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Monday, 30 May 2011

Naomi Campbell's outrage as 'racist advert likens her to a chocolate bar'

Naomi Campbell's outrage as 'racist advert likens her to a chocolate bar'
30th May 2011
Style icon: Model Naomi Campbell at a fashion show this month

Naomi Campbell is considering taking legal action against Cadbury after claiming a ‘racist’ advertisement compares her to a chocolate bar.
The supermodel said she was shocked and hurt to see her name on billboards and in newspapers next to the Dairy Milk Bliss bar.
Black civil rights groups have urged shoppers to boycott products of Cadbury’s U.S. parent company, Kraft Foods.
And Miss Campbell, who is known for being litigious, said she is currently considering taking ‘every available option’ over the adverts that appeared in a national newspaper last week and in supermarkets, reading, ‘Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town’.
She said: ‘I am shocked. It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people.I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful.’
Her mother, Valerie Morris, supported her daughter’s stance, saying: ‘I’m deeply upset by this racist advert.
Do these people think they can insult black people and we just take it? This is the 21st century, not the 1950s. Shame on Cadbury.’
Black rights group Operation Black Vote has called for Cadbury to apologise after receiving dozens of complaints about the advert from members of the public.
Simon Woolley, from the group, said that without an apology,  the ‘only recourse black  people have is not to buy  its chocolate’.
He has written to the  American civil rights activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to ask them to mobilise the country’s Afro-American  population in a boycott of Kraft goods.

‘I want them to know what their parent company is doing in Europe. I’ve asked them to support us,’ he said.
Being likened to chocolate was as bad as being called a golliwog for black people, he added.
‘Racism in the playground starts with black children being called “chocolate bar”.
Controversy: The advert for the Dairy Milk Bliss appeared last week with the title 'Move over Naomi, there's a new diva in town'

‘At best, this is insensitive – and at worst it demonstrates Cadbury’s utter disregard for causing offence. Its lack of apology just adds insult to injury.
‘It’s particularly galling because we’ve just had a week that saw the establishment fall over themselves to be close to the Obamas and yet black people are being derided in such an insulting and negative way.'
Lee Jasper, who was senior equalities adviser to Ken Livingstone when he was London’s Mayor, said: ‘This issue is not just about the insult to Naomi Campbell. It’s about how these companies treat black people in general. Part of the problem is that they don’t see it as offensive.’
Kraft Foods said the poster has been removed and there are no plans to repeat it.
A statement read: ‘It was certainly never our intention to cause any offence and the campaign itself is a light-hearted take on the social pretensions of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss.’

Offensive Deodarant Advertisement showing Dentists in Poor light

This offensive advertisement needs to be banned.

If you also feel humilated by this Advertisement, kindly mail to ADVERTISING COUNCIL OF INDIA at . It has the authority to ban such ads.

Advertiser/Agency/Media: Zatak Deo

Claim/Description of Ad/TVC: It claims that use of Zatak Deodorant has a sexual pherhormone-like effect on dentist women.

Complaint: This is a sexually misleading advertisement which shows dentist women in poor light.

ASCI Code/CC Decision:

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Paternity Fraud: Another One Of Mildred Baena's Exes Comes Forward With A Shocker (Lover knew the paternity fraud for 5 years, but Husband did not know)

Another One Of Mildred Baena's Exes Comes Forward With A Shocker
MAY 26, 2011
OK are you keeping track of all of Mildred Patricia's Baena's exes?
Well, there's Rogelio Baena, who has been appearing on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider this week. He separated from Mildred just a few weeks after Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child was born.
And, now Univision has tracked down Jose Casallas, who dated Mildred in 1993, who says he's known about Mildred's secret for five years.

Although Jose and Mildred broke up after six or seven months, he ran into her at a park five years ago and she bragged about her love child. "She introduced me to her son, and I laughed, because she said he was her child with Arnold."

And Jose confirmed what everyone's been saying, "The kid has Arnold's face!"

Paternity fraud: Husband who thought he was the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger's lovechild brands him a Judas and reveals shock new family photos

Husband who thought he was the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger's lovechild brands him a Judas and reveals shock new family photos
HE was a proud dad who thought nothing of his star-struck wife working for a Hollywood giant.

But Rogelio Baena’s life has been torn apart by revelations of their affair and that the son he believed was his for 13 years was fathered by her famous boss.

The truth that disgraced Terminator actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the boy’s real dad has left Rogelio heartbroken.

And incredible new photographs show the depth of the 63-year-old screen legend’s callous deceit.
He is seen shamelessly embracing Rogelio at the child’s christening, alongside the mum Mildred Baena and the wife he cheated on, Maria Shriver.
Last night Rogelio branded Arnie a “Judas” as he flew to California from his native Colombia hoping to confront him over the affair with his wife, who was the star’s housekeeper.

“I want to know what Mr Schwarz-enegger has to say for himself,” he demanded. “That man was my hero. We met many times and he always treated me as a friend – but he was lying.

“He has lied to me and he has lied to everyone. I feel like he has stuck a knife through my heart.”

And he also raged at his ex-wife Mildred, 50, who regularly had unprotected sex with the actor.

He said: “Mildred was always talking about her boss, Mr Arnold as she called him, saying what a great man he was.

“I thought she was a little star struck but she seemed very happy with her work and I was happy for her.

“To work for someone so famous was a big deal to her. She was very proud and would tell everyone about the great Mr Arnold. But she is a snake, she has deceived everyone.”

Rogelio, 61, only discovered the truth after his sister saw the story on a television news bulletin and immediately called him.

