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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How many more love children are there, Arnie? Schwarzenegger's biographer says the dark truth about the star is still to emerge...

How many more love children are there, Arnie? Schwarzenegger's biographer says the dark truth about the star is still to emerge...
The handsome man lifting his toddler into the air could be any proud father on the day of his son’s christening. A little cherub with tanned skin and big brown eyes, the smartly dressed boy is the spitting image of his doting dad.
Yet if anyone at the party noticed the striking resemblance between film star Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child in his arms, they did not comment on it. For just out of shot was the man who believed he was the child’s father, Rogelio Baena.
Mr Baena was blissfully unaware that the then Governor of California had fathered a love child with his wife, the family’s housekeeper, Patty Baena.

The father: Arnold Schwarzenegger has been exposed immoral, arrogantly reckless man with a monstrous attitude to women and a propensity for having unprotected sex

This extraordinary snapshot is the most startling illustration yet of the brazen manner in which Schwarzenegger betrayed his wife, Maria Shriver, who had no idea that the former governor had fathered the child during an affair that saw him and the housekeeper regularly making love in the marital bed.
After sleeping with her boss, Patty would even dress in Maria’s high-priced designer gowns, decorating the outfits with pieces from her employer’s cherished jewellery collection.

The revelation that Patty, a trusted housekeeper and friend to whom Maria confided her distress at Arnold’s philandering, not only made love to Schwarzenegger almost on a daily basis, but also gave birth to their son Joseph, now 13, has made headlines around the world. But as the former muscleman’s biographer, I am not in the least bit surprised.

Rumours about the affair with Patty Baena have been circulating for years. According to celebrity website Radar Online, Maria — now 55 — confronted Patty about the stories earlier this year. When the housekeeper broke down and admitted the affair, Maria asked Arnold the same question and forced his admission of guilt.

Yet the revelation that he has fathered a love child barely scrapes the surface of the real Schwarzenegger — an immoral, arrogantly reckless man with a monstrous  attitude to women and a propensity for having unprotected sex.
Actress Jane Seymour claimed this weekend that Schwarzenegger has two other secret love children. The 60-year-old told American TV station CNN that she was ‘not remotely surprised’ by news that he and his wife Maria have separated.

‘He was obviously jumping the gun before everyone else told the world the news. And from what I gather there will be lots of information coming people’s way. I heard about two more children. I met someone who knows him well.’
Indeed, Ian Halperin, who also wrote a biography of Schwarzenegger, says he has interviewed no fewer than six women who claim to have given birth to children by him.

‘You’re going to see a plethora of other women come out of the woodwork,’ he says.
Now discussing with lawyers how to divide their £500 million fortune, Maria’s humiliation is complete.
Not only did she give birth to her fourth child by Schwarzenegger just a week before his love child was born, but she is also believed to have been generous to Patty at a baby shower held shortly before both women went into labour.
A few years after the boys were born, Schwarzenegger paid for a family party for Patty’s niece which was attended by his legitimate children and his love child.
Photos that emerged this weekend show the star’s love child playing happily with Maria and Arnold’s son, Christopher, and reveal a remarkable likeness between the two boys.

The wife: Maria Shriver takes a walk at sunset with family and friends on the beach in Malibu this week
Yet with commendable grace, Maria has written on her blog that she is ‘celebrating Moms’ for the month of May (when Americans mark  Mother’s Day). She also had lunch with two of her children on Tuesday in a restaurant, knowing she would be photographed by the paparazzi.
The couple’s children, aged between 13 and 21, are fiercely protective of their mother. Eldest son Patrick and daughter Katherine have begun calling themselves Shriver instead of Schwarzenegger.
Their father, believed to be bracing himself for further revelations, has stopped hinting at a possible reconciliation, and yesterday cut a somewhat forlorn figure as he was photographed behind the wheel of his Bentley in Santa Monica.
Patty, who has made no public acknowledgement of her son’s paternity, has not been seen for several days at her four-bedroom home with a pool — which Schwarzenegger is believed to have bought. She lived there with her son by the actor and her three other children.
Though she named her former husband, Rogelio Baena, on the child’s birth certificate, the pair split three weeks after the birth. During their divorce proceedings, she said the couple had no children together.

Like his ex-wife, Rogelio has refused to speak publicly about the scandal.
Neighbours, who describe Schwarzenegger’s lookalike son as sporty and ‘very polite’, admitted that 50-year-old Patty and her current partner (who sports tattoos) look a little out of place in the genteel neighbourhood.
Schwarzenegger’s rampant womanising has been known to me since 1988, as have his sleazy beginnings in the world of body building, his fondness for sadistic practical jokes, his delight in humiliating women and his belief that he is so physically blessed by the gods that the rules of normal morality simply don’t apply to him.
This weekend, an unnamed woman claiming to be a former mistress of Schwarzenegger revealed he often targeted unattractive women because they were more likely to worship him and his muscular physique. She said he did not like to be upstaged by good-looking women.

