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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Kumble accused of forgery:Wife’s ex-husband says cricketer pretended to be his daughter’s dad

Kumble accused of forgery:Wife’s ex-husband says cricketer pretended to be his daughter’s dad

Kumar V Jagirdar, the ex-husband of cricketer Anil Kumble’s wife Chethana, has accused the duo of forging his signature to get the passport of his and Chethana’s daughter reissued.

Jagirdar, a stock broker, has filed a complaint with Bharathinagar police. He has stated that his daughter’s passport expired in 2009 and in April 2011, his ex-wife applied for passport renewal.

Jagirdar told DNA that he did not get a response from Chethana when he sought to know the developments regarding the passport’s renewal.

Jagirdar said he recently learnt that Chethana had applied for reissuing the child’s passport. Jagirdar said he was shocked upon learning this since as the biological father, his involvement is mandatory in the reissue of her passport. Hence, he filed an application under the Right to Information Act (RTI), seeking documents regarding his daughter’s passport-reissue application.

Jagirdar added that both the mandatory documents needed to issue passport to a minor require signatures of the biological father.

When he procured a copy of these documents, he discovered that somebody else had signed where his sign was required. He alleged that the signature is of Anil Kumble.

He added that he procured a copy of the cricketer’s passport, too, through RTI and noted that the signature on it resembles the signature on the application for their daughter’s passport. Further, Jagirdar said a copy of Kumble’s passport has been attached as the father’s passport.

Jagirdar alleged that Anil Kumble has pretended to be the biological father of his daughter and impersonated him by affixing his own signature where Jagirdar’s signature was required.

Further, Jagirdar said he had trusted his ex-wife to keep him informed about the developments regarding his daughter’s passport, in accordance with the court’s order.

Jagirdar said Kumble and Chethana have committed a serious offence, which amounts to forgery, misappropriation and impersonation, apart from other offences punishable under Indian Passport Act and various provisions of Indian Penal Code.

Bharathinagar police have registered a case and are investigating.

Kumar V Jagirdar (left) and Anil Kumble

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