda then adjourned the case and resumed hearing in his chamber after lunch.

What transpired between the couple, the child, the counsel and the judge in the chamber is not known, but Gowda later pronounced the verdict in Sanjay’s favour.

“The judge may have taken the case to his chamber as he did not want to embarrass the people involved,” an advocate in present in court said. “It is another matter when only the parents are present, but the presence of the child makes it sensitive,” the advocate said.

Sanjay and Asha have been fighting a divorce, child custody and a domestic violence case for some years now. Three years ago, a family court had given custody of the child to Sanjay, but Asha had appealed the verdict in the High Court.

Child custody matters rarely reach the High Court and verdicts usually favour the mother. The father is only provided visitation rights.

Justice Gowda normally presides over criminal cases and in the last few months has disposed of the highest number of cases - over 60 of them.

(The names of the couple and the child have been changed).

7 of family fell prey to ‘rapist’ tantrik in Mumbai: 7 teenage girls raped, 1.5 crore Rupees misappropriated

7 of family fell prey to ‘rapist’ tantrik in Mumbai: 7 teenage girls raped, 1.5 crore Rupees misappropriated
Nov 30, 2010

Shocking details have emerged from the interrogation of a tantrik, arrested on charges of raping several girls.
Another Tantrik booked by Police in Jalandhar

He has been booked under Sections 376, 504 and 313 of the Indian Penal Code among others that charge him with rape, causing hurt, causing miscarriage and criminal intimidation.

Officers of the JJ Marg police station arrested Mehndi Kasim Sheikh alias Bangali Baba on Sunday. The 37-year-old has told the police during preliminary interrogation that he had repeatedly raped seven girls, not three as reported in some newspapers, between May 16, 2009 and November 11, 2009. His victims are aged between 13 and 25, an officer said.

The police have sent all the victims, four minors, to the police hospital in Nagpada for medical tests. “We are waiting for the reports,” the officer said.

The police arrested Sheikh based on 18-year-old Akila Khan’s (name changed) complaint at the MRA Marg police station on Sunday.

She told the police that Sheikh, who used to teach the Quran to her brother and two cousins (all mentally challenged), had raped her.

Her mother, she said in her complaint, had appointed Sheikh as their teacher. He gained the trust and confidence of the family by assuring them that he would get rid of an evil spirit and cure the three mentally challenged boys. The officer said that he told the family that there would be wealth and prosperity in the house once the boys were cured.

Khan told the police Sheikh had warned her mother that if he could not perform black magic on the girls, they too would have mentally retarded children. Her worried mother and aunt then started sending their daughters to his flat.

The Khans had given their flat to Sheikh on rent so that he could teach their children the Quran and also perform black magic, the officer said. His black magic involved giving them some syrup, which made them drowsy, and raping them, Khan said in her complaint.

“He threatened us and told us not to reveal to anyone what he did to us,” she said. “Most of the time, he abused us and slapped us.” When her two sisters became pregnant, Sheikh got the pregnancies terminated, she said.

The police have questioned Khan’s aunt too. She told the police that she knew Sheikh since 2002. In 2005, he promised her that he could cure her son. Believing him, she and her sister sent their children to him, she told the police.

The truth came out when Khan told her father about Sheikh on November 23. After this, the family decided to lodge a formal police complaint on November 28. Though they filed a complaint at MRA Marg police station, it was transferred to JJ Marg as the incident happened in its jurisdiction. Sheikh will be in police custody till December 3.

Revealed after 20 years: How dentist gassed wife and his lover's husband in their beds... then made it look like a double suicide

Revealed after 20 years: How dentist gassed wife and his lover's husband in their beds... then made it look like a double suicide
30th November 2010
Guilty: Colin Howell admitted killing his wife and his lover's husband in 1991

A devout Christian dentist murdered his wife and his lover's policeman husband in a 'devious' and 'professional' manner, a court heard yesterday.

Colin Howell has pleaded guilty to killing his wife Lesley and Constable Trevor Buchanan at their Londonderry homes in 1991 by gassing the pair to give the impression they died in a suicide pact.
Howell's crimes only came to light in January last year when he confessed to his church elders who called in the police after his new life collapsed when he lost more than £350,000 in a scam.
He kept the secret of the murders for almost 20 years before eventually confessing to detectives.
Howell, 51, first killed his wife Lesley and later Constable Buchanan at their homes in Coleraine, County Londonderry, in May 1991 when he attached part of a baby's feeding bottle to a garden hose to poison them with carbon monoxide fumes as they slept.
Howell attached a hose to the exhaust of his Renault Savanna using a baby's bottle he'd cut in in half and then ran the hose through the victims' houses to gas them.
Dentist and lay preacher Howell then drove the pair six miles to the property where they were found, leaving the victims in the car with the door ajar to give the impression that Mr Buchanan had decided against killing himself but was too late.
The court heard yesterday how Howell had then concocted a story to give the impression that his wife and Mr Buchanan had committed suicide because they had struggled to cope after discovering he and Hazel had been having an affair.

A post-mortem examination at the time confirmed both victims had died from carbon monoxide poisoning but a court heard yesterday that Mrs Howell cried out for her son Matthew when she woke up and realised her life was in peril.
Later Howell was involved in a desperate struggle when he gassed Constable Buchanan at his house.
At one stage Howell feared he himself would be overcome by the toxic fumes.
Colin Howell murdered his wife Lesley Howell, (left), and his lover Hazel's husband PC Trevor Buchanan (right) in May 1991
Details of the double murder were revealed for the first time on Monday at a pre-sentence hearing for Howell,
who has pleaded guilty to the murders.
The court heard the two bodies were discovered in Mrs Howell's car in a garage behind a house once owned by her father, who had collapsed and died just days earlier.
Adultery: Colin Howell's lover Hazel Stewart remarried after the death of her husband PC Trevor Buchanan and goes on trial in February for double murder

Crown lawyer Kieran Murphy told Mr Justice Anthony Hart: 'This was a meticulous and devious plan and pre-meditated in a manner that might be described as professional.'
Howell, now 51, has already been sentenced to life imprisonment after admitting the two murders. He will be told on Friday the minimum term he will have to serve.
His former lover, mother-of-two Hazel Stewart, who remarried after Constable Buchanan's death, has pleaded not guilty to murder and her trial, which is due to begin in early February, is expected to last up to a month.
Howell and Hazel Stewart - then Buchanan - had resumed their affair when the dentist decided to carry out the murders late on the Saturday night of May 18 and the early hours of May 19.
The first was in his own house where his wife, who had been drinking and taking prescription tablets because of her distress over the affair, was sleeping in her night-dress on a sofa.
He used a hosepipe attached to his car exhaust to seep gas into the room where his wife was sleeping but she woke up and cried out for her son Matthew, then aged six, who was with his three siblings aged between nine months and four years.
Howell then pulled a duvet over her head, squeezed hard, and pushed the hose into her face with his right hand and held it there until she died.
The dentist then put his wife's body in the boot of his car and drove across town to kill Constable Buchanan, who was sleeping in the house he shared with Hazel and their two young children, Andrew and Lisa.
Howell had attempted to gas Mr Buchanan with a garden hose but the police officer woke up and looked Howell in the eye before there was a struggle.
In a statement, Howell admitted: 'I pulled the quilt over his head first and with my right hand put the hose to his mouth. I remember him sitting up and I pulled the quilt over him. He saw me.'
Howell then drove to his late father-in-law's empty property in Castlerock where he stage managed the apparent suicides in a small garage.
Life imprisonment: Colin Howell, pictured leaving court earlier this year, will face sentencing on Friday

