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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Serial killer Rose West pens prison cookbook for fellow jail mates: Crimes include killing her own children, incest with father

Serial killer Rose West pens prison cookbook for fellow jail mates
17th November 2010
Convicted killer Rose West is putting together a cookbook after being praised for her 'homely' recipe advice 

Cromwell Street murderer Rose West is in the process of writing a cookbook.
The serial killer, who was found guilty of ten murders including that of her own daughter in 1995, is compiling a collection of recipes to share with her fellow prisoners. 
The 56-year-old began putting her book together after being praised for her ‘homely’ cooking advice, The Sun reported.
A source said: ‘Rose loves playing the mother hen role behind bars.
‘Now she’s writing a cookbook for the other female lags. It’s very popular inside.’
West’s recipes include guides to making Victoria sponge, steak and kidney pudding and shepherd’s pie – all from prison rations.
And West, who has ballooned to 13-stone while in prison, is also making an effort to fight the flab - by taking up an exercise regime with a personal trainer.
She now spends an hour a day running on a treadmill and using a step machine, after earning the nickname Mrs Blobby, The Mirror reported.
The Prison Service has refused to comment on West’s reported hobbies.
West was convicted of ten murders and jailed for life in 1995. Her husband Fred committed suicide in prison on New Year's Day 

Preheat oven to 170
8 prison spoons of flour, measured out into a bowl separate from the mail one.
1 full tube of marg
8 prison spoons of sugar
4 eggs
Vanilla essense (1/2 prison spoon)
Put fat and sugar + vanilla essence ino a bowl. With a prison fork beat mixture until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time with 1 spoonful of flour and beat well.
If mixture looks although it is curdling DON'T WORRY! It'll be OK.
With a prison spooon mix (fold) in rest of flour. Grease and flour big cake tin and add HALF the mixture.
Cook for 20 mins approx
With a plastic knife check if cooked in centre, if comes out clean it's done. Turn onto cooling rack.
WASH TIN and repeat. This will give you two nice cakes that can be sandwiched together.

West, who lives at Low Newton women’s prison in Brasside, Durham, has long embraced a life of cosy domesticity behind bars. She takes cookery classes and used to work in the laundry.
In 2008 the media reported various privileges the convicted killer has been given, including a private TV and her own DVD player in her cell.
While at Bronzefield Jail she was named one of the 35 most ‘well-behaved’ prisoners and was allowed her own cutlery, curtains, bedspread and new duvet.
She was reported to have access to a sewing machine and embroidery kit and use of her own kettle.
The mother-of-nine was also given permission to leave the jail to attend a Bank Holiday fair, where she enjoyed tucking into barbecued chicken and watching a steel bank in the sunshine. 
It hasn’t all been plain sailing behind bars for West though, who was left distraught when her guinea pig Marley was found dead.
She reportedly insisted that bosses launched a full investigation over her suspicions that two other prisoners had poisoned him.
West, who was jailed for life in November 1995, survives her husband Fred who committed suicide in prison on New Years Day that year.
On sentencing, trial judge Justice Charles Mantell told her: ‘If attention is paid to what I think, you will never be released.’
House of horrors: The Wests' home, 25 Cromwell Street

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