“I have been betrayed, and I’m shocked and very angry,” he added, revealing how the actor had given him “a big Judas hug” at Joseph’s christening after telling him, ‘You must be so proud’. He went on: “It was a terrible way to find out my son was supposedly not really my son at all. All I could think about was Joseph and how he was. It is such a terrible thing to happen to such a young boy.”

And Rogelio, who now works in Colombia as a butcher, said he felt “absolutely terrible” for Schwarzenegger’s wife of 25 years, who is said to be seeking half of her husband’s £250million fortune in a divorce settlement.

“She is such a lovely lady – kind, considerate and the sort of person who would do anything to help you,” said Rogelio.

“Her world has been turned upside down and she must be shattered.

Her husband has betrayed me, his wife and his children and many other people he supposedly loves. I am left wondering what sort of a man he really is.”

Thirteen-year-old Joseph is now believed to be in hiding with mum Mildred – who is said to have been offered £1million to sell the story of her torrid affair with the Hollywood star.

The Guatemala-born maid worked for Schwarzenegger and his former TV presenter wife Maria, 55, for more than 20 years.

Rogelio suspects she had been sleeping with the actor for years.

Rogelio and Mildred met in 1987 at a nightclub and were an item until 1998, although they never officially divorced.

“We met and fell in love,” he explains. “I was very attracted to her because she was very funny and full of life and we hit it off straight away.

“It was a whirlwind romance, and I looked on her children as my own.”

Two years after they were married, their first child Roger was born.

“Our marriage was happy and everything was very normal,” he said. “But over the years things deteriorated.

“Mildred had a fierce temper and was an incredibly jealous woman.

“If I was home late she demanded to know where I had been. She was a very strong woman and we had big rows.”

Rogelio began to suspect his wife might be seeing other men – but did not for a moment believe she was having an affair with her famous boss.

He recalls: “I met Arnold sometimes when I drove Mildred to work at his beautiful house in Beverly Hills. He was always very charming and would say hello and ask me how I was doing.

“It was the same with his wife. She was a very kind lady and would make time to say hello if she saw me.”

Mildred fell pregnant with what Rogelio believed was their second child and their marriage, for a while at least, got back on track.

Joseph was born in 1997 but the couple soon began arguing and Rogelio moved out of the family home a few months later. “We split up, then got back together again, and so on,” he explained. “We went on like that for a couple of years but it was obvious to us both, I think, that the marriage was doomed.”

When Joseph was christened in 1999, the star guests were Schwarzenegger, his wife and two of their four children.

“There were about 20 family and friends and Mildred was so excited about Mr Arnold being there,” Rogelio said.

“Afterwards they all came back to our house and we had a bit of a party.

“ I remember so well Arnold giving me a hug and telling me I must be so proud. I’m sure now he must have known it was his child and he and Mildred had hatched a plan to keep it quiet. Can you imagine how that makes me feel now?

“I respected that man a great deal. He was a very nice guy and always very charming. I had no idea what was really going on behind my back.

“I am disgusted to think my wife was having her affair with him. And his poor wife doesn’t deserve this. It must have left her a broken woman. Why did he do this and betray so many people?”

Revelations of the sordid affair have also shattered Joseph’s older brother, Roger. Rogelio adds. “He’s very angry with his mother for what she has done and the pain that she has caused everyone.

“He is so confused and worried for his little brother. He wants to protect him.

“We have no idea if Joseph even knows what is going on. I suspect Mildred has not even told him yet.” Rogelio said that although Joseph has blonde hair and blue eyes, while both he and Mildred were very dark, he did not suspect anything unusual because his own twin brother, Pastor, was fair-haired.

He adds: “Of course when I look at photographs now I can see the resemblance to Arnold.

“But before this I never suspected, not once.

“I feel that I have been made to look a fool.”

Friday, 27 May 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Married Maid Conceived Illicit Cuckolded child, Joseph, During Their First Night of Drunken Sex: report

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maid Conceived Love Child, Joseph, During Their First Night of Drunken Sex: report
Mildred "Patty" Baena, the skettel who's partially responsible for the demise of Maria Shriver's 25-year-marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger when she seduced him and gave birth to a now 13-year-boy named Joseph Baena/Schwarzenegger (pictured above, with Patty), was somewhat of a stan -- in addition to being the maid. Patty's best friend Maria Medel told the National Enquirer the maid idolized Arnold and built a shrine in her apartment devoted to him. Patty also told Maria Medel who is now re-telling those stories to the Enquirer.
Patty spilled the beans about their 13-year affair one night owhile ythey wetre having drinks with friends, according to Mildred.
"Patty said Arnold had been complaining that his marriage was sexless and Maria was never around, flying all over the world for her TV news job," Medel divulged. "She said that one night after Arnold had been complaining about feeling lonely and unloved, he started drinking. After a few drinks, Arnold asked Patty to have a drink with him. One drink led to another, and then another. According to Patty, she told Arnold that she was unhappy in her marriage as well and had separated from her husband, who'd gone back to his native Columbia. Patty said they started kissing and that led to their first sexual encounter. They had unprotected sex."

And while Patty insisted to Arnold that she and her husband Rogelio Baena had separated, she's actually dumped him and he'd returned to Columbia to be with his family, Medel said.

"At the time, Rogelio wanted to return to America, but he didn't have the money for a plane ticket," Medel said.

Despite that, about a month later Rogelio mysteriously reappeared in Patty's home, said Medel.

And soon after that, in May 1997, Patty announced that she was pregnant.

"We all began teasing her that it was Arnold's baby. Patty never denied it. She just laughed it off," Medel said.

Divorce records show Mildred P Baena and Rogelio Baena separated on Oct. 23, 1997, just three weeks after Arnold's son, Joseph Baena, was born Oct. 2. In early 1998, Patty held a christening in Hollywood, Calif. Arnold. Maria and their children were there.

