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Saturday, 9 March 2013

All India Forgotten Women’s Association boycott of International Women’s Day

CRISP India, No.78, Osborne Road,
Bangalore – 560042.
Contact nos. 080-25593848,  9845264488
Mar 9, 2013
Subject: CRISP announces support to theAll India Forgotten Women’s Association boycott of International Women’s Day” on March 9, 2013 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

CRISP (Child Right Initiative for Shared Parenting)  Regd NGO from Bangalore & having chapters throughout the country is dedicated to the noble cause of rights of children and shared parenting since 2008. Our organization is run by people who recognize the serious effects of Parental Alienation of children due to single parenting families on account of divorce or separation. CRISP also focuses on furthering the rights of children to remain connected with both biological parents, even when the custodial parent chooses to remarry.  We are a pro-family and a pro-life organization, our aims and objectives are to promote family harmony in the society & preserve our traditional Indian family value systems.
Our goals are based on research findings & case studies. We are a large group of people from all walks of life, like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, social workers, etc. which includes women and senior citizens. Our members are working to address this burning issue of child alienation and resultant disruption to the unique & endangered Indian way of life viz the Family. Today we assemble here to support our sisters concern “AIFWA – All India Forgotten Women’s Association” boycotting the International Women’s Day falling on March 8th 2013 with a peaceful protest in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on March 9th 2013.
 About - All India Forgotten Women’s Association:
All India Forgotten Women’s Association (AIFWA), a group of bereaved, beleaguered, harassed, distraught and tortured women of India, this group of women have decided to boycott observing the International Women’s Day. AIFWA gives a face and a voice to those Mothers and Sisters of husbands who have been harassed by radical feminists and Pro choice feminist centric laws and have nowhere to go. AIFWA gives a platform to women smitten by radical feminism to voice their woes and seek justice for the problems created by  western culture & self styled radical feminists who indulge in  supporting  only the young urban educated class of women and are not bothered about the real aggrieved women  in the society including the aged women.

The Problem faced by the mothers and sisters who have been booked in false cases are as follows:
A lot of false cases are making their way to the courts under IPC section 498A (dowry law), Domestic Violence Act, various Maintenance sections in order to harass husband and his family and encash a bad marriage. These cases are primarily targeted to harass the husband and his family in order to coax them for an out of court settlement which more often than not involves huge alimony to the tunes of millions of rupees. There are thousands of such cases pending in various courts of Bangalore city.
Do you know?
1.    Often the entire family of the husband including small children, pregnant sisters, old parents are named in the FIR in order to put pressure on the husband. It is ironical that, at the pretext of empowering one woman (daughter in law), on average, 3 other innocent women suffer who are the husband’s relatives.  These forgotten women have no platform to voice their concerns though they are real victims &  in majority
2.    Every year close to 40,000 women are arrested in false dowry cases without trial or investigation on the basis of one uninvestigated complaint as per arrest data provided by the National Crime Record Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India.
3.    Prevention of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 has forced senior citizens to leave homes built by their own hard-earned money and live on footpaths, temples and gurudwaras due to faulty orders of right to residence being passed against husband and his family.
4.    There is no provision of remedy for a woman harassed by her daughter-in-law or sister-in-law (brother’s wife). This falsely accused sister will remain unmarried due to social stigma.
5.    All the women-centric laws are, in reality, wife-centric laws and they discriminate amongst women and do not provide relief to mothers and sisters of husband when the wife and her family inflict violence onto them.
6.    As per study done by National Family Health Survey, women face 8 times more violence in their natal homes, at the hands of their mothers compared to that at the hands of their mothers-in-law post marriage. But always mother in law is prejudiced as a villain this is also due to TV serials bias against mothers in law.
7.    Every year more than 62,000 husbands commit suicide as per data provided by the Home Ministry and not a single wife has been punished so far. None of the mothers or sisters of those men have received justice for the death of their sons or brothers. Innocent children are now in the mercy of woman whose cruelty abetted the suicide of their fathers.
8.    Feminists do not consider mothers and sisters of husband as women? As it is not in the passion to support such victims.
9.    When a distressed mother-in-law approaches the National Commission for Women for help, she is turned down as the alleged perpetrator is her daughter-in-law? The same happens with State Women’s Commission including Karnataka as per complaints received by us.
Boycott of International Women’s Day and Celebration of Forgotten Women’s Day
As the Govt. of India currently does not recognize the rights of these women, and passes laws as per the demands of the feminist lobby or the wife-centric lobby, these women have decided to call themselves as the “All India Forgotten Women’s Association” because amidst the feminist hoopla, the society/government/media has somewhere forgotten that conservative mothers and sisters of husband are women too and need protection from abusive pro-choice feminist masquerading as wives and their vicious and greedy families.