After donning a pair of plastic surgical gloves, he heaved Mr Buchanan's body from the boot and placed it in the driver's seat and left the door open.
He then laid his wife down in the boot, positioning some family photographs beside her body, and hitting the play button on her personal stereo system after placing the headset over her ears to make it seem she was listening to music.
Howell then connected a length of vacuum hose which had been lying in the car to the exhaust and put the other end into the boot where his dead wife was lying. Before leaving he switched on the ignition.
He benefited by several thousands of pounds from the killings, receiving £212,446 which had been left in his wife's will and gaining £27,000 from the estate of her father worth £27,000.
Insurance against Lesley's death paid out £120,000 and he received £54,635 from an endowment policy.
His dental business began to grow and flourish, having previously been in deficit at the time of the deaths, and in 2008 he sold a home for £131,000.
But then the court heard Howell lost £353,000 on a Philippines scam involving a scheme to recover gold hidden in chambers by the Japanese.
Bereaved: Relatives of Constable Trevor Buchanan, who was murdered by Colin Howell in 1991

Mr Murphy urged the judge to impose a severe sentence on Howell arguing there were a series of aggravating factors, including the suffering endured by victims' families after believing their loved ones had taken their own lives.
He added: 'The actions of the dentist were calculated, callous, manipulative, evil and wholly without mercy for two defenceless victims, one of whom was his wife and the other the loving husband of his co-accused.'
Howell, a father of ten, was told earlier this month he would be jailed for life with his minimum term to be confirmed on Friday.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Police arrest ‘Argentine Fritzl’ accused of fathering 10 children with his daughter

Police arrest ‘Argentine Fritzl’ accused of fathering 10 children with his daughter
26th November 2010

Police in Argentina have arrested a sex beast who fathered 10 children with his daughter after allegedly raping her repeatedly over three decades.
Armando Gomez, 62, was originally detained for stealing cattle.

And the arrest prompted daughter Juana, 43, to tell police he was the father of her children following a 30-year reign of terror.
Argentine Fritzl: Armando Gomez, 62, was originally arrested for cattle rustling before his daughter told the police about raping her during a 30-year reign of terror

Tests have shown Gomez, who allegedly started abusing his daughter after her mum died when she was two, is their father. He is now facing 20 years in prison.
Juana, who lives in a small village in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe, said: 'There was no space for pain, just punishment, threats, torment and children to take care of.
'The only other option was death and he offered me it all the time.'
Juana's first child, a boy born when she was 15, shot himself dead when he was 17 after he found out who his dad was.
The other children are aged between six and 26.
Investigating judge Virgilio Palud said: 'The suspect is maintaining his innocence but the DNA tests have confirmed his paternity.'
Austrian Josef Fritzl is currently serving life in jail for keeping daughter Elizabeth in a basement for 24 years and fathering seven children with her.
Three of the children had been imprisoned along with their mother for their entire lives.
Last year a man in Colombia was jailed for 15 years after fathering eight children with his daughter during a 30-year rape ordeal.
Farmer Arcedio Alvarez had three boys and five girls with Alba Nidia, now 37, after abusing her from the age of five following her mum's death.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Army foxed by 'stolen affections' case of sister officer's husband

 Army foxed by 'stolen affections' case of sister officer's husband
The Hindustan Times Article August 12, 2007
NEW DELHI, India, Aug. 12 -- In a first of its kind case, a woman Army officer of the rank of Captain has landed in trouble following a complaint lodged against her by the wife of a Lt Colonel who has alleged that the woman officer has "stolen the affections" of her husband.

The complaint has landed the Army top brass in a quandary and the authorities have ordered investigation into the complaint. Under the regulations of the Army it is an offence to "steal the affections of a brother officer's wife" or in other words to have a love affair with a fellow officer's wife. However, the rules and regulations are silent on the prospect of a woman officer having an affair with a fellow …

Under Section 63 of the Army Rules and also chapter on ‘Moral Turpitude’, an officer can be taken to task for “stealing the affection of a brother officer’s wife”. Besides disciplinary action, the reprimand could be as severe as asking the officer to put in his papers. The guilty officer is court-marshaled.

Watching porn at home isn’t obscenity: Bombay high court

Watching porn at home isn’t obscenity: Bombay high court
Nov 25, 2010
The act of privately viewing a pornographic film in a bungalow does not amount to public exhibition, the Bombay high court held on Wednesday while quashing proceedings against customs officials who had attended a party in Lonavla on August 26, 2008.

The police busted a party at Taj Cottage, Prichly Hill, where 28 men and 11 women had gathered.

They were intoxicated and the men were throwing notes at the dancing women while also watching a porn film. They were booked under section 292 (obscenity) of the Indian Penal Code, among others.

Justice VK Tahilramani gave her verdict on five petitions and upheld the contention that whatever activities were taking place were for private viewing of the persons in the bungalow.

They were not selling, hiring, circulating, producing or exhibiting the obscene film, she observed. The petitioners contended that private viewing on a personal computer does not amount to offence under section 292.

The judge rejected the prosecution’s statement that a bungalow is a lodge and hence a public place and that it can be said that the accused were publicly exhibiting the film. The judge noted the statement of two prosecution witnesses that the bungalow was not a lodge.

Justice Tahilramani said it was not even the prosecution’s case that anyone from the public could walk into it at any point. “As such, the spot where the activities took place could not be said to be a public space. Hence, it cannot be said that there was any public exhibition of obscene films in the bungalow,” she wrote.

Quashing the proceedings, justice Tahilramani said the act of the accused does not constitute an offence under section 292 and continuation of proceedings would amount to an abuse of the court.

Ex-Student Lover Strangles Navi Mumbai Principal To Death After years of Illicit Sex

Ex-Student Lover Strangles Navi Mumbai Principal To Death After years of Illicit Sex
10 Nov 2010
Sagar Machhindra Kathore, a 21-year-old man and a former student of Swami Vivekanand English High School, Sunpada, strangled his lover school principal Clementine Francis Desouza, 45, after a long illicit affair, Navi Mumbai police said. 

The lady principal had been indulging in illicit love with Sagar since his school days and had made him an addict of coacine and other drugs, Sagar confessed in front of Navi Mumbai police.

