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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Yadgir Police Inspector held for conspiring murder

Yadgir Police Inspector held for conspiring murder
02 Jun 2011

GULBARGA: With the arrest of Rajkumar Vajantri, Circle Police Inspector [CPI] of Shahapur (Rural) of Yadgir district by Fartabad police of Gulbarga district, the image of police personnel in Gulbarga/Yadgir district in the public is diminishing day by day as in the last one month, three cases of police involvement were reported damaging the police reputation.
In the fresh incident, Fartabad police of Gulbarga city under the supervision of DySP Suryavanshi arrested Shahapur [rural] CPI Rajkumar Bhajantri on the charges of conspiracy to kill and involving in false registration of complaint in connection with attempt to kill an undertrial in Gulbarga central jail. A revolver and a mobile SIM card were traced in Gulbarga central jail on January 3 this year which unravelled the story of the conspiracy involving the people of Bangalore, Lingsugur of Raichur district, Sindagi of Bijapur district and Shahapur of Yadgir district.
Gulbarga SP Praveen Pawar has said that the involvement of CPI Rajkumar Vajantri in the conspiracy of attempt to kill an undertrial has been proved in the investigation.
Bhattanakere Srinivas alias Shinu and Bhattanakeri Shankar who were notorious supari killers of Nelamangala of Bangalore and arch rivals were arrested by Bangalore police long back. But due to their disturbing character, they were shifted to Belgaum jail, later to Dharwad jail and latest to Gulbarga jail. Bhattanakere Shankar contacted his sources and gave supari to kill Bhattanakere Srinivas who was in Gulbarga. The person who received supari from Shankar contacted his sources of Lingsugur and asked him to see whether any police officials can help them in carrying supari killing. Lingsugur contact met Rajkumar Vajantri CPI of Shahapur [rural] who has earlier served in Lingsugur as PSI and he assured to help in supari killing for a ransom. The Bangalore supari killers, their contact of Lingsugur came to Shahapur for discussion. Shahapur CPI made arrangement of three rooms in Veena delux lodge of Shahapur for these persons, according to investigations.
After discussions, these persons contacted the original supari killers of Sindagi of Bijapur to execute the deed. Eearnna, S/O Santosh Bogi who is a member of this gang booked false complaint against five persons in station bazar police station to make them to enter in the central jail of Gulbarga to execute the killing. CPI Rajkumar phoned to station bazar police and asked him to book the case immediately and send them to jail. Accordingly they were sent to jail as per the complaint.
On January 3 a revolver fell from the top of the jail in varandah and Battanakere Shanakar took it and while he was examining, some of the inmates of the jail informed the matter to police that a weapon was found in the jail and it is with an undertrial. The police rushed to the central jail and traced the revolver and a SIM card. From SIM card, the police got some clues and they arrested Lingsugur contact. From him the police unearthed the conspiracy.
On Wednesday morning, Fartabad police went to Shahapur and arrested Rajkumar Vajantri and brought him to Gulbarga. The CPI was produced before the magistrate and was remanded to Judicial custody. Yadgir SP Roopa Moudgil has told Express that the CPI has been suspended from duty.
With the arrest of Rajkumar Vajantri, the number of arrests in this case has gone up to nine.
Gulbarga SP said that Sachitra Murthy and Saifan (both from Bangalore) and Santosh Jadhav were absconding.
It may be recalled here that in the second week of May, the then Gulbarga (A) Division DySP Madhuraveena rescued her husband from police arrest and admitted him in the hospital. After the departmental inquiry the charges were found true. Now she has been posted as DySP CID

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Shankar Bidari gets HC jolt; Karnataka govt gets a slap in the face based on NHRC report

Shankar Bidari gets HC jolt; Karnataka govt gets a slap in the face
May 29, 2012
Shankar Mahadev Bidari’s wish to retire as the state police chief has been shattered.