"After Maria and her kids congratulated Patty, they went into another room, but Arnold stayed behind and fawned all over the baby," Medel recalled. "He hugged Joseph and scrutinized every detail of his face. I thought it was out of the ordinary at the time, but now I know why."
Source: National Enquirer, June 6, print edition
Meanwhile, Rogelio says he's gutted by the revelations the son he thought was his, isn't and is threatening to take his ex-wife and Arnold to court because on he's listed as Joseph's father on his birth certificate and, according to an attorney, it's illegal to falsify government documents. Rogelio also wants to "sit down with Arnold and ask him -- man-to-man -- how he could do this." Good luck with that, Rogelio. Finally, Maria, who recently hired a famed divorce attorney, is reportedly going after their entire $500 million family fortune -- $400 million of which belongs to Arnold from his films, real estate and investments and the other $100 is Maria's.

Patty's 27-year-old daughter Jackie Rozo is talking to the media. She told Telemundo: "It's [the scandal] just a big thing because she's Hispanic, and he's a celebrity." Girl, look down! PS: The Enquirer is also reporting that Arnold used California Highway Patrol officers and vehicles to ferry jumpoffs in and out of the Hyatt Regency hotel in Sacramento where he usually stayed. According to a source, Arnold forbade anyone from making eye contact with him and two hotel employees lost their jobs because they broke that rule. Furthermore, one lawmaker is launching a probe to determine whether Arnold misused campaign money to cover up his philandering.

Rogelio Baena Says ex-wife Mildred (mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cuckolded baby during his marriage) Is 'Strong Like An Anaconda'

Rogelio Baena Says ex-wife Mildred (mother of Arnold's Cuckolded baby during his marriage) Is 'Strong Like An Anaconda'
"Entertainment Tonight" aired the second part of its interview with Mildred Patricia Baena's ex-husband Rogelio Baena Wednesday night, despite reports Tuesday that Mildred Baena threatened to sue the celebrity news show for defamation.
In the first part of the interview, which aired Tuesday, Rogelio Baena claimed that he found out that he was not the boy's father just last week, when Mildred was identified as the mother of Schwarzenegger's love child. He reiterated that point Wednesday's night: "She told me that I was the true father," he said.

Rogelio Baena, who separated from Mildred three weeks after the "love child" was born in October 1997, cites her "strong" personality as the catalyst for the split. The couple filed for divorce a decade later, in February 2008: "She is very strong. She is a snake, strong like an anaconda, you know...strong personality" (he now lives in Colombia; Mildred Baena owns a home in Bakersfield, CA).
But according to Rogelio Baena, Schwarzenegger--who admitted to fathering the child in a statement to the Los Angeles Times on May 17--is also at fault.

"He guilty. He guilty because he betray."
Meanwhile, Patty's ex-husband Rogelio Baena, who believed her son Joseph, now 13, was his child, has spoken of how betrayed he feels, particularly after the actor gave him "a big Judas hug," and told him "You must be so proud".
Rogelio, who divorced Patty two years ago, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I have been betrayed, and I'm shocked and very angry. I want to know what Mr. Schwarzenegger has to say for himself.

Meanwhile, Patty's ex-husband Rogelio Baena, who believed her son Joseph, now 13, was his child, has spoken of how betrayed he feels, particularly after the actor gave him "a big Judas hug," and told him "You must be so proud".

Rogelio, who divorced Patty two years ago, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I have been betrayed, and I'm shocked and very angry. I want to know what Mr. Schwarzenegger has to say for himself.

"We met many times and he always treated me as a friend - but he was lying. He has lied to me and he has lied to everyone. I feel like he has stuck a knife through my heart."

These never before seen images truly tells the tale of how the famous Hollywood actor who would then take a high profile political job seamlessly managed to live a double life.
On one hand he was the doting father-of-four, an Austrian immigrant who had turned his life into the American dream by marrying a woman from one of the most famous dynasties in the U.S. - the Kennedys.
On the other he was having a shameless affair with his long term housekeeper under the nose of his wife while entwining the lives of both without fear that he would ever get caught.

We thought the story was a big thing because the former governor of California/movie star kept a love child secret for more than a decade and had that love child with an employee.

That she was Hispanic made it only easier to use the Arnold catchphrase "Hasta la vista, baby."
"We met many times and he always treated me as a friend - but he was lying. He has lied to me and he has lied to everyone. I feel like he has stuck a knife through my heart."
Daughter of Mildred Patricia Baena
Maria Shriver unwittingly attends baptism of her husband's illegitimate Child through a Married woman (who in turn deceives her husband)
Doting dad, Sperminator
Aliens and Predators (The baby in the family)
Golf and Tiger Woods moments
The Judas hug to the Husband of the Mistress
Rogelio Baena (Husband who thought he was the father of his Wife's illicit Child)
Father and Child moments of a Cuckolded child
Baptism and Sperminator

Schwarzenegger groped baby mama Mildred Baena’s mom and sister

Schwarzenegger groped baby mama Mildred Baena’s mom and sister
May 20th, 2011
Los Angeles, Calif. - Thursday night it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was not only intimate with housekeeper Mildred Baena -- so much so he fathered her love child -- but was also friendly with the woman’s mother and sister.

Mildred, 50, her sister Miriam, 48, and their mother Evelyn, 76, all reportedly worked as housekeeping staff for the ‘Predator’ star.

“He would touch all their backsides while they were doing the housework. Mildred told me once,” a source told British tabloid The Sun.

“He flirted with all of them, even the mother who would have been much older than him -- she’s 76 now,” the source added.

