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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Army foxed by 'stolen affections' case of sister officer's husband

 Army foxed by 'stolen affections' case of sister officer's husband
The Hindustan Times Article August 12, 2007
NEW DELHI, India, Aug. 12 -- In a first of its kind case, a woman Army officer of the rank of Captain has landed in trouble following a complaint lodged against her by the wife of a Lt Colonel who has alleged that the woman officer has "stolen the affections" of her husband.

The complaint has landed the Army top brass in a quandary and the authorities have ordered investigation into the complaint. Under the regulations of the Army it is an offence to "steal the affections of a brother officer's wife" or in other words to have a love affair with a fellow officer's wife. However, the rules and regulations are silent on the prospect of a woman officer having an affair with a fellow …

Under Section 63 of the Army Rules and also chapter on ‘Moral Turpitude’, an officer can be taken to task for “stealing the affection of a brother officer’s wife”. Besides disciplinary action, the reprimand could be as severe as asking the officer to put in his papers. The guilty officer is court-marshaled.

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