The high court on Monday —after going through the National Human Rights Commission Report (NHRC) and the Sadashiva Panel Report— dismissed his plea to reconsider its earlier order, which had quashed his appointment as the Director General and Inspector General of Police (DG and IGP).
The division bench— headed by Justice N Kumar—dismissed Bidari’s plea while making extensive references to the Sadashiva Panel Report. The Sadashiva Panel Report had documented several atrocities committed against tribal people and women when Bidari was the head of the Special Task Force (STF), constituted to capture the forest brigand Veerappan.
The division bench said that the panel report and the orders passed by the NHRC— which upheld the findings of the report and recommended payment of compensation —constituted as relevant data, which should have been placed before the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) by the state government while appointing a new DG&IGP. But, the bench noted, only a one-sided version of Bidari’s record was sent to the UPSC.
The division bench further observed that an institution is more important than an individual. While empanelling names for the post, Bidari’s experience and style of functioning – when he was heading a small force like the special task force - is very much relevant.
Since the panel report and the NHRC orders were withheld from the UPSC, the empanelment of Bidari by the UPSC was vitiated and, consequently, the order of appointing Bidari as the DG and IGP of the state was also vitiated, the bench observed.
The division bench held that there was a specific reference to Bidari in the panel report, which is in the nature of adverse comment, with respect to his functioning as a commandant of the task force.
The findings of panel said that the allegation of rape of one Lakshmi - committed by the STF - has been proved.
There are references in the panel report indicting that some witnesses had been subjected to torture, including the outraging of modesty by the STF. Similarly, Erammal one of the witnesses, had suffered indignity at the hands of the STF.
The division bench said this meant that the STF commanded by Bidari had committed excesses as set out in the report. The division bench further observed that the apex court’s direction for appointment to the post is not just confined to a candidate who has very good service record.
Not guilty: Bidari
NHRC has not held me guilty nor has not made any adverse remarks against me. So I am at a loss to understand the judgment. I have not yet received the order copy. I will go through the order copy and take suitable action. I will move the Supreme Court only after going through the content.
Shankar Bidari | petitioner

Justice is done: Infant
I am very happy with the outcome of the case. Justice has been done.
AR Infant | DG & IGP

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ex-wife the key in murder cold case pending since 1979 in New Zealand

Ex-wife the key in murder cold case
28 Jan 2012
Police allege the pensioner accused of shooting dead a man in a 32-year-old cold case then drove to Wellington and admitted the killing to his estranged wife.

The ex-wife is now the key witness in the case against him after a law change six years ago proved crucial for police investigating the death of Rodney Tahu in Turangi on August 16, 1979.

The 70-year-old grandfather was charged with Mr Tahu's murder in December and appeared in the Rotorua District Court again this week.

Judge James Weir ordered the accused man's interim name suppression to be lifted, but he still cannot be named after his lawyer Jonathan Temm appealed.

A reserved judgement released this week by Judge Phillip Cooper revealed new details of the police case.

Police allege that after the shooting, the defendant - then aged in his late 30s - travelled to Wellington and confessed to his estranged wife he had killed Mr Tahu a few hours earlier.

Since then, the defendant and his wife have divorced and changes to the Evidence Act in 2006 removed what was previously termed spousal immunity.

Under the old law, the Crown could not compel a spouse to give evidence without the consent of the husband or wife charged.

The law gave further protection to spouses in any court proceedings by protecting disclosures made during a marriage by one partner to the other.

But the 2006 law change did away with that protection and led to Bay of Plenty police laying the murder charge in December.

"The police contend that the evidence of the confession is now available to them, along with other evidence which the informant says strengthens the prosecution case," Judge Cooper said in his ruling released this week.

The documents show the defendant wanted name suppression to continue for fear of the impact of media attention on his daughters and grandchildren.

But Judge Cooper said the man had been estranged from one of his daughters for more than 20 years and she now had a different surname.

He was also not persuaded that the family circumstances set out in affidavits outweighed the presumption in favour of open reporting and ruled that name suppression should be lifted.

Mr Temm appealed against that decision and legal arguments will now be heard in the High Court at Rotorua.

The man has still not entered a plea. He has been remanded on continued bail until February 10 when a post-committal conference will be held.

Mr Tahu was a father of two sons and a popular local who refereed children's Saturday rugby matches.

The 32-year-old Shell service station attendant was found by a passing truck driver lying in a pool of blood next to a petrol pump with gunshot wounds to his head and shoulder.

He was rushed to Taumarunui Hospital but died shortly afterwards.

It is thought to be the oldest cold case in New Zealand history to end in an arrest.