To see photos of Mildred and the alleged Schwarzenegger love child, click here.

Evelyn is said to have nicknamed Schwarzenegger “long hands” due to his constant groping of female staffers.

Miriam reportedly told friends that the family feels sorry for Schwarzenegger’s wife, Maria Shriver, 55. The women had grown close to her over the years and Miriam claims she and her mother did not know Mildred’s son -- now 13 -- was fathered by Schwarzenegger.

Mildred worked for the former governor and Shriver for more than 20 years, leaving their employ only four months ago.

Her daughter-in-law, Nora Vela, 29, told The Sun that Schwarzenegger has been very good to his son and has showered him with gifts. In addition, loan documents indicate the actor gave Mildred $65,000 so she could obtain a loan on her Bakersfield, Calif. home where she now lives with the child.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Arnold's married Mistress THREATENS 'Entertainment Tonight': My ex-husband should have known he was not the Father of the Terminator baby!

Arnold's Mistress THREATENS 'Entertainment Tonight': My ex-husband should have known he was not the Father!
Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress, Mildred Patty Baena, is threatening to sue "Entertainment Tonight" over an interview with her ex-husband ... claiming the show paid him "in excess of six figures to spew lies."
Baena's ex, Rogelio, went on "E.T." Tuesday night and called the love child situation a "betrayal" -- insisting Patty led him to believe the love child was his until one week ago.

After the show, Patty's lawyer, Michael Saltz, fired off a letter to the executive producer saying "E.T." ran the interview without ever doing any research into Rogelio's history with Patty.

In the letter, Patty's legal team says they can prove Rogelio ALWAYS knew he wasn't the dad ... because Rogelio was out of the country when the child was conceived and only returned to the U.S. after Patty was already knocked up.

The lawyers state, "Thus, Mr. Baena knew then, just as he knows now, that he could not possibly have been the boys father."

They also claim Rogelio was living in Columbia until "E.T." paid to fly him "to the States to lie on television for a six figure paycheck."

Patty's lawyers tell "E.T." ... they believe "our client has been outrageously defamed" and demand an apology AND a retraction ASAP ... or Patty will take legal action against the show.

How many more love children are there, Arnie? Schwarzenegger's biographer says the dark truth about the star is still to emerge...

How many more love children are there, Arnie? Schwarzenegger's biographer says the dark truth about the star is still to emerge...
The handsome man lifting his toddler into the air could be any proud father on the day of his son’s christening. A little cherub with tanned skin and big brown eyes, the smartly dressed boy is the spitting image of his doting dad.
Yet if anyone at the party noticed the striking resemblance between film star Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child in his arms, they did not comment on it. For just out of shot was the man who believed he was the child’s father, Rogelio Baena.
Mr Baena was blissfully unaware that the then Governor of California had fathered a love child with his wife, the family’s housekeeper, Patty Baena.

The father: Arnold Schwarzenegger has been exposed immoral, arrogantly reckless man with a monstrous attitude to women and a propensity for having unprotected sex

This extraordinary snapshot is the most startling illustration yet of the brazen manner in which Schwarzenegger betrayed his wife, Maria Shriver, who had no idea that the former governor had fathered the child during an affair that saw him and the housekeeper regularly making love in the marital bed.
After sleeping with her boss, Patty would even dress in Maria’s high-priced designer gowns, decorating the outfits with pieces from her employer’s cherished jewellery collection.

The revelation that Patty, a trusted housekeeper and friend to whom Maria confided her distress at Arnold’s philandering, not only made love to Schwarzenegger almost on a daily basis, but also gave birth to their son Joseph, now 13, has made headlines around the world. But as the former muscleman’s biographer, I am not in the least bit surprised.

Rumours about the affair with Patty Baena have been circulating for years. According to celebrity website Radar Online, Maria — now 55 — confronted Patty about the stories earlier this year. When the housekeeper broke down and admitted the affair, Maria asked Arnold the same question and forced his admission of guilt.

Yet the revelation that he has fathered a love child barely scrapes the surface of the real Schwarzenegger — an immoral, arrogantly reckless man with a monstrous  attitude to women and a propensity for having unprotected sex.
Actress Jane Seymour claimed this weekend that Schwarzenegger has two other secret love children. The 60-year-old told American TV station CNN that she was ‘not remotely surprised’ by news that he and his wife Maria have separated.

‘He was obviously jumping the gun before everyone else told the world the news. And from what I gather there will be lots of information coming people’s way. I heard about two more children. I met someone who knows him well.’
Indeed, Ian Halperin, who also wrote a biography of Schwarzenegger, says he has interviewed no fewer than six women who claim to have given birth to children by him.

‘You’re going to see a plethora of other women come out of the woodwork,’ he says.
Now discussing with lawyers how to divide their £500 million fortune, Maria’s humiliation is complete.
Not only did she give birth to her fourth child by Schwarzenegger just a week before his love child was born, but she is also believed to have been generous to Patty at a baby shower held shortly before both women went into labour.
A few years after the boys were born, Schwarzenegger paid for a family party for Patty’s niece which was attended by his legitimate children and his love child.
Photos that emerged this weekend show the star’s love child playing happily with Maria and Arnold’s son, Christopher, and reveal a remarkable likeness between the two boys.

