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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reforms in family laws sought by CRISP

Reforms in family laws sought by CRISP

Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (CRISP), a Bangalore-based NGO, fighting for the cause of children of separated parents has urged for early reforms in family laws.

Speaking to presspersons here on Saturday, CRISP president, Kumar V. Jahgirdar, said his organisation was pressing for reforms in family laws such as granting of immediate and equal child access to separated parents and making co-parenting mandatory within 30 days from the date of filing a case for divorce; all cases related to custody of child/children should be disposed of within six months of application, and punishment for misuse of laws, particularly relating to dowry harassment and domestic violence.

Roshini Mathan Pereira, CRISP counsellor, said both parents are important for a child’s overall development. She said that there are instances when a parent who has the custody of the child misinforms the latter about the other parent and that affects the child’s development. She said that doing such a thing is nothing less than child abuse and it causes permanent psychological damage resulting disorders such as parental Alienation Syndrome and Reactive Associative Disorders.

Ms. Perera said a separate Ministry for Children was the need of the hour at the government level to maintain equity of law for both genders.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pascal Mazurier wants cops to trace ‘real abuser’ of his little daughter

Pascal Mazurier wants cops to trace ‘real abuser’ of his little daughter

‘I haven’t seen my children in three weeks'
In a letter to city police commissioner, Frenchman alleges his wife framed him on a rape charge. He wants the cops to trace the ‘real culprit’, and is likely to go to court if the police do not register his complaint
Kumar Jahgirdar with Pascal Mazurier at the police commissioner’s office
The bitter legal battle between French consular official Pascal Mazurier and his estranged Indian wife Suja, who has accused him of sexually abusing their four-year-old daughter, is set to escalate with the Frenchman approaching the police to trace the “real culprit” and his wife’s counsel saying they will approach the Supreme Court to have his bail cancelled.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror on Monday, Mazurier, consular attaché, chief of Joint Chancellery until mid-June, said, “The investigation by the police in the case against me is complete. The High Court granted me bail because the DNA test conducted on my daughter showed that the semen samples taken from her did not match with my DNA. Even the statements of witnesses have given me a clean chit. This being the case, the police should find out whose semen it was. Nobody is trying to find the abuser. Even my wife, who levelled a rape charge against me, did not bother to ask the police to find out whose semen it was. As a father, it is my right to protect my children. I have requested the police commissioner to order a thorough investigation.’’

Nearly three weeks after he was freed on bail in October, after spending four months in jail, Mazurier is yet to see his children. “They are not at the house where we stayed earlier. My wife has hidden them somewhere,” he claimed.

“My parents are divorced and I know what it means for children to be denied parental love. We had a very good relationship till she started quarrelling with me and wanted a divorce. I didn’t want my children to suffer and so I adjusted with her. She started asking for money and I have transferred around Rs 30 lakh to her French account. She has an eye on my house in France; she also pressured me to buy property in her name in Kerala, which I declined to do as I am a French national and cannot purchase property here. On the day she filed her complaint, she was very fine with me and even sent an affectionate message. But in the evening she lodged the complaint. She has framed me,” Mazurier said.

In his complaint to the city police commissioner, Mazurier has urged the police to catch the “real culprit”. “I love my children a lot; I was the one looking after them when my wife would be out late at parties. As the DNA report suggests that my daughter was sexually abused, I suspect a man with access to my daughter in my absence was responsible.

“I wonder why my wife has not tried to find out who the person is,” his letter says.

“It is my duty as a father to try my best and protect my children. Who will be responsible if my daughter is abused again? My wife has falsely accused me and has made false statements to the police and the family court. As a father it is my highest duty to respectfully request you to investigate in order to identify the man who committed the sexual abuse on my minor daughter. It is also of the highest importance to ensure that my children are in a safe environment,” Mazurier says in his letter.

“From the day I came out of jail, I have been going around like a mad person looking for my childen. My old house has been vacated and my wife’s mobile is not reachable. In the future, my daughter will become a lady and I am sure she will ask about these incidents. I will have to explain to my children why their names are on the internet. I will have to explain why their mother framed me. It is my opinion that you as the head of the police, and I as the father of my children have to expose those who misused the law for their personal agendas,” he says in the letter.

The city police are moving cautiously over the development. “Mazurier has approached us with a written plea, but before registering a complaint, we have to take a legal opinion as his wife has lodged a complaint against him and he has also been charge-sheeted. We have sounded the legal department and after discussing the matter with the police commissioner, we will take a call,” additional commissioner (law and order) T Suneel Kumar told Bangalore Mirror.

Sources said that if the police do not register Mazurier’s complaint, he plans to approach the court to direct the police to do so.

Mazurier has received support from Children’s Rights Initiative For Shared Parenting (CRISP) headed by Kumar Jahgirdar, who accompanied him to a meeting with Kumar and police commissioner Jyothiprakash Mirji.

Meanwhile, Pramila Nesargi, senior advocate and counsel for Mazurier’s wife Suja, said, “Let him approach the court to see his children, and we will then allow the children to meet him. He is still accused of sexual abuse and we don’t want the children to meet him. We are approaching the Supreme Court to cancel the bail granted to him by the High Court and to order a re-investigation of the case, as there are loopholes in the police investigation. The DNA report which says the DNA sample does not match Pascal's has been manipulated. The children are safe and Suja is looking after them well.”