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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Black Widow Killer: Jail is no bar to the love that made them kill

Black Widow Killer: Jail is no bar to the love that made them kill

Sowmya and lover Venkatramana allegedly murdered her husband, Govind, last April 30th. Now, lodged in the same prison, they are constantly inventing smart excuses to be with each other

December 21, 2010

The only regret Sowmya Bhatt and Venkatramana, both of them currently undertrials in Bangalore central prison, have is that they can’t see each other as often as they would like to. Their adulterous love led them to a heinous crime and, as they suffer together in jail, their love grows stronger.
A file photo of Sowmya with  husband Govind and their daughter

Sowmya, a fashion designer, and Venkatramana, a techie, conspired to murder Govind Bhatt, his best friend and Sowmya’s husband and from whom she has a three-year-old daughter. Inside prison, lodged in separate barracks half a kilometre distant, they visibly pine for each other. Jail rules make it very difficult for male and female prisoners to even see each other, but Sowmya and Venkatramana have already contrived to meet three times since they were brought in 20 days ago.

Jail officials confess to being moved by the way the two go about inventing smart excuses to meet up. “On the fourth day after coming in, they met after taking permission from the warden. In the last 20 days, they have met three times and we have seen them holding hands.

 Everyday, they try to meet giving one reason or the other like going to the library or hospital,” a jail official told Bangalore Mirror.

Seven months ago, the city police first arrested Soumya and Venkatramana. Sowmya (27) from Kukkeri in Belthangadi taluk, Dakshin Kannada, and Venkatramana Babu (30) allegedly murdered Govinda Bhat (30) on April 30 at his house in Whitefield. Govind, a software engineer, had married Sowmya about three years ago. She wanted to pursue higher studies in fashion designing and joined a course in NITTE in Dakshina Kannada.

Govinda moved in with his friend Venkatramana. Sowmya used to come to meet her husband once in a month and it was then that an affair with Venkatramana began. She started coming to Bangalore more frequently and when her husband was at work, the two would go out for a movie or shopping.
Sowmya and Venkatramana

In early 2010, Govinda came to know about his wife’s affair. One day, coming back from office early, he caught them making out. He was understandably heart broken and had a huge fight with her, but still decided to forgive her. However, Sowmya’s relationship with Venkatramana only grew stronger and finally reached a point when the duo decided to do away with Govinda.

Police said Venkatramana beat up Govinda badly on April 30 and later admitted him to hospital where he died the same day. They reportedly told the hospital that he slipped and fell in the bathroom. It was Whitefield police Inspector B N Gopalakrishna and Sub Inspector Sadanand, suspecting something fishy, who registered a suo motu complaint and investigated the case. When the police saw the call details of Sowmya, they were shocked as she used to call Venkatramana a minimum of 20 times a day and speak for hours. Police also saw the love messages exchanged between the two even after Govinda’s death. Confronted with evidence, they confessed to the murder.

Meanwhile, in jail, prison authorities reveal, Venkatramana hardly sleeps. So too Sowmya. Even when they can’t meet, they keep gazing longingly in the general direction of the other’s barrack. The workings of the heart are mysterious and even the hardened jailors don’t pretend to comprehend it.


Anonymous said...

I see that you have a sympathetic tone towards the couple and feel that what they did can be justified since they are in "Love". What do you want to say about the husband who was killed for questioning his wife's moves and objecting her infidelity.

Roshni Mathan said...

Hi, Anonymous. The article is written by Bangalore Mirror (Times Group). The blog uses existing articles to show current Social Crimes.

There is no Sympathy or Empathy for Social Crimes from my part.

To read about Testimony of Black Widows, read my Blog: Chronicles of a Black Widow