The wife: Maria Shriver takes a walk at sunset with family and friends on the beach in Malibu this week
Yet with commendable grace, Maria has written on her blog that she is ‘celebrating Moms’ for the month of May (when Americans mark  Mother’s Day). She also had lunch with two of her children on Tuesday in a restaurant, knowing she would be photographed by the paparazzi.
The couple’s children, aged between 13 and 21, are fiercely protective of their mother. Eldest son Patrick and daughter Katherine have begun calling themselves Shriver instead of Schwarzenegger.
Their father, believed to be bracing himself for further revelations, has stopped hinting at a possible reconciliation, and yesterday cut a somewhat forlorn figure as he was photographed behind the wheel of his Bentley in Santa Monica.
Patty, who has made no public acknowledgement of her son’s paternity, has not been seen for several days at her four-bedroom home with a pool — which Schwarzenegger is believed to have bought. She lived there with her son by the actor and her three other children.
Though she named her former husband, Rogelio Baena, on the child’s birth certificate, the pair split three weeks after the birth. During their divorce proceedings, she said the couple had no children together.

Like his ex-wife, Rogelio has refused to speak publicly about the scandal.
Neighbours, who describe Schwarzenegger’s lookalike son as sporty and ‘very polite’, admitted that 50-year-old Patty and her current partner (who sports tattoos) look a little out of place in the genteel neighbourhood.
Schwarzenegger’s rampant womanising has been known to me since 1988, as have his sleazy beginnings in the world of body building, his fondness for sadistic practical jokes, his delight in humiliating women and his belief that he is so physically blessed by the gods that the rules of normal morality simply don’t apply to him.
This weekend, an unnamed woman claiming to be a former mistress of Schwarzenegger revealed he often targeted unattractive women because they were more likely to worship him and his muscular physique. She said he did not like to be upstaged by good-looking women.

The fact that he recklessly impregnated a domestic who worked in his house, and continued to use her for his sexual gratification, is simply another example of his deep-rooted contempt for women, not least of all his wife. As is his long-term liaison with willowy blonde Tammy Tousignant, the flight attendant who worked on his chartered private plane for 11 years.
Tousignant is the mother of two sons, one named Connor (the surname of the heroine in Terminator) and the other, Tanner.
In 2003, when Arnold was on the threshold of winning the Governorship of California, I broke the story of Arnold’s liaison with Tammy and of her son, Tanner, who is a handsome boy with a wide, toothy smile, a love of sports — and a startling resemblance to Arnold.
According to one of Tammy’s colleagues, Kristin Campbell, she routinely boasted that her baby was Arnold’s. The same claim has been made by two women who knew Tammy well.
Tammy’s attorney, Thomas E. Anthony, has since claimed that a paternity test proved that ‘the Tousignant child’ was the son of Tammy’s husband.

However, Anthony didn’t specify which of her two sons took the test.
Last week, Tammy issued a denial that she had ever been involved in an extramarital affair with Schwarzenegger, and said neither Tanner nor any of her children were fathered by him.
Arnold’s illicit affair with Tammy has always been an open secret in California. As has his seven-year extra-marital affair with actress Gigi Goyette, whom he seduced in 1975 when she was only 16.
As for Maria Shriver, though she has spent the past quarter of a century rallying support for her husband and ignoring all the evidence of his infidelity, she has at times acknowledged his attitude to women and, more tellingly, to her.

Years into their marriage, when she was a reporter for the U.S. TV show Dateline, she carried out an in-depth interview with a rape victim named Karen Pomer.
Over the three days during which they worked together, Karen received a dramatic insight into Maria, Arnold and the true nature of their marriage.
Karen recalled: ‘After hours of interviewing me, Maria suddenly turned around and said: “I can’t believe your boyfriend stayed with you after you were raped. If I’d been raped, my husband wouldn’t go near me again. He would leave me. I’d be damaged goods.’’ ’

Arnold’s disdain for women, and for Maria in particular, is so marked that once, in a supposed joke in a salubrious New Orleans restaurant, he pushed her face into a vast confection of whipped cream, cherries and nuts, then laughed uproariously at her deep discomfort.
That incident is paralleled by his treatment of a lowly production assistant on the 1990 film Total Recall. After the girl made it clear she didn’t drink, Arnold pressured her into downing a number of tequilas by employing a combination of charm and bullying. The girl was violently sick, a story Arnold later recalled amid spasms of laughter.
Nazi passport of Gustav Schwarzenegger

Perhaps Schwarzenegger’s attitude to women can be traced to his upbringing. Born in 1947 in Austria, he was the son of Gustav Schwarzenegger, a member of  Hitler’s SA — the brown-shirted Nazi paramilitary wing made up of the most enthusiastic of Hitler’s followers. After the Brown Shirts reportedly killed thousands of Jews in the June 1941 invasion of Russia, Gustav certainly returned from the war a cruel and sadistic man who routinely beat his wife, Aurelia, and their son, Arnold.

From the moment he met Maria Shriver in 1977, Arnold was flagrantly unfaithful to her. One of his first illicit paramours was a hairdresser, Sue Moray, another was his Red Sonja co-star, Brigitte Nielsen. And through the years, the stories of his sadism abound. When, in his late teens, he hired a prostitute to gratify him, he refused to pay her, declaring: ‘You should pay me.’ And after he went to bed with a black hat-check girl, he boasted: ‘That girl said I was better than any black guy she ever had.’
Very few women have been safe from Arnold’s wandering hands. In fact, at the start of his career, when a woman asked for an autograph, he would say: ‘Only if you let me touch your breast.’ He was not joking.