Sagar told police, he was fed up of this illicit relationship with the principal, who had sexual relations with some other young men too. The principal, he told police, used to take him on outings near Mumbai-Pune Express Highway to indulge in sex.
 Sagar was plotting revenge and on November 1, when the school was closed for Diwali holidays, he took the car of his employer, invited the principal for an outing on the Express Highway, and took two of his friends with him too.
Near Kharghar, he strangled the lady, and with his friends disposed of the body near Talegaon,

Sagar remained underground, and his employer  complained to police about the missing car and driver. Meanwhile, Clementine's husband also complained to police about his missing wife.

The lady's body was found the next day, but it could be properly identified only on November 7. Sagar later surrendered to police and confessed to the entire episode.Sagar's father is dead and his mother is a vegetable vendor. His brother works with a travel agency.

Fashion designer wife, illicit lover held for husband's murder which they tried to pass off as accident: Relatives of husband had refused to file case

Fashion designer, lover held for husband's murder: Relatives of husband had refused to file case
The city police on Tuesday arrested a fashion designer and her boyfriend in connection with the murder of her husband in Whitefield six months ago.
Sowmya Bhat (28) of Kukkeri in Belthangadi taluk and Venkataramana Babu (30) of Agadur allegedly murdered Govinda Bhat (30) of Halatti Grama Suliya taluk on April 30 at Agadur village in Whitefield.

“Govinda and Sowmya were married about nine years ago and had been living in Agadur. The husband was a data entry operator. Sowmya had an affair with Babu who used to frequent her house when Govinda was not there. When Govinda eventually came to know, Sowmya and Babu hatched a plan to kill him,” a Whitefield police official told The Hindu.

The police said the duo beat up Govinda badly on April 30 and later admitted him to a hospital where he died the same day.

They reportedly told the hospital he slipped and fell in the bathroom.

However, Govinda's relatives refused to file a complaint.

It was Whitefield Police Inspector B.N. Gopalakrishna who registered a suo motu complaint and investigated the case.

After her husband's murder, Sowmy returned to Kukkeri and was doing her Diploma in Fashion Designing course.

She was also a freelance fashion designer.

The police said the duo has confessed to the murder.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Freemason Michael Brea killed mom with Freemason regalia sword, police say, neighbors say cops were slow to respond

Michael Brea killed mom with sword, police say, neighbors say cops were slow to respond

Neighbors of a Brooklyn woman savagely slashed to death by her deranged, sword-wielding son claim cops refused to enter her apartment early Tuesday despite their pleas.
When cops finally got inside the Prospect Heights home, they found Yannick Brea kneeling with fatal lacerations to her head in a blood-spattered bathroom.

The son, holding the three-foot sword and babbling about religion and repentance, was arrested in a nearby bedroom, police said.

"I could hear her groaning inside ... She was still alive, but they wouldn't go in," said Clinton Clare, 52, who lived in the apartment below the Brea family.

Clare estimated police waited an hour before bursting into the apartment, where neighbors heard Michael Brea, 31, delivering a terrifying rant at his doomed mother.

"I heard a 'Help me!' shriek," said Vernal Bent, 18, who lived in the apartment above. "Police kept knocking on the door. Knocking and knocking ... All of us kept saying, 'Open the door.'"

Neighbors said the first screams came from the apartment shortly after 1 a.m., with one man saying he made a 911 call and told where he told a police dispatcher there was blood smeared on an apartment window.

The man said police initially came to the scene and then left - prompting a second 911 call.

This time, the neighbor said, he wanted outside for cops and led them to the crime scene.
Gregory Clare, 25, whose father owns the building, said his dad gave the OK for four cops to break down the door.

"They just kept saying protocol this and protocol that," he said. "Now a woman's dead who should be alive if only the police would have listened."

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly questioned neighbor accounts of the delay, saying he believed officers handled the situation properly.

"It's a barricaded situation and that is handled by the Emergency Services Unit. What happens in a barricade situation is that responding patrol officers, if possible, wait for the Emergency Services forces to arrive," Kelly said.

Brea - an aspiring actor who once played a bit part on "Ugly Betty" - angrily screamed at his mother to "repent" before delivering the death blows.

He apparently removed the murder weapon from a Masonic lodge after a meeting Monday night and then used it later on his mother, said the suspect's uncle.
Brea was a low-level Mason who was not cleared to take one of the ceremonial swords - typically stainless steel blades with a short, black grip.

"Something happened that made him do it," said Martial Brea. "The devil entered him."

Neighbors described a hellish sound coming from the Brea apartment in the middle of the night.

"I heard this wild screaming," said Gregory Clare, who lived in the Prospect Heights building.

"Michael was yelling, 'Repent, repent, sinner, sinner,' over and over again," Clare said. "He was screaming, 'You never accepted Jesus.' It was real loud."

Yannick Brea, 55, howled for help that didn't arrive in time to save her. Neighbors said she was a 9/11 survivor who had worked at the Marriott hotel in the World Trade Center.

"Her screams woke me up," said another neighbor in the four-story building. "Screams I'll never forget. ... I heard [Michael] rambling. He was incoherent."

Michael Brea was spouting gibberish when he was removed from the Park Place apartment on a stretcher, neighbors said.

He was taken to Kings County Hospital for a psychiatric exam after his arrest. Neighbors said spattered blood was visible on the apartment windows.

The accused killer's cousin was stunned by the news of Yannick's death.

"She was a very loving person," said John Brea, 34, as he stood outside the apartment building. "She helped to raise all of us."

John Brea said his aunt was a hard-working woman employed by a local hotel.

Neighbors and an ex-girlfriend described Michael Brea as a martial arts student who showed no signs of any mental illness and no violent tendencies.

"Michael had the whole world in his hands," said an ex-girlfriend. "This is a shock."

Neighbor Clare agreed.

"I saw Michael last Saturday," he said. "He was asking about my daughter. He was always real kind."

Long-lost son finds out, after 33 years apart, his mother is a bearded hermaphrodite who used to be a hit at the circus!

