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Saturday, 16 July 2011

President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari to become father of all 'unknown parentage' kids or "Adam and Eve"

Zardari to become father of all 'unknown parentage' kids
June 16, 2011
Islamabad:  President Asif Ali Zardari has asked Pakistan's national database to use his name as the father's name in official documentation for children of unknown parentage, a top official has said.
The move is an attempt to legalise the status of a large number of children who were born legally but whose parentage is unknown, National Database and Registration Authority Chairman Malik Tarek said.
NADRA plans to issue identity cards to thousands of children of unknown parentage, a majority of whom were dropped by their parents at welfare centres, Tarek told The Nation daily.
A large number of such children arrived at welfare centres after losing their parents in the 2005 earthquake and last year's devastating floods, he said.
NADRA was at a loss about filling the registration forms for such children as it is mandatory to mention the name of the father and mother, he added.
"When it came to the knowledge of President Zardari, he voluntarily offered his name to be used in the father's name box for such people," Tarek said.
"I want you to make a strategy to make thousands of children with unknown parentage responsible citizens of the state. NADRA can mention my name as father of all such
children to issue them identity cards," Tarek quoted Zardari as saying.
In order to deal with the sensitive and complex issue of children of unknown parentage, NADRA approached different schools of Islamic thought in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran and some suggested that "Adam and Hawa (Adam and Eve)" should be named as the father and mother of such children.
"We took fatwa from leading Islamic institutions and scholars of Saudi Arabia and Iran to deal with the issue," Tarek said.
NADRA also consulted social workers like Abdus Sattar Edhi, chief of the Edhi Foundation.
Welfare centres where the children are living will be named as their guardian, Tarek said.
Pakistan has no law on the rights of illegitimate children, including their financial entitlement or inheritance, legal experts said.    

They suggested the government should organise a conference to discuss how to register illegitimate children as they too have a right to good education and jobs.

1) Who will be the Father and Mother of Illegitimate Children of Christian Faith in the Birth Certificate?
2)Who will the Father and Mother of Illegitimate Children of Islamic Faith?
3) Who will the Father and Mother of Illegitimate Children of Hindu faith?

Why doesn't the Government of India similarly put the

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fabian Núñez's words enrage slain man's family: Schwarzenegger's favouritism to a Murderer

Fabian Núñez's words enrage slain man's family: Schwarzenegger's favouritism to a Murderer
Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Sacramento --

Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez on Monday infuriated the family of a slain man by questioning the use of taxpayer dollars on court proceedings in which the family seeks to overturn a controversial sentence commutation that benefited Núñez's son.

In one of his last acts in office, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger commuted Esteban Núñez's 16-year voluntary manslaughter sentence to seven years, and later said he did it to help his friend, the former speaker. But Schwarzenegger did not notify the victim's family beforehand, and they sued the state in an attempt to nullify the commutation.

Luis Santos, a 22-year-old student at San Diego Mesa College, was slain in San Diego in a fight that was started by Esteban Núñez and his friends.

Fabian Núñez spoke to reporters after the first hearing in the case in Sacramento and claimed that politics played a role in his son's sentencing in the fatal stabbing of Santos, of Concord.

"When you're dealing with a district attorney, like we did in San Diego, who clearly has aspirations and has always had aspirations for higher office, the approach that they took to my son's case and particularly to him - irrespective of the facts of the actual case - they picked on my son from day one," Núñez said.

He also said that the voter-approved initiative for victims' rights, known as Marsy's Law, that is at the heart of the suit is "not a reason to use taxpayers' money in the courtroom, certainly."

Those words enraged Santos' family and their attorneys, who were standing just feet away.

"His son pled guilty in court for killing my son," said Fred Santos. "This politician got together with another politician and overruled and reduced the sentence."

Nina Ashford, attorney for the family, called Núñez's comments "disgusting."

The exchange came after a brief and largely uneventful hearing in the case. Lawyers with the attorney general's office argued that the judge should stop the lawsuit from proceeding. Sacramento Superior Court Judge Shellyanne Chang later issued a final ruling, rejecting the state's request.

When the case goes to trial, what will be at issue is whether Schwarzenegger violated the 2008 ballot initiative Proposition 9, which was passed by 54 percent of voters. The initiative amended California's Constitution and requires that crime victims and their families be given the opportunity to be heard at any proceeding involving a post-conviction decision.

The initiative also requires sentences that are handed down by a court to be carried out fully, but it does not specifically address commutations or pardons. Legal experts have said it likely will be difficult to get a court to interfere with a governor's power to commute sentences.

Fight near fraternity

The conviction stems from a 2008 attack near a San Diego State University fraternity, when a friend of Núñez's allegedly stabbed Santos in the chest. Núñez admitted to stabbing another man during the fight, although that man survived.

Núñez was initially charged with murder but pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in a deal with prosecutors and received the maximum sentence. Schwarzenegger called the sentence disproportionate, saying the alleged killer was also given 16 years.

