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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Outercourse and Intercourse: Arnold Schwarzenegger Third Mistress Gigi Goyette Jeffers Speaks Out — We Had Sex Down The Hall From Maria!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Third Mistress Gigi Goyette Jeffers Speaks Out — We Had Sex Down The Hall From Maria!

Arnold’s affairs seem as if they will quickly surpass Tiger Woods with a new mistress, Gigi Goyette Jeffers, who he slept with at his hotel — as Maria was alone in their room down the hall!
Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s cheating ways seem to have been running rampant for years with a new report that the actor bedded a woman who helped work on his annual Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio. Gigi Goyette Jeffers worked at Gold’s Gym in LA and when at Arnold’s annual event slept with him while Maria was alone in their room!

Star reports, “One night Arnold, 63, had sex with Gigi in her hotel room while Maria was in another room on the same floor. When the action star was done with Gigi, he went back to his room with Maria.” What a creep!

A source even told the mag, “Everyone connected to the classic knew that she and Arnold were lovers and that he would sneak up to her room every night of the festival.”

The former child actress was going to come out with news of the affair in 2003, but was paid $20,000 by American Media to remain silent according to a 2005 Los Angeles Times article.

It seems like this is just the beginning HollywoodLifers — do you think Arnold will have more mistresses than Tiger Woods?
Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s relationship with Gigi Goyette Jeffers was not just a one time encounter it appears, but something that lasted over the course of twenty years! Gigi tells the National Enquirer that the pair met in 1975 when, no joke, she rode her horse to a Malibu restaurant and bumped into the then 28-year-old bodybuilder and aspiring actor. Who rides a horse to lunch?!

Apparently one of the first things Arnold said to new friend Gigi when he met her was, “You have an amazing a**.” What a charmer! After that amazing line it was of course no time at all before the pair were having sex in the bedroom of a friend’s house. A lucky, lucky friend’s house.

For those who have recently eaten, please do not read on. “I’d made love before, but never with anyone like Arnold,” Gigi said. “He was a perfect Adonis — he had the most amazing body I’d ever seen in my life!”

Sadly, the love was not to be as Gigi was soon on her way to Hawaii, hopefully not by horse, and would only occasionally see Arnold after that.

Fear not though hopeful romantics, the two were reunited again in 1989 when Arnold organized his Arnold Fitness weekend in Ohio and Gigi was sent to coordinate events by her employer, World Gym. “He called me ‘Shee Shee’ in this really sexy accent,” Gigi recalls. Swoon!

“I gave Arnold a massage, and then we had oral sex,” Gigi says of the then three years married actor. “Arnold explained that we couldn’t have full intercourse — just what he called outercourse.” And they say chivalry is dead!

The affair then continued on for several years, with Gigi even meeting Maria Shriver and her family on one trip to the super fun Fitness weekend. Maria and Arnold were drinking with a group in the bar and after Maria left Arnold commanded Gigi to go to her room. “Arnold took me in his arms and neither of us could deny our strong attraction. He stayed with me for an hour and we had the most amazing sex session. Then he went back to Maria,” she says. She does not, however, explain if this course was inny or outty.

Gigi would later fly to Mexico to be with Arnold and spent hours on the phone with him, but soon Arnold’s taste for other women began to wear on Gigi. “If Arnold saw a body that he liked, he couldn’t resist making a comment or grabbing them,” she claims.

Gigi ended her affair with Arnold in 1996 when she fell in love with another man, and says her relationship with him had nothing to do with his recent breakup.

Oh, and she told Star that Arnold liked his sex “weird and strange.”

After announcing his separation from wife Maria Shriver this week, a woman has alleged she was just one of many mistresses that shattered Arnold Schwarzenegger's 25-year marriage.

The 63-year-old Terminator actor denies an affair with Gigi Goyette, but the 52-year-old woman has said: ‘There were so many other women. About 13 have come out of the woodwork.'

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