Long-lost son finds out, after 33 years apart, his mother is a bearded hermaphrodite who used to be a hit at the circus... thanks to George the Giant
23rd November 2010
Motherly love: Bearded Vivian Wheeler has been reunited with her son, Richard Lorenc, after 33 years

For a 33-year-old man who was looking for his biological mother, it was the last thing he expected to find.
Following a series of back problems Kansas-based Richard Lorenc decided to find out more about his family tree.
And six weeks after asking the authorities in Kansas, he had his answer: His mother was a 62-year-old bearded hermaphrodite who performed at circuses.
Vivian Wheeler and Richard's maternal grandmother, he was informed, both suffered from hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome - meaning they had facial hair, even as children.
This intrigued Richard, and he was determined to find out more - and meet his long-lost mother.
And, having searched on the Internet, discovered pictures of a woman with the same name working at sideshows and circuses.
'I knew it was her as soon as I saw the picture online,' he said. 'We have a resemblance.'
He had no way to contact her, though, and he pestered a number of people who knew her in the trade, including George 'The Giant' McArthur, who at 7ft 3ins is the world's tallest sword-swallower.
Only a few weeks later Vivian happened to attend an event George was performing in, and the giant was able to tell her about her boy wanting to contact her.
A Seventh-Day Adventist, she was overjoyed and thought it a miracle.
'The Holy Spirit told me to go,' she said. 'He told me George had something to tell me that was very important.
'I hollered at him from behind, and he turned around and told me my son was looking for me.
'I told God I wanted to know if I had grandchildren and if my son was alive. Then, like snapping your fingers, his wife called me.'
DNA test: Vivian and Richard on the Maury Povich show, where the results of the DNA tests they took will be revealed this week

Richard's wife, Jessica, contacted Vivian to check some details before he agreed to meet up with her and find out more about her life.
They met for three days in Bakersfield, California, in June and now wheelchair-bound Vivian told her son about her life.
They have had a DNA test on the popular American chat show Maury Povich to ascertain whether they are actually mother and son, and the results will be revealed on Wednesday.
'I want to share the story, and I want to know for sure if it's my son,' she said. 'Even if not, I still love him.'
As she was born with both male and female reproductive organs, her mother, who wanted a girl, instructed the doctors to remove the masculine parts.
Her father, however, was humiliated by his hairy daughter and made her work at sideshows from an early age, forcing her to send back money she earned.
When she embarked on relationships with men, she would often shave back her fluff so as not to embarrass - or undermine - them.
Performer: Vivian in her younger years, when she would perform at circus sideshows and cultivate her beard

The father of Richard was a carnival ride operator she had met in Nebraska and took the baby away from her soon after the birth.
She desperately wanted her son back and the stress caused her to have a mental breakdown on stage.
And when Vivian's mother died in 1990, she decided to stop shaving her beard entirely - it's now 11 inches long. 'I let it grow back to be myself,' she said.
'Without my beard, I'm not me. I'm pretending to be someone I'm not.'
Meanwhile Richard moved into an orphanage before his father, Richard James Chambers Snr. regained custody of him and took him to Kansas.
When teachers at his school began to notice abuse marks on his body, he was moved to a foster home.

Aged seven he was adopted and became Richard Kevin Ryan, and when he married, he took his wife's surname, Lorenc.
'I am lucky,' he said. 'Having this life story attached to it, it's cool. It's something I would've never imagined in a million years.
'But for this story to bring attention to Vivian is something else. It's a dream come true, I know, for her.
'Whatever happens, I want to be there with her. It's a great adventure. It's an unbelievable story, and I just want to be there for the ride with her and spend time with her.'

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Real lives: What drives a parent to kill? FILICIDES

Real lives: What drives a parent to kill?
21st November 2010

It's the most heinous crime of all – yet in just two weeks this summer a cluster of cases of filicide hit the headlines.
From above: Christy Ruddell, two, whose mother has been charged with his murder; Bethany Caudwell-Kennerley, three, whose mother was jailed for life for killing her 

A mother walks into a police station, her wrists slashed, carrying the lifeless body of her two-year-old son who has been strangled and stabbed. (She was later charged with his murder.) A father, described as ‘an all-round good person’, kills his six-year-old diabetic son with an insulin overdose before killing himself. He has recently parted from the boy’s mother and fears losing his livelihood. Another ‘loving’ mother is sentenced after smothering her angelic-looking three-year-old daughter with her favourite Piglet pyjama case then attempting to slash her own wrists. It transpires that she has misled her estranged husband into believing he was her child’s father, and was facing a custody battle.
Perhaps most horrifying is the fact that these stories of vindictiveness, jealousy and despair appeared in newspapers over a single two-week period this summer. Behind the headlines in each case is a shattered family tormented by questions that will haunt the survivors for the rest of their lives, yet the background to filicide – a word hardly ever used, perhaps because society deems the crime it describes to be literally unspeakable – is nearly always horribly mundane, some commonplace story of the family break-up endemic in life today.
For most parents in the painful throes of recent separation, the initial desperate bitterness will eventually subside. Yet seemingly more and more often the deep anger is brooded upon until it boils over into a crime of unbearable sadness and wickedness: the annihilation of a child’s life by a parent…a murder that runs so contrary to human nature that we recoil from the thought of it. How could a father bear to hear his children’s terrified screams? What deranged logic or warped love could drive a mother to kill her own child?
Even for professionals who deal with the grim aftermath, these cases are shocking.
Dr Keith Ashcroft is an investigative psychologist, based in Manchester, who has studied scene-of-crime reports of numerous family murders, often also involving the suicide – attempted or successful – of the killer-parent. ‘I’ve broken into a cold sweat looking at these photographs,’ he says. ‘They are absolutely horrendous. Yet the suicide notes tend to be unbelievably matter-of-fact and unemotional.’
The background to these horrifying murders is nearly always horribly mundane
Last Christmas – all too often the season of ill will and family conflict – Andrew Copland, 56, a painter and decorator from Aldershot, Hampshire, shot dead his four-year-old daughter Maisie, inflicted gunshot wounds on his partner from which she died the next day, then shot himself fatally through the head. Maisie and her mum had arrived on an access visit minutes earlier. Copland was described as an acknowledged ‘woman hater’, known to have a violent temper and an obsession with guns.
But there is another kind of father who can be triggered to kill, the sort invariably described by his baffled neighbours as a decent family man who lives only for his children. And therein lies the risk factor, Dr Ashcroft explains: a family so dysfunctionally close-knit that when a father – and it is usually the father, despite a cluster of recent killings by mothers – decides that life is no longer worth living, his warped logic and distorted sense of himself as protector and provider demand that he take his children and partner with him.
Psychologists call it ‘enmeshment’ – an intense over-involvement that can blur boundaries between parent and child, so that the annihilation of the whole family seems like an extension of their own suicide. ‘These men either live their lives through their families or believe they own them,’ says Dr Ashcroft. ‘So when they decide to take their own lives, they feel entitled to take the lives of their children, too.’ Today’s patterns of intensive parenting, where adults tend to be over-involved in their children’s lives, can provide a climate where such unhealthy emotions flourish.
‘Most people describe these people as good family men because they don’t really know them: they’re socially isolated,’ says Kevin Browne, professor of forensic psychology at Nottingham University. ‘To outsiders, they always appear to be together as a family. The men are locked into their role as father, a role they feel they would lose if the family broke up.’ The catalyst is any outside threat to family integrity – estrangement from a partner, loss of a job or threat of financial ruin. ‘Rather than lose his wife and children, the father would prefer them all to be dead, including himself.’
Chris Hall, six, was killed by his father

If such brutal murders were acts of insane, unpremeditated impulse they might be easier to comprehend. But it is a grim, difficult task to kill a whole family, requiring considerable forward planning. In August 2008 Christopher Foster, a former multimillionaire, shot his wife Jill and 15-year-old daughter Kirstie and then set fire to his idyllic country home in Shropshire. At the time of his death, he was £4.5 million in debt and knew that the bailiffs were on their way. His own CCTV footage that survived the blaze suggests the murders were carried out calmly and deliberately.