Schwarzenegger did not notify the victim's family of his decision to commute Núñez's sentence prior to doing so, which he has since said he regrets. He also wrote to the family and apologized.

But the former governor has since further upset the family by statements made to reporters. He told a Los Angeles television reporter, who had been pressing Schwarzenegger to explain the commutation, "Don't ask me the same question, OK? Because you're boring the hell out of me." He then made a snoring sound into the microphone.

In explaining his decision to Newsweek magazine, Schwarzenegger said, "Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend."

Similar lawsuit

The commuting of the younger Núñez's sentence has spawned legislation at the Capitol to require that a district attorney be notified of an application for commutation and that the district attorney notify victims. Additionally, San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has filed a civil suit in San Diego County to have Núñez's longer sentence reinstated, making similar arguments as the suit in Sacramento.

Dumanis, responding to Fabian Núñez's comments in a statement released Monday, said her office "makes prosecutorial decisions based on the evidence and the law, treating defendants the same regardless of who they may be related to. Unfortunately, the governor didn't do the same and his last-minute commutation greatly diminished justice and outraged the community. We're trying to right that wrong."

After the hearing, Luis Santos' mother, Kathy Santos, said she felt as if her son had been "stabbed in the back by politicians after his death." She said she does not want to speak to Schwarzenegger, though she added, "If I had to ask anything, it would be, 'Why did you do such a despicable thing?' "

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for August.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sunil alias Sonna murders Anil in Begur: Affair by married Sunil with Anil's relative led to rowdy's killing

Sunil alias Sonna murders Anil in Begur: Affair by married Sunil with Anil's relative led to rowdy's killing
Bangalore: It was an affair with a woman and a fight for supremacy among rowdy-sheeters that led to the June 20 murder of rowdy Anil Kumar in Electronics City, police said on Tuesday, while announcing the arrest of five persons.

Police said the arrested five were associates of a rowdy-sheeter JCB Narayana. They allegedly murdered Anil Kumar, 32, a resident of Begur, on Huskur Road.

Identifying the accused as Sunil alias Ambrose, 28, Sunil alias Sonna, 20, Santosh alias Gallata, 21, Oskar alias Dosa, 20, and Anand alias Kumbara, 20, police said Ambrose had been carrying on an affair with a woman relative of Anil.

Ambrose and Anil were friends, but the affair caused bitterness. The two were also at loggerheads as both claimed the supremacy of the gang.

Police said the gang followed Anil's car in another vehicle from Korthi Gate and intercepted him at sixth mile on Kallu Road. They blinded him with chilli powder and hacked him to death around 3.45 pm.

Anil had been facing criminal charges, and was accused of two murders.

He was also accused in two robberies in Electronics City.

Ambrose was involved in at least three murder cases and two robberies. The cases were registered in Sarjapura, Hebbagodi, Attibele, Parappana Agrahara and Electronics City police stations. The others in the gang were petty criminals.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barack Obama's 'playboy' father planned to have future president ADOPTED

Barack Obama's 'playboy' father planned to have future president ADOPTED
7th July 2011
President Barack Obama's father made plans to have the future president adopted, astonishing new documents have revealed.
When his 18-year-old wife, Ann Dunham, was five months pregnant, the elder Mr Obama told immigration officials they planned to give the baby away to the Salvation Army.
Then a student at the University of Hawaii, immigration officials were investigating him because they believed he had more than one wife - and had already been warned about his 'playboy ways'.
Stunning revelation: Barack Obama's father, shown here when the future president was ten, planned to put his unborn son up for adoption

The revelation comes just months after the president finally put to rest claims he was not a U.S. citizen by releasing his full birth certificate.
In an interview to renew his visa in 1961, Mr Obama's father, then 24, insisted he had divorced his wife at home in Kenya before marrying Miss Dunham, who was pregnant with his child.

In a memo recording the conversation, he told immigration officials the couple had already decided they would give their unborn baby up for adoption.
Different path? A young Barack Obama with his mother, Ann Dunham, in the 1960s

It reads: 'Subject got his USC [U.S. citizen] wife ‘Hapai’ [Hawaiian for pregnant] and although they were married they do not live together and Miss Dunham is making arrangements with the Salvation Army to give the baby away.'
As history attests, the couple kept the baby, but the revelation gives a fascinating glimpse into Mr Obama's relationship with his father, who he barely saw when he was growing up.
As an 18-year-old student married to a black man in 1960s America, Miss Dunham may have come under pressure to give her child away.
Although mixed-race marriage was legal in Hawaii, it was banned in 22 states, and in many of those it was a felony.
In his memoir, Dreams From My Father, the president himself wrote that his mother might have thought about putting him up for adoption.
Even in big cities, he said, 'the hostile stares, the whispers, might have driven a woman in my mother’s predicament into a back-alley abortion - or at the very least to a distant convent that could arrange for adoption.'
It could have been an attractive option for his father. Despite claiming he was divorced, he was still married to his first wife - with whom he had two children - and he was struggling financially to support them.
Troubled origins: According to newly-released documents, President Barack Obama's father made plans to put his unborn son up for adoption