The number of women who claim he has groped their breasts are legion, including his Terminator co-star Linda Hamilton, British TV presenter Anna Richardson, waitresses across LA and production assistants on his films. Yet despite the evidence of his womanising, sadism and sleazy past, Schwarzenegger still managed to become Governor of California and stay married to Maria Shriver for a quarter of a century.
Part of the reason for his success, and his survival, has been the protection that his marriage into the Kennedy clan has, until now, afforded him (John F. Kennedy was Maria Shriver’s uncle). In short, having the imprimatur of America’s royal family has enabled Arnold to behave as he wishes, without suffering any of the consequences.
And though I researched and documented the real story of Arnold’s infidelity in my 1990 book Arnold: An Unauthorised Biography, the majority of the American media chose to turn a blind eye.
Virtually muzzled by their reverence for Arnold’s marriage to Maria Shriver, as well as their desire not to embarrass her, much of the U.S. Press failed to report the well- documented research in my book.
At the time, I was disappointed. And when, just days before the election in 2003, the Press finally deigned to take notice of my book, it was too late. Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California.
Now, with the demise of his marriage to Maria, the revelations of his illegitimate child and the extra-marital affair he conducted in the marital bed, the full truth about Schwarzenegger is emerging at last.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Paternity Fraud: Rogelio Baena, Ex-Husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Married Mistress Speaks of 'Betrayal'

Paternity Fraud: Rogelio Baena, Ex-Husband of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Married Mistress Speaks of 'Betrayal',,20497313,00.html
May 24, 2011
For the last 13 years, Rogelio Baena thought the boy born to his then-wife Mildred "Patty" Baena was his biological son.
It wasn't until a week ago, when Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he had fathered a love child with a household staff member, that Rogelio discovered the truth.

Breaking his silence, Rogelio tells media that the situation was a "betrayal" and that he had always considered Schwarzenegger – who employed Patty for 20 years – a "hero."

It was not immediately clear how much interaction Rogelio has had with the boy. According to divorce papers, Rogelio and Mildred – married for 10 years – split in 1997 just weeks after the child's birth, and that Mildred filed for divorce in 2008.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online sex racket busted, 3 girls arrested (including Agnes, Sonia, Sania) in Brigade Road, Bengaluru Hotel

Online sex racket busted, 3 girls arrested (including Agnes, Sonia, Sania) in MG Road, Bengaluru Hotel
May 23, 2011
BANGALORE: More cases of online soliciting are surfacing in IT City, with the Central Crime Branch ( CCB) busting a prostitution racket on Saturday. It operated through a website to solicit clients.

Three sex workers -- Mahi Besoya, 21, Sonia Kamthe, 22, Sania Ansari, 22 -- and Mary Agnes, a hotel receptionist who facilitated prostitution at a hotel on Brigade Road, were arrested.

The racket used a website to get their customers. Mobile numbers were available on the website for customers to call.

New Delhi-based Rakesh is said to be the key man behind this pan-India racket. He would supply girls to Bangalore from Mumbai and Delhi on a 10-day contract.

Two men, Kumar and Michael, handled the business in the city. These men booked rooms in many hotels across the city for their illegal activities, said R Lakshman, assistant commissioner of police, woman trafficking and narcotics.

Police sources said that some hotel employees too worked for Kumar and Michael, for a commission.


On receiving information about the online service, a police decoy contacted the mobile number given on the website, on Saturday night. The man on the phone -- later identified as Kumar -- directed the police decoy to Brigade Road, and from there to the hotel.

On reaching the hotel, Kumar told the decoy to pass the phone to the hotel receptionist, Mary Agnes. After taking a deposit of Rs 10,000 from him, Mary directed him to a room with two girls.

"In order to get more members arrested, our man rejected the girls and called Kumar again. He asked him to come to Ananth Rao Circle. From there, he was asked to go to a hotel in Seshadripuram, where another girl was waiting for him," said Lakshman.

Based on information by the decoy, police raided these hotels and arrested the girls, and are now looking out for the three men -- Rakesh, who is said to be operating from Delhi, and Kumar and Michael, in Bangalore.

Among the three prostitutes, Sania Ansari is from Mumbai. She was staying in the hotel in Seshadripuram since May 21. According to police, during her stint here, she made Rs 1.85 lakh which she had deposited in two bank accounts.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Abortion laws to become more stringent: CRISP recommendations

Abortion laws to become more stringent

New Delhi: A high-level meeting convened by the Prime Ministers office on Friday to consider urgent strategies to tackle Indias sliding child sex ratio will look at the possibility of making abortions subject to checks like mandatory counselling and medical advice.

Government studies of the alarming data on the state of the girl child thrown up by the 2011 census found that Indias no-questions-asked abortion policy,while being prochoice and an empowering option for women,was being misused to legally abort female fetuses.

Victims of a powerful son philosophy,women were pressured by their families after illegal scanning showed a female child to go in for abortions.This was aggravating the effect of illegal or backstreet abortions carried out by unscrupulous doctors or quacks after the first trimester of pregnancy.

The census figures for the overall sex ration and child population in the 0-6 age group revealed girls were subject to a double-whammy.Females were not only aborted before birth but also victims of prejudice after birth.Girls are discriminated against with regard nutrition,medical attention and general care as compared to male children.

While government is keen to implement the pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (prohibition of sex selection) act that makes sex determination a crime more strictly than is the case,it is looking at more innovative strategies to address the unbroken decline in Indias sex ratio since 1961.

Critical analysis and Recommendations on Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide

Presented to Rajya Sabha Committee on 23 March 2011 by Kumar Jahgirdar, Roshni Mathan Pereira, Sivakumar Challa [Other discussions are Privileged Motion]]

Prepared by multi-disciplinary experts

CRISP has presented the view of Conservative, Pro-life and Gender-neutral members of society.