He shot the dogs and horses, pumped oil into the basement of the house, blocked the driveway with a horse box, and lay down on the bed beside his wife’s body until smoke overcame him.
According to Dr Ashcroft, ‘These people plan in extreme detail. It’s rarely an impulsive act.’ For men like this, suicidal fantasies are nurtured over time as a possible escape route. ‘It would be a notion in the back of their mind, growing like a seed, for months, years, as they get more depressed.’
Although the media impact is huge when these tragic cases emerge, experts agree
that such offences are still rare. Despite all the changes in modern life that might seem to increase the risk factors – divorces, custody battles, financial stress, text messages that fuel suspicions of infidelity – instances of filicide have remained fairly constant for decades. (Home Office figures show that in the UK 28 children aged under 16 were killed by a parent in 2008-9.) The fear, however, is that emotive coverage may inadvertently encourage more killings, warns Dr Ashcroft. ‘For someone who is severely depressed, it’s a precedent: “It’s happened before…so I’ll do it.” That’s possibly the explanation when these things happen in clusters – they may feed off each other.’
Tragically, that seems to have been the case in Oswestry, Shropshire, when Hugh McFall, a businessman facing financial ruin, bludgeoned his wife and 18-year-old daughter to death in February this year. He left a note – ‘I love you more than anything I have ever loved. I couldn’t let you suffer. Daddy. xx’ – and then he hanged himself. His computer showed that he had accessed news coverage of the widely publicised Foster family murder in the same small town only 16 months previously.  
Fathers tend to commit these murders more often than mothers, not only because women are less likely to be violent, but because when couples divorce custody of children usually goes to the mother, giving rise to feelings of jealousy and rage in the father if access is made difficult. For those who kill, their overwhelming urge is to hurt their former partner. Cab driver Ashok Kalyanjee, who stabbed his sons Paul, six, and Jay, two, in 2008, before setting himself on fire (a failed attempt to commit suicide), first telephoned his estranged wife to taunt her: ‘You’ll regret everything that you have done to me in life.’ 
For some women the killing may be an extreme response to feeling hopeless about their lives and
the future
And in Australia Robert Farquharson was jailed in 2007 for murdering his three sons by driving them into a reservoir on Father’s Day to spite their mother. (His retrial this summer again found him guilty.) Prosecutors said that after swimming from his submerged car he had the ‘delicious reward’ of telling his ex-wife about their deaths.
‘They’re not insane,’ says Professor Browne of such fathers. ‘They’re extremely jealous, but jealousy is not a mental illness. These are men who have to be in control
and have very paranoid attachments.’ Investigators into such cases look for that history of violence, alcohol dependency, mood swings, relationship conflicts and the need for control and power within the family.
As for the recent killings carried out by mothers – still sub judice and so far unexplained – it is generally agreed that the majority of women who kill their children are profoundly mentally ill, or suffering from extremely rare postnatal depressive psychosis. Dr Gerard Bailes, a psychologist for East Anglia’s forensic psychiatric service, recalls a mother who killed three children and herself while experiencing religious delusions. ‘She believed the children were possessed by devils and demons and that she was releasing them; for that individual, it seems absolutely logical. There’s a strange, twisted, perverted love: “I’m going to save the children. They’ll go to an afterlife, even if I won’t because of what I’ve done.” ’
For other women, he says, the killing may be an extreme response to depression or a feeling of hopelessness about their lives and the future; perhaps something is wrong with the child and the woman can’t cope, such as single mother Satpal Mahal-Singh who has been charged with murdering her severely autistic son earlier this year. ‘I have heard rationalisations after the event when a mother has survived, only to suffer awful trauma when she realises what she has done,’ he explains.
For survivors of these family tragedies, there is little professional help. Nobody will forget the stricken, disbelieving face of American oil worker Pasquale Riggi, whose estranged wife Theresa has now been charged with the murder of their daughter, five, and eight-year-old twin boys, found dead in an Edinburgh flat in August. Rose Dixon, chief executive of Samm (Support After Murder and Manslaughter), says that very few trauma counsellors have the experience of dealing with such extreme cases: ‘The services available to people after murder are almost non-existent. Yet studies show that 93 per cent of those bereaved by homicide suffer post-traumatic stress.’ When a parent is the killer, surviving family members may be tormented not only by grief, but by divided loyalties. ‘Some will take the offender’s side and say he was ill, he needed help and was pushed to the limit,’ says Dixon.
Anxiety, depression, feelings of powerlessness and loss of control: these negative emotions are undoubtedly predictors of violence, and are common after family break-up. ‘That’s part of the tragedy for family members left behind, often racked with guilt as they look at things retrospectively,’ says Dr Bailes. ‘They may have known something was wrong and been concerned, but we can’t predict people’s actions. There are always going to be some people – fortunately, very few – who will commit that extreme act.’
And that’s what’s so terrifying. The seemingly devoted father, whose family means the whole world to him, might prove capable of the most heinous crime of all.

Freemasons in Bangalore

Freemasons in Bangalore (Written  by Bangalore Mirror writer)
At the consecration of the Freemasons Sattvic Lodge rich and powerful men shimmered like little boys in Harry Potter Land
November 21, 2010

I knew I wasn’t going to ‘see’ any live sex in the Temple. But I was hoping to at least catch a glimpse of long-coat-tailed men, drinking vintage wine from vintage skulls. That’s what Dan Brown promised in his book The Lost Symbol. So, there I was with fingers crossed, hoping against hope, going over the the threshold of the Freemasons Lodge in the city. Tough luck! There was no ruby-red brimming over hollowed skull. Instead I find a period pamphlet, an advertisement really, for Three way Beauty Treatment –Raja Snow, Amla Hair Oil and Kasturi Soap circa 1920s, preserved on the walls of what could pass off as a boy’s hostel dining room.
RTKumar, Master of the Sattvic Lodge in the Freemasons Temple

Tucked behind a commercial bank, on a narrow lane, which neither looks prim nor smells of roses but called Primrose is an innocuous building where every month rituals dating back to King Solomon’s era (965-925 BC), are performed by men behind closed doors.  Men who are distinguished professionals in the world outside those doors –doctors, engineers, businessmen, politicians –all rich and powerful (and who are uncomfortable with such plebian adjectives). Men, who belong to a group that has been envied, doubted, feared and bandied about for hundreds of years across the globe.