The fact that he recklessly impregnated a domestic who worked in his house, and continued to use her for his sexual gratification, is simply another example of his deep-rooted contempt for women, not least of all his wife. As is his long-term liaison with willowy blonde Tammy Tousignant, the flight attendant who worked on his chartered private plane for 11 years.
Tousignant is the mother of two sons, one named Connor (the surname of the heroine in Terminator) and the other, Tanner.
In 2003, when Arnold was on the threshold of winning the Governorship of California, I broke the story of Arnold’s liaison with Tammy and of her son, Tanner, who is a handsome boy with a wide, toothy smile, a love of sports — and a startling resemblance to Arnold.
According to one of Tammy’s colleagues, Kristin Campbell, she routinely boasted that her baby was Arnold’s. The same claim has been made by two women who knew Tammy well.
Tammy’s attorney, Thomas E. Anthony, has since claimed that a paternity test proved that ‘the Tousignant child’ was the son of Tammy’s husband.

However, Anthony didn’t specify which of her two sons took the test.
Last week, Tammy issued a denial that she had ever been involved in an extramarital affair with Schwarzenegger, and said neither Tanner nor any of her children were fathered by him.
Arnold’s illicit affair with Tammy has always been an open secret in California. As has his seven-year extra-marital affair with actress Gigi Goyette, whom he seduced in 1975 when she was only 16.
As for Maria Shriver, though she has spent the past quarter of a century rallying support for her husband and ignoring all the evidence of his infidelity, she has at times acknowledged his attitude to women and, more tellingly, to her.

Years into their marriage, when she was a reporter for the U.S. TV show Dateline, she carried out an in-depth interview with a rape victim named Karen Pomer.
Over the three days during which they worked together, Karen received a dramatic insight into Maria, Arnold and the true nature of their marriage.
Karen recalled: ‘After hours of interviewing me, Maria suddenly turned around and said: “I can’t believe your boyfriend stayed with you after you were raped. If I’d been raped, my husband wouldn’t go near me again. He would leave me. I’d be damaged goods.’’ ’

Arnold’s disdain for women, and for Maria in particular, is so marked that once, in a supposed joke in a salubrious New Orleans restaurant, he pushed her face into a vast confection of whipped cream, cherries and nuts, then laughed uproariously at her deep discomfort.
That incident is paralleled by his treatment of a lowly production assistant on the 1990 film Total Recall. After the girl made it clear she didn’t drink, Arnold pressured her into downing a number of tequilas by employing a combination of charm and bullying. The girl was violently sick, a story Arnold later recalled amid spasms of laughter.
Nazi passport of Gustav Schwarzenegger

Perhaps Schwarzenegger’s attitude to women can be traced to his upbringing. Born in 1947 in Austria, he was the son of Gustav Schwarzenegger, a member of  Hitler’s SA — the brown-shirted Nazi paramilitary wing made up of the most enthusiastic of Hitler’s followers. After the Brown Shirts reportedly killed thousands of Jews in the June 1941 invasion of Russia, Gustav certainly returned from the war a cruel and sadistic man who routinely beat his wife, Aurelia, and their son, Arnold.

From the moment he met Maria Shriver in 1977, Arnold was flagrantly unfaithful to her. One of his first illicit paramours was a hairdresser, Sue Moray, another was his Red Sonja co-star, Brigitte Nielsen. And through the years, the stories of his sadism abound. When, in his late teens, he hired a prostitute to gratify him, he refused to pay her, declaring: ‘You should pay me.’ And after he went to bed with a black hat-check girl, he boasted: ‘That girl said I was better than any black guy she ever had.’
Very few women have been safe from Arnold’s wandering hands. In fact, at the start of his career, when a woman asked for an autograph, he would say: ‘Only if you let me touch your breast.’ He was not joking.

The number of women who claim he has groped their breasts are legion, including his Terminator co-star Linda Hamilton, British TV presenter Anna Richardson, waitresses across LA and production assistants on his films. Yet despite the evidence of his womanising, sadism and sleazy past, Schwarzenegger still managed to become Governor of California and stay married to Maria Shriver for a quarter of a century.
Part of the reason for his success, and his survival, has been the protection that his marriage into the Kennedy clan has, until now, afforded him (John F. Kennedy was Maria Shriver’s uncle). In short, having the imprimatur of America’s royal family has enabled Arnold to behave as he wishes, without suffering any of the consequences.
And though I researched and documented the real story of Arnold’s infidelity in my 1990 book Arnold: An Unauthorised Biography, the majority of the American media chose to turn a blind eye.
Virtually muzzled by their reverence for Arnold’s marriage to Maria Shriver, as well as their desire not to embarrass her, much of the U.S. Press failed to report the well- documented research in my book.
At the time, I was disappointed. And when, just days before the election in 2003, the Press finally deigned to take notice of my book, it was too late. Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California.
Now, with the demise of his marriage to Maria, the revelations of his illegitimate child and the extra-marital affair he conducted in the marital bed, the full truth about Schwarzenegger is emerging at last.

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