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Saturday, 12 May 2012

The evils of the society are created by us: Aamir Khan. What about Jessica Hines and love-child Jaan, Aamir?

Isn't Child abandonment and rejection as important as Female Foeticide? Isn't this Holier than thou attitude?
Any comments, Aamir?
What are you doing about creating Fatherless Children?

The evils of the society are created by us: Aamir Khan. What about Jessica Hines and love-child Jaan, Aamir?
The emotionally charged program has struck the right chord with the viewers. So much so, that Satyamev Jayate’s website crashed courtesy the unprecedented response from audiences far and wide.

Aamir Khan’s big ticket TV debut raised a very vital issue plaguing the society today. The maiden episode was about female foeticide which highlighted how unethical medical practitioners are hand in glove with families wanting to kill the female unborn baby and how educated people are too involved in it!
Talking about the concept of the show after the first episode was aired, Aamir said, “The show is about introspecting ourselves. The evils of the society are created by none but us. The program is just to help all of us realise that these ills prevail only because we let them happen. It’s not like people from Japan or Korea are responsible for these dastardly acts, it’s all been created by people like us.”

Opening up about his show on foeticide, Aamir further said, “We have to understand that the lady who is giving birth to a child is very special, we have to take extra care of her… and even more at this particular stage of her life. And it is really unfortunate that at time when the lady needs maximum love and protection, she’s been subjected to utter pain and a prejudice of insurmountable order. At a time when she is supposed to be treated as a queen, she is trashed like anything.”

About the feedback, which the show has garnered on its first telecast, Aamir shared, “On our website, we got a comment from a man who confessed that he was pressurizing his pregnant wife for a boy. But after watching the show, the man cried and claimed that he is changed man now and would accept the birth of his child - boy or girl as the gift of god and would take extra care of his wife now.”

Aamir’s new show will bring those issues on the forefront which have been ignored all this while. Each episode will talk about a different subject matter pertaining to social matters.

What about alleged ex-mistress and Love-child Jaan, Aamir?
Isn't Child abandonment and rejection as important as Female Foeticide? Isn't this Holier than thou attitude?
Jessica Hines and Aamir Khan's alleged Love Child Jaan

These are the first pictures of writer Jessica Hines's curly-mopped love child whom she calls Jaan. Hines who writes on Bollywood was involved with Aamir Khan and lived with him for almost a year. She is now back in London and told Stardust magazine that when her son grows up she would tell him that his "father did not like me".

In the interview with the fanzine, Hines added: "I suppose I will have to also say that he (the father) did not want to see the both of us." She says, her only goal now "is to make sure that nothing hurts him.

Talking about her involvement with Aamir, she says she met the actor on the sets of Ghulam, having got late for her appointment with him and with only half-an-hour left to catch an international flight. There was instant chemistry between them; the interviewer says. "Something happened which is unexplainable and if you were writing a movie script, you would call it love. They continued meeting on and off till eventually they were living together. Just as life could not have got better, Jessica got pregnant and everything changed overnight.
The article goes on to elaborate on an evening out with Hines. "We pick up Jessica to go and see the play 'Far Pavilions'. She is thrilled and excited like a teenager. "I haven't been out for a long time so forgive me if I go wild." She enjoys the play, which ironically, is the story of an English man's love for an Indian princess.

It could have been an English rose with a dashing Indian film star except that in the play, they live happily ever after. Jessica sobs during the emotional scenes. Is she reliving the tender moments of her life? Later on, we're having dinner at the La Porte Des Indes restaurant where we are joined by Jagmohan (director of 'Provoked') Mundhra and his wife Chandra. There is a lot of banter and laughter and for a few hours, Jessica keeps everyone amused with her impressions of Mumbai. But it's evident that she holds no grudge against Aamir for anything."
August 24, 2005: Whenever a Bollywood star gets into the news for various reasons, media gets the maximum profit. As news gets hotter and more curious, readers or viewers or subscribers increase in a big way.
Aamir Khan's forgotten Alleged Love Child Jaan
When the Salman Khan's link with underworld news is still not forgotten by the cinema frenzy Indians, this latest sensation of 'pro' and 'anti' Aamir Khan's marital status has mused the Bollywood bystanders.
Stardust, the leading magazine featuring Bollywood, has come out with details of the illicit relationship between Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan and British journalist Jessica Hines.  The magazine has also published some sensational pictures of this makeshift couple's 'son', though mother of the child insists that her son has 'no father'!
Fatherless Child Jaan
What is the reality?  It is not clear yet, though Stardust claims their report is cent-per-cent authentic.  The newsbreak is a coincidence, Editor of Stardust Sonali Jaffer claims.
If readers remember, Salman Khan was accused just during the occasion of launching Hindustan Times edition in Mumbai and Aamir Khan's 'son's picture was released by Star Dust when just 'Mangal Pandey' started rising!
So who's right and who's wrong? Only time will prove this.  But below are two contradictory reports. One was published on 18th August in the Indian media which reports that cinema journalist and one time close friend of Bollywood super star Aamir Khan admitted that he is the father of her two-year-old son Jaan.

Whereas, another news report dated 22nd August says that Jessica has denied that she has given the interview to Stardust and she might go to the court to claim the damages from Star Dust.

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