The Freemasons
It is one of the world’s oldest fraternal societies founded on the principles of the Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of man. The Church and Islam believe that they are hoodwinking the world about the Fatherhood-of-God-bit. “They are satanic, keep away from them,” warned a genial pastor back in the days when I spent a larger part of my life seeking salvation. Ironically, no atheist can become a Freemason. (So, for the last time, Jawaharlal Nehru was not a Freemason, but his father Motilal was.) Though their basic tenet is belief in God, religion and politics are taboo subjects within the precincts of the Lodge and more so inside the sacrosanct Temple.  Freemasons is one of the most secular societies in the world.

A letter written by Dan Brown to the Scottish Rite Freemasonary, USA on October 6, 2009 reads: “In a world where men do battle over whose definition of God is more accurate, I cannot adequately express the deep respect and admiration I feel toward an organization in which men of different faiths are able to break bread together in a bond of brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie.”

“Those are the principles that we live by. Freemasons is where a good man comes to become better,” says M.W.Bro.Capt. Dr.Balaram Biswakumar, the 14th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India. MW Bro.Maj.Gen.Dr.Sir Syed Raza Ali Khan, the Nawab of Rampur was the first. (For the uninitiated - M.W.Bro stands for Most Worshipful Brother and that’s how the Grand Masters and Masters are addressed).

Men get ready for the consecration of the Sattvic Lodge

New beginning

Different shade of Saffron
The ‘Big boys’ of the Sattvic Lodge are dressed in saffron and white aprons and gold gilted Masonic ornaments. Kumar explains, “The regalia are the symbol of Freemasons. Its aprons, gauntlets, rings and symbols define hierarchy –just like in the military. When a Mason puts on an apron he is signifying to the world his willingness to work at his accepted responsibility.”

The consecration of the Sattvic Lodge is to begin in a couple of hours. I am ushered into the Temple on the first floor and for the record, I am not blindfolded (I am but devastated!). I am surrounded by suave looking Masons whose middle name is Chivalrous. Doors are being opened for me; Men wait for me to walk ahead and I am not allowed to carry more than my handbag –The Men in Black do the ‘carrying’. Charm is in the air. And if I close my eyes I am sure I’ll be able to see men astride white horses waiting to whisk me off to the Temple door at the far end of the corridor. They are grace in suits. If these men are deemed satanic, then give me satanic!

Sanctum Sanctorum
The large Temple door is embellished with Masonic symbols -a Square and Compass for a knocker on the left and brass-trimmed key-holes on the right. No outsider is allowed inside the Temple and during meetings the doors are closed with a Freemason guarding the door.

The grandeur of the Temple takes on a mystic charm with its chequered black and white flooring, a la a chessboard. “The Black and white floor signifies happiness and sorrow, light and darkness in life. It is a reminder that all of us Masons have a chequered life,” explains Kumar. The Temple is a place of connotations. It is filled with pentagrams, stars, swords, Mason-tools and columns.  Even the seating arrangements have significance. Men are given designated places to sit and are bound by traditions, which do not allow them to speak unless spoken to. The four heads of the Lodge occupy the four chairs in the four corners of the Temple. On the East sits the Master of the Lodge, West, Senior warden, South, Junior warden and North, the secretary of the Lodge. In front of the Master of the Lodge are placed Holy books of different faiths. The members take oath on these books depending on their faith. There is a square block of unpolished stone in the south and a polished one in the west. This signifies that when a new member enters the Lodge he is like unpolished stone and he slowly gets polished to become a better man serving God, man and country. The new member is brought in blindfolded, dressed in torn clothes. “The attire signifies that we come as poor people into this world,” says Kumar. The initiate wears a dirty trouser with one trouser-leg rolled up and one broken shoe and a torn shirt with his left chest exposed. “Yet another reason why we can never have women in the society,” says a smart alec Mason.

Kumar explains that Freemasons has always been a men’s group. “It is an organization that was started thousands of years ago, when only men were employed as operative masons. We are looking at including women too in the group,” he says “But it has to be approved by 150 Grand Lodges across the globe.” I see the men around me, getting ready for the consecration –they are like little boys in Harry Potter Land. They are not going to spoil the party by letting Eves waltz in anytime soon.

The consecration
More men in suits troop in. The Bangalore Lodge follows the tradition of wearing black suits. “You have to be attired in a suit, no jeans and t-shirt,” says Kumar. As I morph into a fly on the wall, I realize that I am witnessing an historic moment –the Masons are rehearsing for the consecration which is about to begin in 30 minutes.

Suited men with long swords in hand, wooden axes in the corner, ties with ‘Sattvic Lodge’ embroidered onto it knotted around male necks…oaths are being rehearsed, the master of ceremonies calls out last minute instructions... I was catching a glimpse of the so-called-secret rituals which only the Masons (and YouTube) are aware of.

Masonic rituals, handshakes, grips and passwords have always been cloaked in secrecy. “Every family has certain harmless secrets which are private and wouldn’t be revealed to the world. It’s just the same with Freemasons too. Don’t read too much into it,” smiles Kumar. “Freemasons is not a secret society,” he reiterates, minutes before someone in the room notices the fly that I am and says politely, “It’s better that she leaves now. She cannot be here.” There’s collective realization in the room: She is an outsider, not a mason and well, she is a SHE. And she is where she is not supposed to be –in a Temple where the masons are rehearsing rituals passed down from Solomon’s time.  I am gently escorted out of the temple. The men are so charming about it that I am confused about whether I am being shepherded out or am I walking out, on my own accord.

As the door closes, I catch a glimpse of the symbol G hanging from the ceiling of the Temple. In Masonic language G stands for God, the Father or Geometry, the foundation of all science that gave birth to Freemasonary or Goodness. But for those who believe that Freemasons is a cult, the G is an occult symbol and its hidden meaning stands for sex.
The door shuts. And on the other side the consecration of the Sattvic Lodge begins.

As I walk out of the Lodge I cannot help but think…Sex is good. It releases happy hormones. As I turn to thank the Mason who’s been given the responsibility to see me off I notice that he is one heck of a happy Mason!

Freemason trivia: There are more than 150 Grand Lodges in the world
» The first Freemasons Lodge as it is known today was established in London in 1717AD.
» The first Lodge in India was established in Calcutta in 1730 AD
» There are 320 Lodges and 22,000 Freemasons in India.
» Freemasons use gestures, handshakes and passwords to gain
admission to meetings and identify legitimate visitors –anywhere in the globe. And members promise to keep this a secret.
» The fundamental ritual consists of a drama of building of King Solomon’s Temple and the fate of its master architect. This ritual reminds masons of moral lessons in life.
» Masonic tools include the level, plumb rule, square, compasses, swords, axe, pentagram etc.
» Square – represents square conduct. And the compass, a symbolic representation of drawing the circle within which a Mason should operate. “Not to go beyond one’s means,” says Kumar
» Each Freemason progress through a series of degrees gaining insight into increasingly complex moral and philosophical concepts. The three degrees are Entered Apprentice: the degree of an initiate, which makes one a Freemason;  Fellow Craft: an intermediate degree, involved with learning; Master Mason –the third degree, a necessity for participation in most aspects of Masonry.

