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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pictured in public for the first time, Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards and his love child Dandelion Angela

Pictured in public for the first time, Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards and his love child Dandelion Angela
4th November 2010

She may not be a famous face, but the woman seen with Keith Richards once teetered on the brink of musical history.
Pictured with the rock star in public for the first time as they dined in London on Tuesday is Dandelion – the child who almost broke up the Rolling Stones.
The 38-year-old, Richards’s daughter by Anita Pallenberg, was born at the height of the band’s success, during their days of wild partying.
Love child: Keith Richards dined with his daughter Dandelion, who uses her middle name, Angie, in London after his book signing

Extraordinarily, Richards apparently believed that the baby had been fathered by Mick Jagger while he was too befuddled by heroin to notice.
The fall-out from that argument between Jagger and Richards would go on for years.
And Richards makes much of the two men’s rocky relationship in his recently released autobiography.
Around the time Miss Pallenberg became pregnant, in the summer of 1971, she was also addicted to heroin. She would shoot up three times daily while on tour with the band.
Strung out: Anita Pallenberg and Richards, pictured in 1969, were addicted to heroin when Dandelion was conceived - she had to be looked after by his mother

And Dandelion, who now uses her middle name Angela, was brought up by Richards’s mother, in Dartford, Kent, because her own mother was too drug-addled to care for her.
Miss Pallenberg, who was living with Richards in the South of France when she discovered that she was pregnant, asked Richards’s PA to arrange for her to have an abortion.
But although she asked several times for flights to be booked so she could have a termination at home, she never took them.
In time, everyone accepted that the child was Richards’s.
And, demonstrating how deeply he cared for the baby, the rock star wrote Wild Horses and Angie about her. 
When his mother died in 2007, Richards installed his daughter in a large estate with an equestrian school in West Wittering, on the Sussex coast. Today, she, her mother and her father all live as neighbours on their three separate sprawling estates near Chichester.
And as father and daughter dined at the Ivy Club in Soho this week, with Richards’s wife Patti Henson and his son Marlon by Miss Pallenberg, 66, it is obvious the family bond is as strong as ever.

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