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Friday, 26 November 2010

Police arrest ‘Argentine Fritzl’ accused of fathering 10 children with his daughter

Police arrest ‘Argentine Fritzl’ accused of fathering 10 children with his daughter
26th November 2010

Police in Argentina have arrested a sex beast who fathered 10 children with his daughter after allegedly raping her repeatedly over three decades.
Armando Gomez, 62, was originally detained for stealing cattle.

And the arrest prompted daughter Juana, 43, to tell police he was the father of her children following a 30-year reign of terror.
Argentine Fritzl: Armando Gomez, 62, was originally arrested for cattle rustling before his daughter told the police about raping her during a 30-year reign of terror

Tests have shown Gomez, who allegedly started abusing his daughter after her mum died when she was two, is their father. He is now facing 20 years in prison.
Juana, who lives in a small village in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe, said: 'There was no space for pain, just punishment, threats, torment and children to take care of.
'The only other option was death and he offered me it all the time.'
Juana's first child, a boy born when she was 15, shot himself dead when he was 17 after he found out who his dad was.
The other children are aged between six and 26.
Investigating judge Virgilio Palud said: 'The suspect is maintaining his innocence but the DNA tests have confirmed his paternity.'
Austrian Josef Fritzl is currently serving life in jail for keeping daughter Elizabeth in a basement for 24 years and fathering seven children with her.
Three of the children had been imprisoned along with their mother for their entire lives.
Last year a man in Colombia was jailed for 15 years after fathering eight children with his daughter during a 30-year rape ordeal.
Farmer Arcedio Alvarez had three boys and five girls with Alba Nidia, now 37, after abusing her from the age of five following her mum's death.

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