Head Office: # 78, Osborne Road, (Near Lake Side Hospital), Bangalore - 42, India. Helpline No: +91 80 25593848 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 80 25593848      end_of_the_skype_highlightingMobile No: +91 98452 64488 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 98452 64488      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Critical analysis and Recommendations on Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide       
Honorable Members of the Committee,
This memorandum is in response to your call for feedback, comments and suggestions on Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide. We would also like to request for an opportunity to present our suggestions and recommendations on this issue. We humbly request for an opportunity to depose in front of the esteemed committee.
We represent CRISP, an acronym for Children’s Right Initiative for Shared Parenting. CRISP is a registered, pro-family, pro-life, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by a group of citizens, who are concerned about child abuse, abortions (foeticide) of children (irrespective of gender and not medically indicated) and alienation of one spouse from children during divorce or separation. We feel the unborn child has the unquestionable right to life. CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of a child to remain connected with both parents (consent of both parents for abortion-mandatory). We recommend that The MTP Act 1971 (amended 2002) includes a detailed counseling process, information of Risks, benefits & alternatives, counseling process by the Medical practitioner, and written informed consent by both husband and wife (for married persons).
We have studied the female foeticide problem since several years and we have following suggestions and recommendations regarding this petition:
1.      The data presented by the petitioners is questionable. This data is downloaded from a commercial website and this specimen data is also available from the website mis-quoted from. Refer the URL1
The Census has shown an increase in the sex ratio of total population from 927 in 1991 to 933 in 2001. Refer to the URL2
The same reference above says that “according to United Nation estimates, the world had 986 females against 1000 males in 2000”. Humans have a Fisherian natural sex ratio of 1.1 boys to 1 girls at birth. In humans, the sex ratio at birth is 909 girls for every 1000 boys. Available from the URL3
In humans, the secondary sex ratio is commonly assumed to be 105 boys to 100 girls or 952 girls for every 1000 boys. Refer to the URL4
The results of the petition are therefore of propaganda value, inaccurate and needs further substantiation from Census results provided by the Government of India. The Government must wait for the latest census-2010 figures for the accurate “sex ratios at birth Statistics” across states and across urban and rural India.

2)      Most Indian parents feel burdened about expenses for daughter’s marriage apart from dowry. India is one of the rare countries in the world, where parents take pride in spending for their children’s marriage and often parents are socially forced to spend huge sums of money for children’s marriage. This social practice has to be curbed. Today, even in hugely populated country like China, which has family system similar to ours, the parents rarely spend for the marriage of their children. Government must pass laws to curb this social practice, which is the root of female foeticide problem. It is to be noted that often marriage expenses in themselves can be much more than any dowry exchange that takes place.
3)      The Inheritance laws should implemented in letter and spirit of the law, for equal share of property of parental/ancestral property. The non-implementation of inheritance acts is the root cause for the evils of dowry system and its repercussions (Misuse of Section 498a).
4)      We strongly oppose the request of petitioners to provide reservations for women in private and public sector jobs. We are also opposed to reservations for women in politics, in education and in jobs. Reservations are like curing symptoms of a disease, while the disease remains uncured. We feel reservations for women anywhere will not solve their problems and will instead result in many unforeseen indirect problems. The disconnected prayer for ‘women reservations’ for a cause like ‘female foeticide’ takes away the seriousness of foeticide.
5)      Government must initiate pro-life, pro-family policies. The highly liberals abortion laws in India are partly responsible for foeticide (irrespective of gender). In many western countries, the abortion laws are stricter than India and there are serious anti-abortion lobbies, who believe it is their moral duty to save life of every unborn child. In many states in United States of America, the abortion laws are stricter than India.

Unfortunately in India, even the religious leaders (Hindu, Muslim or Christian) have shown little interest in opposing the very liberal abortion culture. Any abortion culture is genocide. Government must take a stricter stand on the entire abortion issue, as done by many Governments in Western countries.
6)      At present, there are not centralized records of pregnancies and abortions in India. We recommend that all pregnancy-related events like abortions be NOTIFIABLE events to Government authorities. This gives too much freedom to doctors and medical practitioners and they have the freedom to abort the children, once the gender of the child is determined. When all pregnancies and abortions are registered, it will become much difficult for medical practitioners to perform abortions and get away from the law.
7)      We agree with the petitioners that the manufacture and import of portable handheld ultra-sound machines must be prohibited in India and people violating it must be severely punished.

Recommendations of CRISP for Prevention of Female Foeticide:

1)      Registrations of all pregnancy-related events (Pregnancy, Abortions, Still-births) in centralized database, so that abortions can be tracked. The doctors and medical practitioners who do not register pregnancies and abortions into this central database must be severely punished. Strong punitive action has to be taken against Parents involved in female foeticide, with abettors (Abortion centres) given equal quantum of punishment.
2)      A new law has to be enacted to curb high marriage spending by parents. No parent should spend more than 6 month’s income for marriage of a son or daughter. This will not only curb marriage expenses, but also check the dowry menace. Inheritance laws have to be strictly implemented.
3)      Government must initiate pro-life policies to discourage mindless abortions in the first place. Mandatory counseling must be given to women, couples and families in case they choose to abort an unborn child. Medical practitioners and doctors must be made to cooperate with this mandatory counseling by special counseling centers in urban India.
4)      The reservations for women in jobs in public or private sector is a disconnected, unrelated event to the problem of female foeticide.
5)      Government (Ministry for Women and Children’s Welfare) must spend Rupees 40 Crores every year in media advertisement campaigns against dowry and extravagant marriages. The goal should be to completely eliminate marriage spending by parents in next 5 to 7 years.
6)      People must be educated through mass awareness campaigns that a son can bring more tears to parents than a daughter.
7)      The misuse of portable ultra sound scanning machines must be prohibited and the violators must be severely punished.
8)      A separate Union Minister has to be set up for Child Rights & Welfare, as roughly 40% of the population are minor children. This has to be delinked from the Women & Child Development Ministry.