U.S. Senate advances bill on spousal murder remains

U.S. Senate advances bill on spousal murder remains
May 14, 2012
ALBANY — The state Senate on Monday voted to approve a measure that would deny anyone arrested for the murder of their spouse from having control over the victim's remains. The law would place the same prohibition on anyone who was subject to an order of protection filed by the deceased.
The law, introduced by Republican Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer and Democratic Assemblyman Robin Schimminger — both from western New York — stemmed from the case of Constance Shepherd of Tonawanda, who was murdered in 2009 by her husband. Although he was eventually convicted and sentenced to 21 years in prison, Stephen Shepherd overruled the victim's family and had his wife cremated.
The state's Public Health Law includes a list establishing who gets to decide what happens to remains after a death, with spouses and domestic partners at the top.
The bill would allow an accused spouse to seek redress from the prohibition by seeking a court order.

Husband files petition seeking separation from alcoholic wife

Husband files petition seeking separation from alcoholic wife
May 20, 2012

Alcoholism of husbands has been a reason behind domestic violence and the need for separation. However, recently a husband filed a petition seeking separation from his alcoholic wife.

Alcoholism is one of the major reasons for marital discord and divorce. While the majority of complaints and petitions submitted by women before family courts refer to alcoholism of husbands as a reason for domestic violence and the need for separation, of late there are also cases where wives are accused of being alcoholic.

Recently a husband filed a petition seeking separation from his alcoholic wife

A 30-year-old IT professional came to a family court in the city seeking divorce alleging that his wife was a chronic alcoholic, smoker and also had extra marital relations.

Both of them are IT professionals and were married for almost five years.

An official at the family court said, “At times people file false allegations as well but this complaint looks genuine as he stated many instances.
He said that their house was filled with empty alcohol bottles and he has even spoken to her mother about this.”

An official with the family court, on the basis of anonymity, said that there was a small percentage of such cases.

He said, “There was a case where the husband produced photographic evidence of his wife going out with friends and drinking.

There are cases where alcoholism among women is a problem but many give other reasons as it is a bit difficult for people to believe that women will drink and create problems."

Counsellors added that at times when asked about drinking problems there have been instances when the answer was that the husband and wife sit together and drink and the wife prepares the drink.

A counsellor said, “Lifestyles have changed today, most of these couples are from the IT field. They start drinking with friends or at late night office parties and the husbands do not approve of this.”

Dr Mini K. Paul a psychologist and a family counsellor said that alcoholism creates problems in relationships. She said, “At least in 60 to 70 per cent of the cases alcohol plays a major role.

Most women file for divorce due to associated problems of drinking such as physical abuse, mental torture, hurting children, not taking care of the family and selling things at home.” She also added that alcohol problems related to women are very few.

Another counsellor with the family court said," There are cases where men as young as 27 are addicted to alcohol.

Once addicted to alcohol they might have problems with sexual performance and then they will start doubting whether the wife has extra marital relations.”

Dr Paul added that in certain cases men’s sexual drives would be very high and it would not be possible for women to cope with this.

Dr Abraham K. Joshua, psychiatrist said, “Alcohol problems related to women are very few. They are less than one per cent.

Alcohol issues among men contribute to a lot of problems in the family. Most of them fall into the trap of alcohol either due to peer pressure or mood disorders.

For example if a friend calls, they will go along, it will start of very innocently but later they fall into the trap and are not in a position to get out of this.”

Dr Joshua added that at other times men resort to drinking due to mood disorders. He said, “A person will feel depressed due to a problem, when he drinks the first day he will get a good feeling.

The person will tend to drink every time he has a mood disorder or there is a problem. But here the trap is that to get the same feeling he has to drink a greater amount of alcohol.

And then without his being aware he starts getting addicted.” Social drinking also adds to the trouble.

Dr Joshua said there are three types of drinking

* Controlled drinking: In this group irrespective of whatever problems happen, members will not increase the quantity or the frequency of drinking.

* Problem drinking : This group loses control over drinking and tends to consume more.

* Addiction: This group has problems wherein they cannot do anything without alcohol. They require alcohol first thing in the morning as they cannot do their daily activities without that.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

The evils of the society are created by us: Aamir Khan. What about Jessica Hines and love-child Jaan, Aamir?

Isn't Child abandonment and rejection as important as Female Foeticide? Isn't this Holier than thou attitude?
Any comments, Aamir?
What are you doing about creating Fatherless Children?

