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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cellar monster Josef Fritzl's house will finally be destroyed after judge gives go-ahead

Cellar monster Josef Fritzl's house will finally be destroyed aftre judge gives go-ahead
9th November 2010

Cellar rapist Josef Fritzl's former home with the hidden dungeon where he repeatedly raped his daughter over 24 years is finally to be destroyed.
The announcement puts an end to official dithering about what to do with the property ever since its terrible secret became known.
The house at number 24 Ybbstrasse in the small provincial Austrian town of Amstetten achieved worldwide infamy in April 2008 when it was discovered he had imprisoned his own daughter Elisabeth in it as his own sex slave.
Concealed dungeon: The house of Josef Fritzl in Amstetten, Austria, which was found to contain hidden rooms and passages is finally to be demolished

'There is a lot of interest in seeing it disappear,' said Judge Markus Sonnleitner, who is handling Fritzl's insolvency.
'This seems to be the sensible course as there is little chance of ever selling the property for a profit. It should be done as quickly as possible.'
Cellar monster: Josef Fritzl, 75, was sentenced to life for enslavement, imprisonment, rape and murder. Now his house is finally to be torn down

The rambling house was filled with tenants who never knew of the agonies being endured in the soundproofed cellar below them.
There Fritzl raped his daughter an estimated 3,000 times over 24 years, fathering seven incest children with her, one of whom died in the rat infested prison guarded by eight secret doors.
Fritzl, 75, was sentenced to life last year, for enslavement, imprisonment, rape, and for the murder of one of the children he fathered.
Sonnleitner said he was looking for a way to pull down the building without attracting 'too much attention.'
Fritzl had built a dungeon under the house for his daughter and the children, while he lived a seemingly normal life with his wife upstairs.
Three of the incest children were brought up by them after he convinced authorities that Elisabeth, now 43, had run away to join a cult and had left the babies on his doorstep.
The decision to destroy one property that belonged to Fritzl continues as controversy over a decision to allow him planning permission for others still rages in Austria.
The cell where Fritzl kept his daughter and her children (below)
He lodged the blueprints for the scheme two years before his secret life was rumbled.
The mayor of Amstetten said he was embarrassed by the plan but had no choice but to allow it to proceed as all planning criteria were met.
As neighbours of this new development announced an appeal against the decision, the old neighbours at Ybbstrasse 1,500 feet away pleaded for a swift end to the 'house of horrors.'
Their fear was always that an entrepreneur might buy it and turn it into a grisly museum.
Ghoulish tourists still visit and photograph the house, the doors of which have been welded shut to prevent souvenir hunters trying to break into the cellar.

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