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Monday, 7 February 2011

School van driver molests 13-yr-old girl in Bangalore

School van driver molests 13-yr-old girl in Bangalore
Feb 8, 2011
BANGALORE: A 13-year-old girl on her way back home from special classes last Friday, was picked up by Raje Gowda, the stand-by driver of a private van which usually took her to school and back. He then took her to a park and molested her.

While her parents were reluctant to lodge a police complaint, the driver's colleagues at the club where he also worked came to know about the incident on Monday. They thrashed him soundly and handed him over to Tilaknagar police.

DCP (South East) BNS Reddy said the girl finished the special classes at 3 pm and got into Raju's van. Raju's assistant was Raje Gowda, 19, of Mandya, who also worked as a cleaner in Cosmopolitan Club, Jayanagar. As Friday was a holiday, Raju didn't take the vehicle out, but Raje Gowda drove the vehicle near the school.

Though the school was closed for the Kannada Sahitya Sammelan, there were special classes for some students. The girl from Yediyur, daughter of a policeman, was dropped off at school by her brother.

Around 3pm, he found the girl coming out of school and offered to drop her home. He called up the girl's mother and said he was near the school and would drop the girl home.

He took her to Madhavan Park and molested the girl for nearly an hour. When the girl didn't reach home even by 5pm, her worried mother called Raje Gowda on his mobile phone, who told her they were in traffic and he'd drop the girl home within 15 minutes.

The girl told her father what had happened but the family decided against not lodge a police complaint, fearing disrepute to the family.

When Raje Gowda saw that there was no immediate fallout on Saturday, he was emboldened to call the girl and asked her to meet him. The family sternly advised him to stop calling the girl and went to the club on Monday morning to talk to him in person.

When Raje Gowda's colleagues at the club heard what had happened, they hammered him and advised the parents to lodge a police complaint. Tilaknagar police registered a case under IPC Sections 363 and 354 against him.

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