The evils of the society are created by us: Aamir Khan. What about Jessica Hines and love-child Jaan, Aamir?
The emotionally charged program has struck the right chord with the viewers. So much so, that Satyamev Jayate’s website crashed courtesy the unprecedented response from audiences far and wide.

Aamir Khan’s big ticket TV debut raised a very vital issue plaguing the society today. The maiden episode was about female foeticide which highlighted how unethical medical practitioners are hand in glove with families wanting to kill the female unborn baby and how educated people are too involved in it!
Talking about the concept of the show after the first episode was aired, Aamir said, “The show is about introspecting ourselves. The evils of the society are created by none but us. The program is just to help all of us realise that these ills prevail only because we let them happen. It’s not like people from Japan or Korea are responsible for these dastardly acts, it’s all been created by people like us.”

Opening up about his show on foeticide, Aamir further said, “We have to understand that the lady who is giving birth to a child is very special, we have to take extra care of her… and even more at this particular stage of her life. And it is really unfortunate that at time when the lady needs maximum love and protection, she’s been subjected to utter pain and a prejudice of insurmountable order. At a time when she is supposed to be treated as a queen, she is trashed like anything.”

About the feedback, which the show has garnered on its first telecast, Aamir shared, “On our website, we got a comment from a man who confessed that he was pressurizing his pregnant wife for a boy. But after watching the show, the man cried and claimed that he is changed man now and would accept the birth of his child - boy or girl as the gift of god and would take extra care of his wife now.”

Aamir’s new show will bring those issues on the forefront which have been ignored all this while. Each episode will talk about a different subject matter pertaining to social matters.

What about alleged ex-mistress and Love-child Jaan, Aamir?
Isn't Child abandonment and rejection as important as Female Foeticide? Isn't this Holier than thou attitude?
Jessica Hines and Aamir Khan's alleged Love Child Jaan

These are the first pictures of writer Jessica Hines's curly-mopped love child whom she calls Jaan. Hines who writes on Bollywood was involved with Aamir Khan and lived with him for almost a year. She is now back in London and told Stardust magazine that when her son grows up she would tell him that his "father did not like me".

In the interview with the fanzine, Hines added: "I suppose I will have to also say that he (the father) did not want to see the both of us." She says, her only goal now "is to make sure that nothing hurts him.

Talking about her involvement with Aamir, she says she met the actor on the sets of Ghulam, having got late for her appointment with him and with only half-an-hour left to catch an international flight. There was instant chemistry between them; the interviewer says. "Something happened which is unexplainable and if you were writing a movie script, you would call it love. They continued meeting on and off till eventually they were living together. Just as life could not have got better, Jessica got pregnant and everything changed overnight.
The article goes on to elaborate on an evening out with Hines. "We pick up Jessica to go and see the play 'Far Pavilions'. She is thrilled and excited like a teenager. "I haven't been out for a long time so forgive me if I go wild." She enjoys the play, which ironically, is the story of an English man's love for an Indian princess.

It could have been an English rose with a dashing Indian film star except that in the play, they live happily ever after. Jessica sobs during the emotional scenes. Is she reliving the tender moments of her life? Later on, we're having dinner at the La Porte Des Indes restaurant where we are joined by Jagmohan (director of 'Provoked') Mundhra and his wife Chandra. There is a lot of banter and laughter and for a few hours, Jessica keeps everyone amused with her impressions of Mumbai. But it's evident that she holds no grudge against Aamir for anything."
August 24, 2005: Whenever a Bollywood star gets into the news for various reasons, media gets the maximum profit. As news gets hotter and more curious, readers or viewers or subscribers increase in a big way.
Aamir Khan's forgotten Alleged Love Child Jaan
When the Salman Khan's link with underworld news is still not forgotten by the cinema frenzy Indians, this latest sensation of 'pro' and 'anti' Aamir Khan's marital status has mused the Bollywood bystanders.
Stardust, the leading magazine featuring Bollywood, has come out with details of the illicit relationship between Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan and British journalist Jessica Hines.  The magazine has also published some sensational pictures of this makeshift couple's 'son', though mother of the child insists that her son has 'no father'!
Fatherless Child Jaan
What is the reality?  It is not clear yet, though Stardust claims their report is cent-per-cent authentic.  The newsbreak is a coincidence, Editor of Stardust Sonali Jaffer claims.
If readers remember, Salman Khan was accused just during the occasion of launching Hindustan Times edition in Mumbai and Aamir Khan's 'son's picture was released by Star Dust when just 'Mangal Pandey' started rising!
So who's right and who's wrong? Only time will prove this.  But below are two contradictory reports. One was published on 18th August in the Indian media which reports that cinema journalist and one time close friend of Bollywood super star Aamir Khan admitted that he is the father of her two-year-old son Jaan.