The Event
            In order to mark the protest, register the boycott of International Women’s Day and observe the Forgotten Women’s Day, AIFWA announces a Dharna followed by a peaceful protest march on the 9th of March 2013 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi (11:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Hundreds of mothers and sisters, supported by victimized husbands will be participating in the event to voice their grievances. CRISP members will be in New Delhi to support this historically significant protest for the cause of these forgotten women to demand justice.
Our Demands
            CRISP & AIFWA places the following demand on Women’s Day before the society and Government:
·      We want NCW/Government to define specifically what is meant by “Woman”. Is she a mother, Is she a sister, Is she a mother-in-law, Is she a sister-in-law or Is she only a Wife? This is due to the discrimination showed to traditional & conservative woman.

·      Define clearly who is a “Woman” in government Bye Laws & Reform National & State Commissions for Women and WCD Ministry to also include mothers and sisters as women, in their definition of women

·      We demand that the latest budget allocation of more than 1000 crores in the Union Budget 2013 made to WCD  as NIRBHAYA FUND should reach all deserving woman including mothers and sisters of the family systems & advise the Government appropriately on all policy matters affecting the cross sections of all women in the society to avoid future scams.

·       Stop the discrimination against mothers and sisters of husband & set up special courts for addressing the problems of senior citizens including mother in laws & paternal grand mothers who are not able to visit their grandchildren due to biased laws against men & fathers.
·         Create a separate Child welfare Ministry and separate it from existing WCD to protect the interest of girl children who sometimes get struck with a bad mother.
·         Make Shared parenting a law by issuing guidelines to family courts & punish woman who don’t obey court orders by not allowing the children to meet father & paternal grandparents.
·         IPC 498A should be made bail able & should not be made compoundable. Failed marriage should not be criminalized & the husbands should not lose jobs on a dowry complaint FIR.
·         Stop the misuse of dowry laws and domestic violence laws. Add an Abuse/Misuse punishment clause to all existing laws.
·         Scrap all gender biased laws and bring in gender neutral laws only. Include our pro-family organizations in the law making process instead of accepting all demands of family breaking organizations.

We request our media friends to support this noble cause and provide coverage of our demands and this event. Your photos, articles and kind support will help our country to be a gender neutral country safe for all its citizens in the interest of our society.

Thanking you   

Kumar V Jahgirdar
President – CRISP    9845264488   

All India Forgotten Women’s Association
All India Forgotten Women’s Association

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Waghela sworn in as Karnataka Chief Justice

08th March 2013
Governor HR Bhardwaj on Thursday administered the oath to Justice DH Waghela in a function attended by Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar, Deputy Chief Minister R Ashok, Law Minister Suresh Kumar, Acting Chief Justice K Shreedar Rao and other judges of the High Court.
Governor HR Bhardwaj administering oath to Justice DH Waghela, who has been sworn in as the new Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court at Raj Bhavan on Thursday

Waghela, who was has been the judge of Gujarat High Court since September 17, 1999, was born on August 11, 1954 in Rajkot.

Waghela completed his schooling and secondary education at Sri Swami Narayan Gurukul, Rajkot.

After completing his bachelors degree in commerce, Waghela joined the AMP Law College, Rajkot, to pursue his legal education.

Waghela has the distinction of securing the  first rank in Saurashtra University during his LL B in all consecutive years.

Waghela completed his Masters of Law and got enrolled as an advocate on November 28, 1975.

Waghela was elevated as a permanent judge of Gujarat High Court on June 18, 2001.