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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Adulterous Wife cuts husband into pieces: Murder solved after 2 years

Adulterous Wife cuts husband into pieces: Murder solved after 2 years 
May 30, 2012

Had it not been for the greed of her partner in crime, a woman would have got away with the murder of her husband. All of 22, Ramya K was arrested on Tuesday for the murder of her husband – on November 25, 2010.

It all started when Ramya found that her husband, Kempegowda, was involved in extra-marital affairs. Things got a little complicated when Kempegowda also found out that his wife was involved with other men. Kempegowda, who was 32 then, ran a tailoring unit in his house in Ranghanathapura in Kamakshipalya and employed eight people.
Kempegowda would return home drunk and beat her. Unable to stand the beatings, she decided to eliminate him.

What happened next is the chilling bit.

Ramya mixed metacid, a powerful insecticide, in Kempegowda’s food and served it to him. Kempegowda started vomiting after eating the ragi balls that Ramya had served. Around the same time, Ramya’s sister Shilpa who used to live with them, came to Kempegowda’s rescue and asked her what was wrong with Kempegowda. Ramya then locked Shilpa in a room, waited for Kempegowda to die (which happened around 11.30 pm) and then got down to business.

She used a knife and a machete and cut Kempegowda’s body into several pieces. She packed the pieces in plastic bags and disposed them in a sewer. The only problem was the torso that Ramya found difficult to carry.

Enter Babu, Ramya’s partner in crime.

Babu who was a domestic servant at Kempegowda’s house bought the insecticide used to kill his employer. He then helped Ramya dispose of the torso. Once that was done, Ramya wiped the house clean. In fact, so clean that police could find no clue when they visited the house in connection with the murder.

And all this while Ramya kept Shilpa locked in the room. After emerging from the room, Shilpa asked her sister where her mama (brother-in-law) was and Ramya replied that he had gone out in a plastic bag. She threatened Shilpa with dire consequences if she mentioned about this to anyone.

The body pieces were discovered in December 2010. For the police it was a blind case. But after some snooping around that the constables did, the police found out who the victim was. When they visited Ramya’s house, she feigned ignorance. When they asked her why she did not file a missing persons complaint, she said that her husband was involved with other women and she thought that he was with one of them. The police, surprisingly, bought her theory.

Several months later, as the probe entered a dead end, Ramya asked police to close the missing person file, so that she could take over the garments factory, but police refused. She then approached the Karnataka High Court seeking redressal.
The police would have closed the case had it not been for Babu. The domestic servant, an alcoholic, started visiting Ramya’s house and demanding money. The tailors working at the unit suspected something amiss and informed the police.

When police picked up Babu for questioning, he spilled the beans.
Spouse Murder: Wife nabbed for husband’s murder
May 31, 2012
The Kamakshiplaya police claim to have solved the mysterious murder case registered two years ago after they had found pieces of chopped male body parts thrown in a drainage.
The deceased was identified as Kempe Gowda, a resident of Ranganathapura, who ran a small garment business. He was brutally murdered on November 21, 2010.
His wife Ramya had filed a missing person’s complaint with the police and later had filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court claiming that the police were unable to trace her husband.
During the course of investigation, police zeroed in on Ramya and found that she had hatched the plot along with two other men, one of whom was identified as Babu Swamy.
During interrogation, Ramya is said to have confessed that she was married to Gowda six years ago. Gowda suspected her fidelity and also harassed her both physically and mentally.
Ramya also told the police that her husband had an illicit relationship with another woman and unable to bear the harassment, she hatched a plot to murder him.
She told the police that on the day of murder, she laced his dinner with poison. After he fell unconscious, she, along with the two men, butchered him and brought big plastic bags and packed the body parts in them.
Between 2 am and 5 am on that day, she went out several times to dispose of the plastic bags in the drainage.
Two days later, she filed a missing complaint with the police. Police have arrested Ramya and her associates.

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