Whereas, another news report dated 22nd August says that Jessica has denied that she has given the interview to Stardust and she might go to the court to claim the damages from Star Dust.

MEA, RPO directed to preserve documents in Anil Kumble Passport Forgery case

Anil Kumble has misrepresented the Biological Father of his step-daughter Aaruni Jahgirdar, and Signed for Kumar Jahgirdar in the Annexure-H of the Passport Application.
Annexure-H is the Declaration of Biological parents of Minors.
Annexure H

According to the Family Court in Bangalore, the verdict is that Kumar Jahgirdar being the Biological Father is also the Guardian of the Child. Specifically, the Passport application was to be renewed by the Biological father.
According to Hindu Law, the Natural Guardian of a Legitimate Child is the Biological Father. However, in this case, the Mother also has been given Guardianship.

There has been disregard to the Rights of a Biological Father and Violations of the Indian Passport Act.

If this case had happened in the USA, the passport fraud would have attracted 10 years Imprisonment. (See below)

U.S. rules: Who commits passport fraud?
� Those illegally seeking citizenship or legal status in the United States
� Those attempting to change or conceal their identity
� Terrorists or fugitives
� Those committing financial fraud
� Those committing other criminal activity such as drug trafficking or alien smuggling

How is passport fraud committed?
� Substituting photos, most commonly occurring overseas and with older passports
� Altering support documents, such as birth certificates
� Assuming the identity of a deceased person
� Circumventing the two-parent signature rule for minors

The following statutes mandate the DS investigative authority for passport fraud:
� 18 USC 1541 Issuance Without Authority
� 18 USC 1542 False Statement in Application and Use of Passport
� 18 USC 1543 Forgery or False Use of Passport
� 18 USC 1544 Misuse of Passport
� 18 USC 1546 Fraud and Misuse of Visas, Permits, and Other Documents
� 18 USC 371 Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States
� 18 USC 911 False Claim to Citizenship
� 18 USC 1028 Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Identification Documents and Information

Penalties for Passport and Visa Fraud
Passport and visa fraud are federal felonies. Penalties are:
 10 years (for a first offense if not tied to terrorism or drug trafficking)
 15 years for fraud with other criminal links
 20 years for fraud related to drug trafficking
 25 years for fraud related to international terrorism

MEA, RPO directed to preserve documents in Anil Kumble Passport Forgery case
May 13, 2012

Karnataka High Court today ordered issue of a notice to Regional Passport Officer (RPO) and directed it to preserve the documents relating to the passport renewal application of former cricketer Anil Kumble’s step daughter Aaruni.
Kumar Jahgirdar
Justice A S Bopanna issued the directions to the RPO when the writ petition filed by Kumar Jagirdar, Aaruni’s biological father, seeking action by passport authorities against Anil Kumble for allegedly impersonating as Aaruni’s actual father and signing the passport renewal application, came up for hearing.
The petitioner not only sought action against Kumble by the passport authorities for the alleged violation of the Passport Act but also a direction to the authorities “not to destroy the passport renewal application and the related documents which is material evidence against the accused”.
BANGALORE: The Vacation Bench of the Karnataka High Court on Thursday issued notices to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Regional Passport Officer (RPO) on a petition in the forgery case against former cricketer Anil Kumble.
Anil Kumble

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Sins of the Mother: Jeffrey Archer's Mother Lola and her Two Illegitimate Children

The Sins of the Mother: Jeffrey Archer's Mother Lola and her Two Illegitimate Children
The mother of disgraced peer Jeffrey Archer has left the bulk of her estate to the son she believed could do no wrong.
In a move which has upset some family members, Lola Hayne left Archer far more than his brothers and sisters.