The memo was written in April 1961 by Lyle H. Dahling, an administrator in the Honolulu office of the then-U.S. Immigration and Naturalisation Service, his father.
It has only now been released after a Freedom of Information request from a biographer writing about Mr Obama's father.
It is not clear whether the young couple made definite plans to put a young Barack up for adoption, or whether his father made the story up to placate immigration officials and help him secure a visa.
When students applied to extend their stay in the U.S., officials would take into account their academic and behavioural record.
Being a bigamist with a young baby would hardly impress the authorities - although he claimed to have divorced his first wife, in fact they were still married, and he was supporting two children at home in Kenya.
The documents revealed immigration officials even considered charging with bigamy so they could deport him.
Adoption plans: Newly-released documents have revealed Barack Obama's father, pictured here with his mother Ann Dunham, wanted to give him away

In the end, Mr Dahling settled on monitoring his behaviour rather than bringing charges.
The memo reads: 'Mrs McCabe [the university's foreign student adviser] further states that [Obama] has been running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways.
'[Obama] replied that he would "try" to stay away from the girls.'
Family members on both sides have said had never heard any discussion of adoption.
According to former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, the president had never been told his mother had thought about giving him away.
He added that the White House had not tried to discover whether Miss Dunham had ever made arrangements with the Salvation Army, because Mr Obama 'is absolutely convinced that she did not'.
Role models: A young Barack Obama with his grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham. They helped bring him up after his father left Hawaii

Of Mr Obama's claim to immigration, he told the Boston Globe: 'He was trying to convince immigration to let him stay.
'So, part of his effort was to convince immigration that some of the responsibilities that he had he would not continue to have.’
But while Mr Obama's father seems to have considered adoption, relatives of his mother say they never heard her speak about it.
Charles Payne, Miss Dunham's maternal uncle, said: 'I never heard any talk of adoption whatsoever.
'Ann decided she had done this and this was her child and she was going to take care of him.
'From day one, as far as I could tell, she and Madelyn [Dunham] and Stanley [Dunham] were all completely committed to Barack.'
Just two years after his son was born, Mr Obama left his family in Hawaii and moved to Harvard, where he married for a third time.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meet Malwani's thieving bride Deepika Saha

Meet Malwani's thieving bride
22-year-old Deepika Saha married three men in the last six months to loot money from their houses and spend it on her boyfriend, who is already married

The Malwani police have arrested a 22-year-old girl who leveraged her good looks and charm to marry and divorce three men in the last six months, leaving them penniless in the process. Deepika Saha alias Mehek Shaikh alias Neha looted cash and jewellery from her husbands' houses and spent the money on her boyfriend, who is already married. Saha has a bachelor's degree in commerce and is a resident of Khadodi village at Malad (West).

Saha's latest marriage was with Shamim Sheikh, an auto driver who resides in the area. Sheikh and Saha decided to get married after a 10-day affair but Saha realised soon after that Sheikh did not have the means to support her lavish lifestyle. The couple fought constantly and decided to go in for a divorce on May 6, barely 15 days after their wedding.

Sheikh stormed out of the house after the last fight and Saha decided to take advantage of his absence. She went to a neighbour's house, said she had been kicked out of their house by her husband and needed a place to spend the night. "The neighbour, Mohamm-ed Jawed Siddique Memon, took pity on her and gave her the keys to the house of his sister, Shabina Ali, who had gone to her village with her family," said Inspector Ashok Ugle of the Malwani police station.

Memon called up Shaikh after an hour to confront him for ill-treating Saha, but was told that they were divorced. He rushed to his sister's house to find the door open and Saha missing. He did not, however, suspect that Saha had stolen anything from the house. But, when Shabina returned on May 25, she found cash and jewellery worth Rs 1.3 lakh missing from her locker. She filed a complaint against Saha with the Malwani police the next day.

Ugle said that on investigating Saha's background, they found that she had married two men, besides Sheikh, in the past six months and had looted them as well. Sheikh's interrogation revealed that Saha had a boyfriend named Misam Shaikh, who is also a resident of Malwani. "We found out that Saha used to marry men and then divorce them after looting their houses. She spent all the money on her boyfriend, who is already married" added Ugle.

When Misam was detained, he told the police that Saha and he had holidayed in Goa for a week with the money from the last robbery. They had even gone to Shirdi to shop for Misam. Seeking to lay a trap, the police asked Misam to call Saha and ask her to meet him. She was finally arrested on May 26.

Escape attempt
Sources in the Malwani police said Saha attempted to escape from the police station during her questioning. She tried to climb down a pipe on the pretext of going to the bathroom and even telephoned Shabina to boast of her escape. "She was lucky that she did not fall down and die while making the escape attempt. What makes the thing even more mysterious is that she did not even try to leave the police station premises. We found her sitting in our temple," said a police officer on condition of anonymity. "We have recovered the jewellery from Saha, but she had spent the cash. She has been remanded to police custody till Monday," he added.