Famous freemasons
Swami Vivekananda, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Goethe, Mozart, Voltaire, Edwin E.Aldrin, first astronaut to land on the moon, Sir Conan Doyle, Sir Alexander Flemming who invented Penicillin, Henry Ford, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Thomas Lipton the famous Tea Man, Bill Clinton, Maharaja of Travencore, Maharaja of Vijanagara, Srikantadatta Wodeyar,  Dr.Malcom Adiseshia , Deshabandu Chittran Das, Madhav Rao Scindia, Dadaboy Nowroji Tata, President Fakrudding Ali Ahmed, Jamshedji Tata, Dr.C.Rajagopachari, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras
 Late afternoon. And for the first time, a woman (this writer) is invited inside the Freemason’s Temple (the hall where the meetings and rituals are conducted is called a Temple) prior to the consecration of a new Lodge -the Sattvic Lodge. Master of this Lodge is RT Kumar, an ad-man with a funny bone.   Enumerating the reasons behind the Sattvic Lodge, he says, “Our wives thought that we go to the Lodge only to drink and party. Why the whole world thinks that and more (plotting to overthrow governments and communing with aliens included). Hence we decided to start a Lodge where there will be no booze and non-vegetarian food, but lots of good work.” There goes my fantasy of seeing Masons drink wine from skulls. Kumar is apologetic about my fantasy being quashed into a mushy pulp and he insists. “Masons do drink wine, but only in glasses.” And he maintains there’s absolutely no ‘live sex’. “That’s purely Dan Brown’s imagination,” he smiles.

The Sattvic Lodge has 30 members and it is the 9th Lodge in the city. There are around 650 Freemasons in Bangalore.  The first Lodge in the city was started in 1863 and C W Aylmer was the First Master.

The Masonic Fraternity is involved in several charitable projects all over the country, building schools, medical care centers, adopting villages and backward communities, helping the aged and the disabled. The Masons do charity with their own money. There are no fund-raisers.
Kumar, whose father was a Freemason, became one in 1992. “In order to become a mason you have to be invited. But we do not canvas for people. Members are taught the precepts of the society by a series of rituals which follow ancient forms and use stone Mason’s customs and tools and allegorical guides.”

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Music teacher with 'underwater sexual fetish dunked naked female student in bath'

Music teacher with 'underwater sexual fetish dunked naked female student in bath'
19th November 2010
Michael Crombie, 73, denies 28 counts of indecent assault, seven counts of making indecent images of a child and possessing indecent images of a child

A music tutor accused of satisfying his water 'fetish' by submerging a pupil underwater claimed today that the schoolgirl asked to lie naked in his bathtub.
Michael Crombie, 73, allegedly filmed himself dunking the youngster so he could watch her breathe during 'music lessons' at his home.
The former schoolmaster is said to have made eight films - including a 'highlights tape' - of the nude girl when she was aged between 10 and 12.    
Crombie also posed as a woman music journalist to encourage the girl to perform the 'bubbling' exercises and bought her an underwater camera to take on holiday, it is said.  
The choir leader is further charged with molesting eight other girl pupils between 1991 and 2002 during private tuition sessions in Woodford Green, Essex.
But Crombie told jurors the naked bathtub exercises had been the schoolgirl's idea after she had performed similar routines with her mother.
Crombie said the girl told him that her improving ability to blow long notes on her recorder was down to holding her breath during bath time sessions at home.
'She told me the timings that obviously her mother had done and they were figures I felt were pretty remarkable for a young girl,' Crombie told Snaresbrook Crown Court.  
'I suppose I expressed some doubt about these timings.
'She said, there and then: "I will show you".'  
Crombie said he told the girl that she would need a swimsuit.
'She made it quite clear to me, there was no doubt, she was not the least bit bothered about a costume,' said Crombie.
'A little girl, oh I don't know, nine or 10 [years old], she just didn't seem in the least bit concerned.
'She would have been pre-pubescent.
'I think she was not a very well developed young lady until later on.'  
Crombie rejected the prosecution case that the girl started off wearing a swimsuit which he gradually urged her to take off and later go nude.
'The pictures [in his videos] of her naked were the early ones,' he said.
'I would say she started wearing a costume as she began to develop and she felt obviously more self-conscious.'

Crombie's barrister Dermot Keating put the allegation that to his client that he had bought the girl a blue bikini.
'That's not true,' said Crombie.
He denied accusations that he had groped other young pupils during piano and singing lessons in his home music studio.
Crombie said he had only placed his hands on pupils' chests and stomachs during 'breathing exercises'.    
'Would there be any circumstances where you would do it under the clothing?' asked Mr Keating, to which Crombie replied: 'No.'  
He admitted hosing and rubbing down a girl's muddy legs after two pupils cleared a pond at his Monkhams Avenue home in July 1997.
'It was just a natural reaction, [I said]: "Good Lord, look at you" and I sprayed the hose on her legs and rubbed off the mud,' said Crombie.
He described a special waterproof camera - for two girls to snap themselves underwater on a summer holiday - but said he could not remember if he paid for it not.
'Whether I provided it or not I cannot remember but it was a Boots cheap and cheerful underwater camera,' said Crombie.
'So no, I'm not denying that at all.'  
Crombie said he began teaching music in 1959 in Somerset after graduating from Trinity College London before relocating to Beal Girls' School in Ilford, Essex, in 1967.
From there he left for Wanstead High School in 1970 before retiring 20 years later and leading adult education classes at Stoke Newington School, north London.
Crombie said in 1992 he helped form the Woodford Green-based Cantori Vocal Ensemble choir which he said had regularly featured on BBC radio.
Prosecutor Sandy Canavan has described Crombie's alleged obsession with water as a 'fetish'.    
'The defendant has a fetish in this respect, in that he is sexually excited by women breathing under water,' said the barrister.  
Crombie, of Woodford Green, Essex, denies 28 counts of indecent assault, seven counts of making indecent images of a child and possessing indecent images of a child.
The trial continues.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Man rapes 52-yr-old maid for 2 days in Goa

Man rapes 52-yr-old maid for 2 days in Goa
Nov 19, 2010
MARGAO: Police investigations have revealed that a 52-year- old woman was raped by a 32-year-old Dilip Goswami at Dicarpale, Davorlim.

The woman had responded to an advertisement for a maid servant put by the accused in a local newspaper. Following her "recruitment", Goswami raped the "maid" for two consecutive days after confining her in a room. 

On the third day, the victim managed to escape and soon lodged a complaint with the police.

Police interrogations have also revealed that the accused Goswami had many aliases to his name and the police are investigating if he was involved in any similar cases earlier.

Maina Curtorim police are conducting further investigations.