Mrs Hayne, whose death aged 87 in July temporarily halted the millionaire novelist's perjury trial, made several small bequests.
But most of the £126,981 in her will goes to Archer, who is currently serving a four-year prison sentence, having been convicted when the trial resumed.
Mrs Hayne's daughter Wendy received £7,000 in the will and her son David, who was christened Jeffrey Archer but later took the name David Brown, was left £5,000. 
Both children were born out of wedlock and given up for adoption but later reunited with their mother.
The will also leaves £7,000 to Archer's black adopted sister, Elizabeth Fullerton, who later worked for the peer as a nanny. Mrs Hayne's 'dear doctor', David Green, received £10,000.
A friend of Mr Brown and his wife June said: 'They are very upset that she makes out they were merely her bridge partners, when they also contributed to her nursing care arrangements in her latter years. They feel upset about the way she was more generous to her other non-blood children and even to her doctor.'
Mrs Hayne died in an Essex nursing home as the judge in the case against Archer was summing up. In her will, published last week, she leaves £70,000 in cash to Archer, her jewellery to his wife Mary and £2,000 each for their sons, William and James.
The bequests to her children reflect three-times married Mrs Hayne's complicated personal life. Lord Archer was born a year after his mother wed William Archer, who was 63, when she was just 26. She had already given up the two illegitimate children and later adopted Elizabeth.

Lola Cook was born in 1913, just a year before the start of the First World WarShe won a scholarship to a private school in Bristol and married Archer's father William in 1939, when he was 63 and she was 26.

He fathered Jeffrey at the age of 64. But at 17 Lola had given birth to an illegitimate daughter, Wendy, who was adopted. 
Four years later, she had a second child, this time by William, whom she called Jeffrey. But this son was also given up for adoption, four years later.

When the second Jeffrey arrived in 1940, Lola was overjoyed at having a legitimate child she could keep and doted on him. She coped with difficult circumstances in Jeffrey's early years, being always short of money and having a husband who was virtually retired and often absent. Despite insisting that her boy should do chores around the house, she was guilty of spoiling her son at times.

Michael Crick, author of an unofficial biography of Lord Archer, suggests that Lola was perhaps racked with the memory of her first two children and determined to do her best by Jeffrey.

Three husbands

Lord Archer's father died in 1956. Lola re-married twice, and outlived both her new husbands. The last one, Samuel Hayne, died in 1993. In 1999, another daughter came to light - this time one that his mother had adopted into the family.When Archer was campaigning to become mayor of London his adopted sister was revealed to be black. Lola had adopted Elizabeth Tremaine in the 1950s, but the move only came to public attention when her politician brother was trying to prove to potential voters that he was not racially prejudiced.
Ms Tremaine, 52, who moved to New York to work as a drug rehabilitation counsellor, was an integral part of the Archer family and was a bridesmaid at his wedding.

But Lola's health deteriorated in the 1990s. After that scare, he moved her from the West Country to a nursing home nearer his own house in Cambridgeshire. She lived out her days at Highfield Nursing Home in Saffron Walden where she died on 11 July after suffering a stroke.

The Sins of the Father: Jeffrey Archer

(Exodus 20:5) - "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,"
(Deuteronomy 5:9) - "You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, and on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,"
(Exodus 34:6-7) - "Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, "The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; 7who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations."
(1 Cor. 15:22) - "For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all shall be made alive."

The plot revolves around the main protagonist Harry Clifton, spanning the time between 1920 and the beginning of the Second World War. The novel is set in Bristol, England, from 1919 to 1940 and centers on Harry Clifton, a young boy destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and uncle and work on the docks until a new world is opened up to him. Harry has the gift of song, and when Miss Monday, the choir mistress, Mr. Holcombe, his elementary school teacher, and Old Jack Tar, a WWI hero and lonerfe is changed forever. Harry’s mother, Maisie, works as a waitress and scrimps and saves to send her son to school and give him a better life.

Maisie’s sacrifices and the secret of Harry’s parentage are the main focus of Only Time Will Tell. Harry has grown up thinking Arthur Clifton is his father and that he died in the war, but he begins to doubt that story when he does the math and realizes Arthur couldn’t possibly be his father if he died during the war. Maisie knows the truth about Harry’s parentage, and a few people know the truth about Arthur Clifton’s death, but no one tells Harry anything.,8543,-11804223232,00.html