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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Online sex racket busted, 3 girls arrested (including Agnes, Sonia, Sania) in Brigade Road, Bengaluru Hotel

Online sex racket busted, 3 girls arrested (including Agnes, Sonia, Sania) in MG Road, Bengaluru Hotel
May 23, 2011
BANGALORE: More cases of online soliciting are surfacing in IT City, with the Central Crime Branch ( CCB) busting a prostitution racket on Saturday. It operated through a website to solicit clients.

Three sex workers -- Mahi Besoya, 21, Sonia Kamthe, 22, Sania Ansari, 22 -- and Mary Agnes, a hotel receptionist who facilitated prostitution at a hotel on Brigade Road, were arrested.

The racket used a website to get their customers. Mobile numbers were available on the website for customers to call.

New Delhi-based Rakesh is said to be the key man behind this pan-India racket. He would supply girls to Bangalore from Mumbai and Delhi on a 10-day contract.

Two men, Kumar and Michael, handled the business in the city. These men booked rooms in many hotels across the city for their illegal activities, said R Lakshman, assistant commissioner of police, woman trafficking and narcotics.

Police sources said that some hotel employees too worked for Kumar and Michael, for a commission.


On receiving information about the online service, a police decoy contacted the mobile number given on the website, on Saturday night. The man on the phone -- later identified as Kumar -- directed the police decoy to Brigade Road, and from there to the hotel.

On reaching the hotel, Kumar told the decoy to pass the phone to the hotel receptionist, Mary Agnes. After taking a deposit of Rs 10,000 from him, Mary directed him to a room with two girls.

"In order to get more members arrested, our man rejected the girls and called Kumar again. He asked him to come to Ananth Rao Circle. From there, he was asked to go to a hotel in Seshadripuram, where another girl was waiting for him," said Lakshman.

Based on information by the decoy, police raided these hotels and arrested the girls, and are now looking out for the three men -- Rakesh, who is said to be operating from Delhi, and Kumar and Michael, in Bangalore.

Among the three prostitutes, Sania Ansari is from Mumbai. She was staying in the hotel in Seshadripuram since May 21. According to police, during her stint here, she made Rs 1.85 lakh which she had deposited in two bank accounts.

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