61% of Americans still believe in marriage

Americans increasingly believe marriage is obsolete as census reveals all-time low figures
18th November 2010

39 per cent of those polled in Time magazine study say marriage is obsolete
Almost four in ten American couples now believe that marriage is becoming obsolete, according to a new survey published yesterday.
More than ever before, people in the US are coming to believe that wedding bells aren’t necessary for a happy family.
With US census figures revealing that marriages for adults eighteen and over were at an all-time low of 52 per cent, an increasing number of children are growing up out of wedlock.
More than a third of Americans believe marriage is growing obsolete. Even so, two unmarried partners who live together with children - like famously unwed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - are not counted by the US census as a single 'family'

The Pew Research Centre poll, carried out with Time magazine, showed that nearly one in three American children are now living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never married.
That’s a five-fold increase from 1960. Broken down further, about 15 per cent have parents who are divorced or separated and 14 per cent who were never married.
Within those two groups, a sizable chunk – 6 per cent – have parents who are live-in couples who opted to raise kids together without getting hitched.
Next week's Thanksgiving holiday will be celebrated by 9 out of 10 Americans who will sit down for dinner with family. But, the definition of family is changing in America, as single parents and gay and unwed partners grow

The 39 per cent of Americans who now think marriage is on the way out is a significant increase from 1978, when just 28 per cent felt that way.
When asked what constitutes a family, the vast majority of Americans agree that a married couple, with or without children, fits that description.
But four of five surveyed pointed also to an unmarried, opposite-sex couple with children or a single parent. Three of five people said a same-sex couple with children was a family.
14 per cent of children under 18 in America live with single parents who were never married, like Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and grandson Tripp

‘Marriage is still very important in this country, but it doesn't dominate family life like it used to,’ said Andrew Cherlin, a professor of sociology and public policy at Johns Hopkins University.
‘Now there are several ways to have a successful family life, and more people accept them.’
The changing views of family are being driven largely by young adults 18-29, who are more likely than older generations to have an unmarried or divorced parent or have friends who do.
Young adults also tend to have more liberal attitudes when it comes to spousal roles and living together before marriage, the survey found.
But economic factors, too, are playing a role.
Marriage is still important to most Americans, but it doesn't dominate family life like it did in the 1950s

The US Census Bureau recently reported that opposite-sex unmarried couples living together jumped 13 per cent this year to 7.5 million.
It was a sharp one-year increase that analysts largely attributed to people unwilling to make long-term marriage commitments in the face of persistent unemployment. 
Still, the study indicates that marriage isn't going to disappear anytime soon.
Despite a growing view that marriage may not be necessary, 67 per cent of Americans were upbeat about the future of marriage and family.
And about half of all currently unmarried adults, 46 per cent say they want to get married. Among those unmarried who are living with a partner, the share rises to 64 per cent.

Girl, 17, gives birth to TRIPLETS after cold medicine causes contraceptive to fail

Girl, 17, gives birth to TRIPLETS after cold medicine causes contraceptive to fail
19th November 2010
Jennifer B. fell pregnant when her contraceptive pills failed due to anti-biotics

A teenager is adjusting to the busy demands of her new ilfe after giving birth to triplets.
The 17-year-old, identified only as 'Jennifer B', is the youngest woman recorded in modern times in Germany to successfully give birth to three children.
She had been taking the Pill but was prescribed antibiotics earlier this year by a doctor for a severe cold - and the medication nullified the effects of her contraceptives.
The girls were born small, just over two pounds each, but are expected home in a few weeks. Their father wants nothing to do with them

Jennifer, who lives in a tiny village near Neurippin 35 miles from Berlin with her grandmother, said: 'In April I started feeling really tired all the time and went back to the doctor. This time they gave me a scan – and three tiny dots inside me were babies.
The triplets were delivered by Caesarian section at Berlin's Charite Hospital.

'She told me the drugs I took for my cold had cancelled out the effects of the pill. I made a decision there and then; I want these babies.'
The children were delivered by Caesarian section at the capital’s famous Charite Hospital.
Nele weighed in first at 2lbs 2oz, then Chantal at 2lb 5oz and finally Zoe at 2lb 6oz. All three girls were born within three minutes.
While still in hospital, they are expected home in the next few weeks.
But the girls look like they will be raised without a father.

Jenny went on: 'Their father is 22. I met him through an Internet chat room last year. When we made love in his apartment he was so romantic – he lit candles all over the place and spoke soft words into my ear.

'But when I told him about the babies he screamed, "You’re kidding me. Get rid of them!" His words were like blows against my naked skin.'

Doris, 62, her grandmother, comforted her, saying; 'Don’t worry, we’ll manage without him.'
Now, six times a day, she helps feed the babies, changes nappies four times a day and watches over them while Jenny goes back to school.

Rapist locked up after repeatedly attacking teenager - then burying their newborn baby

Rapist locked up after repeatedly attacking teenager - then burying their newborn baby
19th November 2010
Vile: Mark Whitehurst was jailed for 13 years after he repeatedly raped a teenage girl, before burying their baby in a hole at his rented scrapyard

A sick rapist has been locked up for 13 years after repeatedly raping a teenage girl - and then burying their baby under concrete just days after it was born.

Scrap dealer Mark Whitehurst, 47, dumped the baby in a hole at his rented scrapyard in Fenton, Staffordshire, in 2006.

But the body was only discovered in June this year after the teenage victim spoke out to police about the horrific abuse.

Whitehurst, from Middleport, Staffordshire, will now begin a 13-year jail sentence after admitting two charges of rape, nine counts of sexual activity with a child and a charge of concealing the birth of a child.

In a victim impact statement read out at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday, the girl, who cannot be named, told of the terror she suffered.

She revealed the extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse suffered at the hands of Whitehurst and described the pregnancy and childbirth as the 'scariest thing she had ever been through'.
She said: 'No words can explain just how traumatic the whole experience has been, not just for me but for my family.
'He caused me immense physical and psychological pain.
'I felt degraded. I will never be the same again. I've lost a huge part of my childhood that I will never get back.'
The court heard the girl became pregnant and gave birth on her own.
Prosecuting, Robert Price said: 'She held it - it was alive and screaming. It was put into a basket with fluff in its mouth and put in a box.'
Whitehurst was unaware the girl had given birth, but the court heard that days later when he found out he insisted he was going to get rid of the baby.
Mr Price added: 'He dug a hole in a scrapyard and tricked an employee into helping him.'
Paul Cliff, defending, said Whitehurst was not aware the teenager was pregnant.
He said: 'Following the birth there was a period of time before the defendant was aware there was a baby and that it had been concealed.
'The defendant said he believed the girl had suffered a gynaecological problem.
'He discloses a degree of acceptance of wrongdoing. He is aware he requires help for the distorted thoughts and actions that underpin these offences.'
Judge Mark Eades told Whitehurst: 'You sought to dominate and control her. She was simply a child who you manipulated.
'One of the most disturbing factors of this case is the birth of the baby. She gave birth alone and frightened and you took the steps to bury the baby in a scrapyard.'
'It is possible to envisage worse cases but they are few and far between.'