1.      Sex ratio. Available from the URL:
2.      Census of India. 2001. Available from the URL:
3.      Human sex ration. Available from the URL:
4.      Sex ratio. Available from the URL:
5.      Role of men in families. United Nations. Available from the URL:
6.      All India Daughters Protection Forum. Available from the URL:
7.      Childrens Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP). Available from the URL:
8.      Abortion laws. Available from the URL:

MTP Act 1971, amended 2002
Husband’s consent is not necessary for Abortions done for married women.

Consent of the following kinds is required before a legal abortion by an approved practitioner can be conducted on a pregnant female:
If married--- her own written consent. Husband’s consent not needed.
If unmarried and above 18years ---her own written consent.
If below 18 years ---written consent of her guardian.
If mentally unstable --- written consent of her guardian.
For married women, wife & husband’s Joint consent to be obtained for abortions mandatorily after a detailed counseling process. Culpable Liability of ‘Female foeticide’ will therefore be borne equally by both parents. This will make the law pro-family.
In Satya v Siri Ram, Supreme Court held that termination of pregnancy twice at instance of wife in spite of insistence on part of husband and his parents to have a child in family amounts to cruelty. Similarly in S.k Verma v. Usha, it was held that aborting foetus in the very first pregnancy by a deliberate act without consent of husband could amount to cruelty. Court in S.K case ignores the MTP Act where concern is not material.
Husband’s consent is not necessary for Abortions done for married women.

What about the right of widow to terminate pregnancy? Recently Delhi court has summoned a widow of a Delhi policeman, along with her parents and brother, for having aborted her husband’s only heir to be. According to the mother of the deceased policeman who is the complainant, the unborn foetus would have been the only heir of the deceased son, and the widow had got pregnancy terminated so that she could remarry. Summons has been issued as the court “is satisfied that there is sufficient material on record to proceed against the respondents for the offence under section 312/201, Indian Penal code”.

Concealment of Birth
Child murder, or concealment of pregnancy (Contravention of Concealment of Birth (Scotland) Act 1809; Con. 49 Geo. III, c. 14)
When a woman concealed her pregnancy during its course and did not seek help or assistance at the birth, and the child was found dead or missing. Concealment meant non-disclosure not merely active deception.
Contravention of Concealment of Birth Act has to be made (similar to Scotland/UK) in India. Concealment of pregnancy and birth is a premeditation event for female foeticide and against the proper care of foetus. Antenatal care of Mother if not done should be punishable.
Concealment of Pregnancy
Concealment of pregnancy
Contravention of pregnancy Act is needed with punitive action for attempted deliveries in toilets
Female foeticide
No punitive action. Section 312 of Indian Penal code 1860. "Whoever voluntarily causes a women to miscarry, shall if such miscarriage be not caused in good faith for the purpose of saving the life of the women be punished .....”. The Explanation provided that a women who causes herself to miscarry within the meaning of this section, infringes right to life of mother.
Stringent punishment has to be done for medically non-indicated foeticide (irrespective of gender)
Pre-selection techniques
There are three main techniques of sex selection: (i) pre-natal testing and termination of
pregnancy (ii) pre-implantation genetic testing of embryos (iii) sperm sorting – selection of
sperm carrying X or Y chromosomes followed by insemination or IVF.
Banning of all pre-selection techniques, whether done in India or abroad. Strong monitoring of Sex selection done in India and abroad by Indians traveling abroad on Tourist or Medical Visas.
Thanks and Regards,
Mr.  Kumar Jahgirdar,
President, CRISP,
Head Office: # 78, Osborne Road, (Near Lake Side Hospital), Bangalore - 42, India. Helpline No: +91 80 25593848 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 80 25593848      end_of_the_skype_highlightingMobile No: +91 98452 64488 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 98452 64488      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Written by CRISP    

Kumar Jahgirdar (President) and Roshni Mathan Pereira (Family Counsellor, CRISP) with other members of CRISP and other NGOs

Kumar Jahgirdar (President), Sivakumar (Member) and Roshni Mathan Pereira (Family Counsellor) will be representing CRISP on 24 March 2011 at 3:45 pm to present their views to the Rajya Sabha Committee about Female foeticide.

Shri Kumar Jahgridar, 
Children Right Initiative for Shared Parenting(CRISP) 
No. 78, Osborne Road, 
Near Lakeside HDFC Bank, 

Sub: - Petition praying for urgent need to curb female foeticide.

I am directed to state that the Committee on Petitions of Rajya Sabha which is examining the captioned petition, has decided to have the benefit of your views in response to your Memorandum on the petition received on 24th February, 201 1, in its meeting to be held on Thursday, the 24th March, 2011 in Main Committee Room, Ground Floor, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi. I am, therefore, to request you kindly to make it convenient to appear before the Committee at 3.45 P.M. on the above noted date and venue for the purpose 
2. You may, if you so desire, give a detailed/consolidated written note containing your viewslsuggestions (in English & Hindi) which could be sent to this Secretariat latest by 21st March, 2011 for circulation amongst the Members of the Committee. 
3. A line in confirmation of your appearance before the Committee may be sent to the undersigned at the earliest. 
4. A copy each of the petition and the list of Members of the Committee on Petitions is enclosed. 
Yours faithfully, 

Phone: 23035365(0) 

CRISP, c/o PBA Srinivasan, B-1/6, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016, Mob: (0) 98716 43443

Head Office: # 78, Osborne Road, (Near Lake Side Hospital), Bangalore - 42, India. Helpline No:             +91 80 25593848 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 80 25593848      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      , Mobile No:             +91 98452 64488 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +91 98452 64488      end_of_the_skype_highlighting      .


Ref: CRISP/241210/2                                                                                                  24rd December, 2010