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Saturday, 12 May 2012

MEA, RPO directed to preserve documents in Anil Kumble Passport Forgery case

Anil Kumble has misrepresented the Biological Father of his step-daughter Aaruni Jahgirdar, and Signed for Kumar Jahgirdar in the Annexure-H of the Passport Application.
Annexure-H is the Declaration of Biological parents of Minors.
Annexure H

According to the Family Court in Bangalore, the verdict is that Kumar Jahgirdar being the Biological Father is also the Guardian of the Child. Specifically, the Passport application was to be renewed by the Biological father.
According to Hindu Law, the Natural Guardian of a Legitimate Child is the Biological Father. However, in this case, the Mother also has been given Guardianship.

There has been disregard to the Rights of a Biological Father and Violations of the Indian Passport Act.

If this case had happened in the USA, the passport fraud would have attracted 10 years Imprisonment. (See below)

U.S. rules: Who commits passport fraud?
� Those illegally seeking citizenship or legal status in the United States
� Those attempting to change or conceal their identity
� Terrorists or fugitives
� Those committing financial fraud
� Those committing other criminal activity such as drug trafficking or alien smuggling

How is passport fraud committed?
� Substituting photos, most commonly occurring overseas and with older passports
� Altering support documents, such as birth certificates
� Assuming the identity of a deceased person
� Circumventing the two-parent signature rule for minors

The following statutes mandate the DS investigative authority for passport fraud:
� 18 USC 1541 Issuance Without Authority
� 18 USC 1542 False Statement in Application and Use of Passport
� 18 USC 1543 Forgery or False Use of Passport
� 18 USC 1544 Misuse of Passport
� 18 USC 1546 Fraud and Misuse of Visas, Permits, and Other Documents
� 18 USC 371 Conspiracy to Commit Offense or to Defraud the United States
� 18 USC 911 False Claim to Citizenship
� 18 USC 1028 Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Identification Documents and Information

Penalties for Passport and Visa Fraud
Passport and visa fraud are federal felonies. Penalties are:
 10 years (for a first offense if not tied to terrorism or drug trafficking)
 15 years for fraud with other criminal links
 20 years for fraud related to drug trafficking
 25 years for fraud related to international terrorism

MEA, RPO directed to preserve documents in Anil Kumble Passport Forgery case
May 13, 2012

Karnataka High Court today ordered issue of a notice to Regional Passport Officer (RPO) and directed it to preserve the documents relating to the passport renewal application of former cricketer Anil Kumble’s step daughter Aaruni.
Kumar Jahgirdar
Justice A S Bopanna issued the directions to the RPO when the writ petition filed by Kumar Jagirdar, Aaruni’s biological father, seeking action by passport authorities against Anil Kumble for allegedly impersonating as Aaruni’s actual father and signing the passport renewal application, came up for hearing.
The petitioner not only sought action against Kumble by the passport authorities for the alleged violation of the Passport Act but also a direction to the authorities “not to destroy the passport renewal application and the related documents which is material evidence against the accused”.
BANGALORE: The Vacation Bench of the Karnataka High Court on Thursday issued notices to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Regional Passport Officer (RPO) on a petition in the forgery case against former cricketer Anil Kumble.
Anil Kumble

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