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Thursday, 23 December 2010

7. Public Fraudulent deception of being Nominated for four Nobel prizes and getting Public Charitable funds!

Chronicles of a Legally wedded wife robbed of Husband in a Sham second marriage. Chapter 7. 
Public Fraudulent deception of being Nominated for four Nobel prizes and getting Public Charitable funds!

Exodus 22:22 Ye shall not afflict any (TRUE) widow, or fatherless child.
  23 If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry;
   24 And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless.
1. Pranati Devi: Legally Wedded first wife (married by Hindu Civil Marriage) married to Ananth Khajuraho
2. Fati-ma Bai (Christian) --becomes after Sham second marriage for few days--Shamaila Beebi (Muslim) ----becomes Kayastha Brahmin after purification ceremony -----Fat-ma Devi (Second marriage to Ananth Kajuraho)
3. Ananth Kajuraho------becomes after Sham second marriage ----Khareem Bai (Muslim)----after 1 month after marriage----Ananth Kajuraho (Kayastha)
4. Prashanth (first son by first marriage) --son of Pranati and Ananth
5. Dushyanth (second son by first marriage)---son of Pranati and Ananth
6. Andheri (daughter by sham second marriage) --daughter of Fat-ma and Ananth
7. Ram-esh (son by sham second marriage) --son of Fat-ma and Ananth
8. Ram-esh Khatra Sr (lover of Fat-ma)
9. Colonel Arul (first husband of Fati-ma Bai, divorced)
10. Dr Madhusudan (brother-in-law of Fati-ma Bai) married to Sister of Fati-ma
Picture: Man being Forced into Marriage (with Pregnant Bride) -with the help of Bible in one hand & rifle in the other hand.

Dr Madhusudhan was thus introduced to the beautiful Rose West (Cruella De Vil's daughter); and went on to marry her after 3 years in 1972. Dr Madhusudan fathered his legitimate child Clara while posted in Gulbarga.

In a matter of 3 years, Dr Madhusudan was involved in arranging FOUR Shotgun Weddings in the Family, TWO for his sibling sisters, and TWO for his in-laws.

Fat-ma KNEW Ram-esh Khatra(friend of her brother ex-Major Fritzl) well when she was in her teens and continued a rolicking time, but it didn't end in marriage.

The worried father got Fati-ma married to an innocent Army officer, but Fati-ma carried on with Ram-esh Khatra (and the marriage ended in divorce).

Fati-ma got into an affair with a tall playboy who was already in an existing marriage Ananth Khajuraho.
Ananth Khajuraho was a much married man from Uttar Pradesh.
 The pregnancy of Fati-ma got everyone off-guard. The Shotgun wedding specialist Dr Madan was recruited to facilitate the marriage.

The much-married Ananth Khajuraho (who was in an existing marriage with Pranati Devi), impregnated Fati-ma Beebi, both got  converted to Islam (in a Sham conversion), had an Islamic marriage, and within a month got re-converted to Hinduism by purification ceremony in 1974.

Fraudulent claims of being Nobel prize nominee in 1999 for Vanity publications under four categories!

Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature for 1999 for the work: The Taliban Kingdom of Zaristhan

Nominated for 1999 Nobel Peace Prize for the work : Novo Ordo 

Nominated for 1999 Nobel Prize for Economics for the work: Novo ordo

Nominated for 1999 Nobel Prize for Physics for the work: Innovations of Extremity


Nomination and Selection of Peace Prize Laureates
Every year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee sends out thousands of letters inviting qualified people to submit their nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed until 50 years later.

Process of Nomination and Selection
The Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for the selection of eligible candidates and the choice of the Nobel Prize Laureates. The Committee is composed of five members appointed by the Storting (Norwegian parliament). 

Who is eligible for the Prize?
The candidates eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize are those nominated by qualified individuals. See Qualified Nominators. » No one can nominate him- or herself.

How are the Nobel Laureates selected?

Below is a brief description of the process involved in selecting the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.
September – Invitation letters are sent out. The Nobel Committee sends out invitation letters to individuals qualified to nominate – members of national assemblies, governments, and international courts of law; university chancellors, professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology; leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs; previous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates; board members of organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize; present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and former advisers of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

February – Deadline for submission. The Committee bases its assessment on nominations that must be postmarked no later than 1 February each year. Nominations postmarked and received after this date are included in the following year's discussions. In recent years, the Committee has received close to 200 different nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number of nominating letters is much higher, as many are for the same candidates.

February-March – Short list. The Committee assesses the candidates' work and prepares a short list.

March-August – Adviser review. The short list is reviewed by permanent advisers and advisers specially recruited for their knowledge of specific candidates. The advisers do not directly evaluate nominations nor give explicit recommendations.

October – Nobel Laureates are chosen. At the beginning of October, the Nobel Committee chooses the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates through a majority vote. The decision is final and without appeal. The names of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates are then announced.

December – Nobel Laureates receive their prize. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony takes place on 10 December in Oslo, Norway, where the Nobel Laureates receive their Nobel Prize, which consists of a Nobel Medal and Diploma, and a document confirming the prize amount.

Are the nominations made public?
The statutes of the Nobel Foundation restrict disclosure of information about the nominations, whether publicly or privately, for 50 years. The restriction concerns the nominees and nominators, as well as investigations and opinions related to the award of a prize.

Qualified Nominators
The right to submit proposals for the Nobel Peace Prize shall, by statute, be enjoyed by:
1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states;
2. Members of international courts;
3. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes;
4. Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
5. Board members of organizations who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
6. Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after February 1) and
7. Former advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

The Nobel Peace Prize may also be awarded to institutions and associations.
Disclaimer: For reasons of confidentiality, please don't assume the identity of the 'narrator'. The entire story has been placed in custody of certain well-wishers. Names and identities of characters have been masked and changed to protect their identities. Let us call the name of the Legitimate Wedded First Wife as Pranati Devi.

Images used are only representative of the story.

Strong Legal action will be taken in Bangalore jurisdiction, against all those who claim to resemble or know the identity of any characters mentioned in this Chronicles. If you think that you relate to any Character in the Chronicles, it will remain a FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION. And, the purpose of a true CLASSIC in Developmental Psychology will be achieved.

Events are true and character sketches are disguised to protect their identity.

Literary agents and International publishers can contact me for further details.
Copyright © 2010 Pranati Devi

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